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Baiyun Mountain

4.7/53,693 Reviews
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Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot, Guangyuan Middle Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
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About Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is one of the tourism landmarks of Guangzhou. It consists of more than 30 mountain peaks. When you climb up to the main peak Moxing Peak, you are able to overlook the entire Guangzhou. The Mountain is usually shrouded in clouds. It is a good place to take a stroll and enjoy mother nature. There are mainly seven regions in Baiyun Mountain and Yuntai Garden is a good choice if you want to enjoy the flowers. It is a Western-style garden that is rarely seen in Guangzhou and the flowers bloom all year round.

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  • 伊來

    When riding on the cable car up the hill, I heard the loudspeaker radio of the scenic spot saying that Baiyun Mountain is big, which is equivalent to the total area of Macao. I'm most afraid of climbing mountains. What's wrong with it? From the cable car overlooking the mountains, boundless; lush trees, it is difficult to see through the branches of the mountain. Looking at it, all eyes are green to get off the cable car, there is still a large section of mountain road to go, slightly sloping, climbing up will be quite tired. Fortunately, there is a battery car on the top of the hill which can go directly to the scenic spots. Get on one as soon as possible. No matter what you say, you will not get off the bus. Shortly after the bus ride, the first scenic spot arrived. In fact, there was no obvious scenic area boundary above the top of the mountain. There were large trees everywhere, which were slightly monotonous. In the playground, there was a light rain, and pedestrians who could not walk were as hungry as if they had seen beef noodles with red oil. They suddenly got energetic, and ran and bumped to seek shelter from the rain. Spring rains come in a hurry and fall fiercely. If the mountains are not covered, they will not be soaked in time. In the midst of trouble, the sun suddenly killed, a golden flash flashed through the clouds, and the rain clouds disappeared in a flash, and the brilliant light shined all over Baiyun Mountain. It was as warm as a dryer, and it was so comfortable and comfortable all over the body. Its legs were numb and sore that it no longer wanted to climb. It was full of desire to go back to the mansion and see the cries around it. There was no village in front of it, but no village behind it. Shop, it's not close to the parking stations of the upper and lower sightseeing buses. No way, take a deep breath, dress up and wipe the rain, tidy up and go on! It's hard to get to the station. Before the last train came back, I was too wet to sit. I was too tired to stand. I'd better sit down with my heart crossed. I'll stick the marble seat on my wet buttocks. Don't mention how much I've suffered. It's hard to wait for the car to come and quickly choose a seat with good sight. Down the hill to see the scenery, the gloomy mood gradually disappeared. Towards the foot of the hill, the mood was better, and the clothes were not dry. Looking up at the hill, the feeling of awe arose, and two sore old legs were opened and returned to the hotel.

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    Reviewed on 1546487942000
  • _WeCh****66520

    Early morning, the air is very good, comfortable, from the Guangdong University of Foreign Trade and Foreign Languages on the other side of the door, are flat roads, easy to walk, and the shade is relatively large, if you go from the Yongtai Yihe Villa on the other side of the door, because there has just opened business, supporting facilities are not perfect, and it is sloping up, more difficult. Moxing Ridge, Baiyun Mountain is the highest, there are many scenic spots to be charged separately, this is one of them, 5 yuan ticket, to Baiyun District, how to go to Moxing Ridge to see once. After walking down, you can take a picture for free. The big one needs money. The small one needs money. It's washed badly. It's not recommended to buy it. There's a corridor down there. There's a wish card for you. Five yuan, one. You can take a picture without writing.

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    Reviewed on 1469719713000
  • klsswjs

    Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot from south to North (that is, after entering the scenic spot from South gate, from bottom to top), there are seven scenic spots, in turn: Luhu Tourist Area (the main scenic spots are Luhu Park, Xinghai Park), Santailing Tourist Area (the main tourist Yuntai Garden), Mingchungu Tourist Area (the main scenic spots are Mingchungu, Peak Park, which is mainly bird-watching), Moxing Ridge Tourist Area (the main tourist area). The main attractions are Moxing Ridge and Viewing Pavilion, Pearl Tower Tourist Area (mainly Taohua Jian and Meihua Valley), FeiGeling Tourist Area (near Beimen, mainly Sculpture Park) and Heyiling Tourist Area (mainly Yunxi Eco-Park). These are all worth experiencing personally.

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    Reviewed on 1469207595000
  • 139****0978

    Yangcheng Beauty is the first to choose the A-line + cable car journey because of the hot weather with children. The fare is 35 yuan per person plus 20 yuan. First, I went to Baiyun Garden. When I walked in, I was amazed. There were fountains, gardens, animals and so on. They were very beautiful. From the north gate of Baiyun Garden, you can take a battery car (including 35 fares) to Mingchungu. Remember to go down. There is a small animal such as blue peacock in the valley, which is very suitable for children. After playing, take a cable car directly and go downhill. The scenery is beautiful. Perfect!

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    Reviewed on 1500811165000
  • M52****456

    Baiyun Mountain ticket 5 yuan, into the Baiyun Mountain, away from the city, feel very comfortable! Good air! I've been there three times, but I haven't turned Baiyun Mountain again! It should be very big. Take a breath of fresh air, get close to nature, and walk around freely! It should be a place to play, like bungee jumping! We didn't see it! I don't think I've climbed anywhere yet! Ha-ha! Friends who like sports can go to Baiyun Mountain to play!

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    Reviewed on 1495466265000
  • O1350153****

    Baiyunshan Scenic Spot is located in Guangzhou, with convenient transportation. There are many entrances and exits from east, west, north and south to Guangzhou from all directions. Mountains are not high, there are ropeways, walking up hills is not hard, along the beautiful scenery, along the way there are small shops can exhaust their feet, so most people choose to walk up, ticket 5 yuan. There are hotels on the mountain for accommodation. The negative ion content is very high. It is also good to have a night of lung washing. Baiyun Mountain tofu flower and Baiyun pig hand must not be tried.*

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    Reviewed on 1504312363000
  • _ms1****825

    It's cloudy on the ninth day of the year and the first Sunday after the year. Considering that he had not climbed the mountain for a long time, he chose to visit Baiyun Mountain. We took bus 76A (or 76) at the station of Guangzhou Foreign Studies University and walked back for 7 to 8 minutes. We arrived at the Shanxi Gate of Baiyun. The ticket was 5 yuan. Most of the tourists walk into the park, and some of them take the battery car to enter the park. On both sides of the park, trees are shaded, and from the gate into the place of tens of meters, there are a forest area planted with peach and cherry blossoms, blooming flowers, red, pink and white. Passing tourists have taken out mobile phones and cameras to occupy the favorable terrain and take pictures as a souvenir. Little bees are also diligently collecting pollen. When we got to the yacht area, we saw a field of rapeseed flowers growing tall as adults, green leaves and yellow flowers. Wow, it was beautiful. The shelves beside it were covered with fireworks. It was so beautiful. When we left a beautiful picture on our mobile phone, we went hiking happily. This trip not only exercised physical fitness, but also harvested the beauty of nature, which is worth the fare.

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    Reviewed on 1519654613000
  • Jane

    Baiyun Mountain is so big that tourists usually go to the South gate. South Gate has cable car and sightseeing car up and down, there is also a beautiful garden "Yuntai Garden "below the mountain. If you go to the "Nengren Temple" in the middle of the mountain, you should choose a sightseeing car or walk about 1.5 kilometers. It is said that there are also grass skiing and bungee jumping in the middle of the mountain. I have never been there. Near the top of the mountain, there is a glass trestle between the mountains, which attracts many tourists. There is a song Spring Valley in the Peak Park, where all kinds of birds fly semi-freely. There are scenery such as stele forest on the mountain, and many other sceneries such as Shuangxi Villa and so on. Locals like to enter the mountain from Keziling. There are fewer people, there is no human landscape and facilities, and the slope is slower to breathe fresh air in the mountain. There is also a Siemens, and there are sightseeing buses to go up and down the hill. The most fascinating thing about Ximen is the Huangpo Reservoir and the peach blossoms, which are blooming around the Spring Festival.

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    Reviewed on 1456423288000
  • M23****0400

    Baiyun Mountain is one of the famous mountains in Guangzhou. The mountain is not too high, but it covers a wide area. We go on the ropeway. On the way, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou and enjoy the excitement of the Peak Square. There are Yunshan Song Friends Association, singers from all over the country sing and dance, instantly into a big family! Baiyun overlooks Guangzhou City at night! Song Spring Valley Birds Chao Feng! Take the park cable car to the Pearl Tower, Huang Podong Reservoir and Plum Blossom Valley! Along the way, sweet osmanthus accompanies, fragrant!

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    Reviewed on 1519404736000
  • 火火的路四喜

    Home is not far from Baiyun Mountain, often come here for a walk, especially when there are guests at home, this is a must-go journey, but prefer to come up at night, because after 8 p.m., you can drive to the top of the mountain, the journey is not so tired, but also you can see super beautiful night scenery! Standing at the top of the mountain square, watching the light flow in the far center of Guangzhou City, it's beautiful! __________ Every time I come up, I will buy myself a bowl of beans, breathe the fresh air that is rare in the city, and drink the tender beans. It's very comfortable! _________

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    Reviewed on 1520009951000
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