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Baishuizhai Scenic Area

4.6/53,356 Reviews
Baishui Village Scenic Spot, Paitan Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou
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About Baishuizhai Scenic Area

Baishuizhai Scenic Spot is located in Zengcheng and is a summer resort in Guangzhou. In this place, the trees are lush, the air is fresh, and there is a hiking path with 9,999 stone steps. You can come here to climb mountain, hike and sightsee. In addition, Baishui Village is most famous for its waterfalls. It has a number of waterfall platforms, which can be used to appreciate the Baishuixian Waterfall at a close distance and feel the momentum of the downfalling water current.

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  • 夕_阳

    Happy day trip, climbing more and more spiritual. If you don't recommend climbing too high with your child, you can play below. If you haven't, I suggest you go once. There will be unexpected gains.

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    Reviewed on 1494768022000
  • yukio524

    The scenery is beautiful, the waterfalls are spectacular and the air is fresh. Uphill trestle road will be relatively comfortable, trestle side is running water, and several sections of the road are very gentle. When it reaches 1499, it will turn into stone steps. It will be harder to take children with you. Five of us, three and a half years old and old, went up to 2599 together before we went down the mountain. The waterfalls of grade 1499 are very beautiful, we must insist on it; the mountain scenery of grade 2199 is beautiful; it is said that grade 4099 is beautiful, but we are afraid that the children are too young and too hard to get on. Battery car workers said last year has been cancelled, the whole journey can only go up and down by themselves, so they calculate the series and physical strength. You can't go up after 3 o'clock when there is a sign on the journey above grade 4099. Half way up the mountain, there will be several small shops selling food, tofu flowers and pollen 5, mineral water 10, radish and beef 10, there are other, the price feels that belong to the normal price in the scenic spots, and see them carry up the mountain with a few boxes of water, which is a laborious fee, really not expensive. There is time to play blister feet at the foot of the hill, and on the way to high-speed outside the scenic spots, there are red heart ballet, lifts, longan, time and physical strength to take children to play, and there are many farms along the way to eat. We chose the Parent-Child Passion Orchard, which has longan picking for dinner, unripe pitaya and Passion fruit, chickens and gourds raised and planted by themselves, and a sand pool and slide for children to play with. After returning home, I feel generally tired, but when I get up the next day, all the people suffer from backache, bone pain and leg pain. It is a price to pay to see beautiful scenery. Whether it is worth it or not depends on the individual.

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    Reviewed on 1470652901000
  • Slyling

    Zengcheng Baishuizhai Scenic Spot is a good place to keep away from the noise of the city, fully relax the tense mood, breathe fresh air and improve physical and mental health. Baishuizhai is about 100 kilometers away from Guangzhou. At present, there is no direct vehicle from Guangzhou to Baishuizhai. You can choose to drive by yourself (about an hour) or report a one-day tour group to Baishuizhai (along the crane island). Another way is to take a car to Zengcheng before turning to Baishuizhai. I feel more circuitous and I am not familiar with life, so I don't recommend it. After arriving at Baishuizhai, he walked for a period of time before reaching the ticket office. On the way, there will be many small vendors selling local specialties (squid shreds, dried fish, etc.). I didn't buy it, so I didn't know the price. But it should be inexpensive, because the colleagues have bought several packages at the auntie level. The mountain is 828 meters high and the fall of Baidaffodil Falls is 428.5 meters. There are 9999 stairs in Shanhe. Every distance will be prompted by a staircase. It must be very tired to climb to the top of the mountain, so we only climbed to the 4999 reservoir, namely He Xiangu Tianchi. If you want to get to the top of the mountain but don't want to get tired, you can take a sightseeing bus to the mountain. After entering the scenic spot and passing the "Tiannan First Village" sign, the first is the gentle trestle road. Then there is a hydrophilic platform made of colorful stones. It's suitable for adults to take children to play there. Then the slope slowly began to increase and gradually climbed up. In the long run, the mist is heavy, the mountains are looming, as if in fairyland.

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    Reviewed on 1449234767000
  • Eagler


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    Reviewed on 1476611740000
  • Godwinq

    It's worth recommending. The ticket is only 60 yuan. The scenery is very charming, climbing to 4099 steps and returning, a little tired. Overall, I strongly recommend, please see the pictures I took, I recommend climbing early! Buy some beverages in advance, but it's not expensive! At 3699 steps, a bottle of pulsating 10 yuan, tofu costs 5 yuan, the price is still fair! The highest place is the 9999 steps.

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    Reviewed on 1460289494000
  • M47****537

    The above scenery is very good, especially near the Tianchi Lake. There are light ripples on the surface of the pond. It's green and very nice. It's a pity that I want to walk completely. I can't stay on it for too long. I'm afraid I can't catch the last bus, so I stayed there for a while. On the way up, the whole journey was full of the sound of water, accompanied by long music (played in the scenic area), so there was a feeling of high mountains and running water. The last thing is to rush back and soak up your feet.

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    Reviewed on 1477892188000
  • D34****925

    [Exercise good place] The hydrophilic trestle road is recommended for climbing the mountain. The scenery is good, especially the 1499 waterfall sounding platform. The waterfall is the largest and most spectacular. It's almost the same to enjoy the waterfall. It's a wooden trestle road. It's not very hard to walk. Behind is the stone steps, not up to 2000 +, I really feel that I can not walk, legs are soft, watching others drag the mouth, grinding teeth and then up. Haha, of course, I arrived at the level 4099 Xiangu Tianchi. It took me 2 hours to climb the mountain at a good speed. Tianchibian scenery is very good, of course, the weather must be good! How beautiful it is! Remember to find a sunny day, it's a worthwhile journey! ____________

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    Reviewed on 1487512627000
  • 清风明月

    Baishuizhai is about 2 hours away from Guangzhou. It's a good place for Guangzhou people to relax on weekends. The white Narcissus waterfall inside is said to be the largest waterfall in the interior of China. Along the way, the waterfall follows. It's very tired to climb mountains. The air is fresh. It's good to exercise. Remember that carrying a climbing rod can save a lot of physical strength! Guangdong's longest climbing trail of 9999 level also attracts many mountaineering enthusiasts to challenge it! _________ The farmhouse nearby is very good!!!

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    Reviewed on 1466505028000
  • 睿宸妈妈


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    Reviewed on 1475696441000
  • _WeCh****457746


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    Reviewed on 1533181064000
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