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Guangzhou International BIO-Island

Guangzhou International BIO-Island

4.5/588 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 4 reviews
"[Scenic] Guangzhou International Biological Island, surrounded by the Pearl River, beautiful green and fresh air. 6.6 km of round-island runway is the holy place for light runners. Diecuiyuan, Range Rover Park, Ink Water Park, and water on the mountain are worth visiting. Guanzhou Station of the subway, convenient transportation. It is very suitable for family and children to travel on weekends. During the National Day, there are fewer people and fewer cars. It is easy to travel. [Cost-effective] This high-tech Mulianzhuang Hotel on the island: Service: Give the front desk manager five-star praise, dedicated service, professional patience, we booked two rooms, manager Lu arranged and adjusted the room according to our situation and needs, and took the initiative to upgrade the room type. Environment: The entrance of the hotel is the green road of the biological island. The air is fresh, the green is beautiful, and it is very quiet. It is very comfortable to ride or run on the green road in the morning and evening. Hygiene: Very good, and very attention to detail. At check-in, the front desk will check the health code and the itinerary code, check the temperature, do a good job of prevention and control of the epidemic also make the guests feel at ease. Completely: the gym is on the fifth floor, some venues have not been put into use, and I met Zhang Zhanhui coach. Chinese restaurant is not open should also be to meet the need of epidemic prevention, can be next door "high-tech meal" meal is also very convenient, spinach is not bad. Suggestions: pillows are too high, bed is too soft, this can be improved if it is better. Part of the fifth floor area should be more attractive for family and children to stay if it can be exploited as a children's area."
Xianlu IslandNearby City

Xianlu Island

4.3/546 Reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Xianlu Island is located in the South China Sea of the Guangfo junction, and it is easy to find by car. Before entering the island, it will pass the love park, punch the card network red dot 📝, drop! Bring the lover's family, full of romantic feelings! 🌸. The slogan "Happiness is like a flower" is everywhere, and happiness 😃 is born with a feeling. The place of love park is not big, take a beautiful photo, and start to step on the 4-person car 🚴🏻 for sightseeing around the island, and the leisurely bus around the island blows the wind properly. At noon, I came to a farm called Xianxi Farm to eat a farm dish 🥘, which is a good local vegetable farm. I will continue to step on the car for a while, and come to a field CS base called Warrior Attack. The original is a real person eating chicken, the children are very happy, 😚 Hurry up and join a live person to eat chicken, experience the firearm and bullet rain 🔫💣 Warrior Attack feeling, cool! There is also an off-road beach car to play, experience the speed and passion of mountain off-road! Everyone has a lot of fun, and finally let children put down their mobile phones and no longer brush the tremor 🤗. Just in time, a group of children in the group building, fun, next time also organized the small emperor and students and parents to come here to do the group building, cooking rice to play games. Happy! After playing CS, then stepping on the car to the other side of the island, there are many people fishing here, and next time you bring a fishing rod to try. 😛 Stepping on the evening, the island is surrounded by water, 🌇 sunset is beautiful! Next time you should see the sunrise, it should be very beautiful! Transportation: Driving directly to navigate Xianlu Island, high-speed down following the road sign easy to find. Parking: It is recommended to stop the car parks of all merchants after entering the island, almost all are free, pay attention to everywhere can see the signs of illegal stop taking pictures, should not stop randomly. Food: There are many farms and barbecue farms on the island, and the price is good. Entertainment: Field CS War Game, Tourism Bike, Sandy Beach Bike, Fruit Purchasing, Fishing, etc., are also reasonably priced. Note: There are no hotels on the island and there are not many homestays. Rent a RV next time 👏😚."