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Baomo Garden

4.6/53,947 Reviews
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About Baomo Garden

Baomo Garden is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. This water village showcases the architecture of Lingnan style, large-scale brick sculptures and porcelain carvings, as well as Zhao Tailai Art Palace and Zhao Tailai Collection Hall. As a park, Baomo Garden also cultivates a large number of Lingnan special bonsai and raises a koi which symbolizes good fortune.

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  • M52****508

    This time I visited Nanyue Garden and Baomo Garden together. Student Party, so the two places add up to 50 yuan. Photographs are taken by oneself. The composition and scenery are mainly like this, but some colors are fake. Forget it, and then there will be fish food outside, 5 yuan two big bags, the fish inside is really many and big. The scenery is still very beautiful. If you take a picture in Baomo Garden, you can walk a little bit away, and there will be fewer people, compared with South Guangdong and Yue. Cold and cheerless. So it's good to take pictures, and one more thing, the toilet inside is very clean.

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    Reviewed on 1496243636000
  • Indistinct_Tea

    One word is far away, two dictionaries are elegant, three words are simple and beautiful, and four words are magnificent. Two hours'drive, from Tianhe Chepi, take Metro Line 3, get off at Shiqiao, then take Pan67 to Baomoyuan General Station, nearly 30 stations. Mobile map navigation can follow the navigation. By that time it was over 12 o'clock. Perhaps not the reason for the weekend, very few people, anyway, do not queue to buy tickets, because I am a student, so student tickets half-price 27 yuan, if online booking can be cheaper, student cards, student cards can serve as proof. The first picture is a sculpture that you can see when you enter the gate. The air is very good, surrounded by ancient trees, everywhere is shady, very typical of ancient Chinese gardens. Suitable for couples to play, you can have a love through time and space, ha ha ha. Because I came with women tickets, so that even one fifth of Baomo Garden did not finish swimming. So here's a reminder that you have to come early to play here. Fortunately, I also met the filmmakers. This kind of scenery with the eunuchs seems to have traveled back to ancient times. I have to say, palaces, bridges, corridors... It's perfectly restored! Great momentum, photography enthusiasts can have a big eye! At 5:30 p.m., it's clearing up. As a result of walking while taking pictures, it took an afternoon to reach the giant version of Shanghe Map in Qingming Dynasty. With the sunset slowly sinking, we also walked out of the garden with a little regret. Finally, talk about diet. The things in the garden are very expensive. It's known to all that ____________ And then there's no famous restaurant nearby. Anyway, I didn't see it, so I brought my own dry food. If you come here for a visit, please also remember to bring dry food and travel notes. That should be the case. Please point out the shortcomings.

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    Reviewed on 1436934903000
  • _WeCh****775538

    I went to a big house on December 28 at 2:00 p.m. and the sunshine came out at about 20 degrees Celsius. Not many people were quiet at that time, but I also liked quiet buildings. They were Palace style. I was amazed when I went into a big house. I was amazed when I came in. Everywhere was suitable for taking pictures and clean toilets. No five-star toilet has absolutely three-star beauty. A big tour of the whole Baomo Garden for about two hours. If you take pictures for a long time, it makes me feel that if you want to relax, you have to go to the Baomo Garden.

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    Reviewed on 1514472645000
  • Dennisfedeline

    Online ticket purchasing is very convenient and much cheaper than on-site ticket purchasing. This "wrongful money" can save money, I suggest you buy tickets online. The only drawback is that there are no ticket stubs. Baomo Garden is worth visiting. There are indeed different opinions in the nearby Nanyue Garden. Now go to a large rose garden, especially eye-catching. It is not recommended to eat inside. There are several restaurants outside which are more affordable and tasty. It's much bigger than I imagined. We came here on Saturdays. The crowd is not as big as I imagined. If we stroll slowly, we can finish it in about 2-3 hours. Many parents bring their children to "catch fish", in fact, the staff keeps throwing the fish into the pond. Adults and children struggle to catch the fish with small nets, shouting, seemingly like Hubby, a little excited, but they do have pity for these small fish, and they are taken home before they grow up. Their fate is unpredictable, good and kind.

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    Reviewed on 1514114792000
  • M28****460

    A very delicate place! Want to take a friend to go, unfortunately, she is afraid of being far away, only one person, very regrettable! __________ The model airplane inside is doing very well. It's just the same! Qingming Shanghe Tu has a big wall, which was separated in textbooks before, but it was unexpected that it could be connected! There are a lot of collections in it. They all break the world record!

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    Reviewed on 1466743733000
  • _CFT01****2628426

    Starting early in the morning, there are not too many people. Parking is convenient. Fishing net and tank price. There are many people selling fish nets and water tanks in the parking lot. My family asked for 2 sets of minimum, 20 yuan, which is enough. Fish feed, do not buy parking lot acridine aunt sold, that two bags to 5 yuan, more expensive than the hospital sale. It's a little bigger in the courtyard. It's five yuan and a big bag. There are many collections in the hospital and many goldfish ponds. My baby is very happy to feed the fish. There are two small fishing ponds for children, one at the door and one inside. The water at the door is dirty. It's cleaner inside. The swimming pool in the courtyard is also good. The water is very clear. There are shallow and deep water, and the deep water is about 140 cm. Generally speaking, it is suitable for parent-child travel in summer. It's cool and comfortable.

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    Reviewed on 1437906627000
  • 蔡思原

    Nanyue Garden is a very quiet place. Few people in the corridor are decorated with exquisite electric fans and private gardens. There are many trees in the two gardens and Koi carp in the lake. The key point is that there are many exhibition halls with strong cultural atmosphere of jade calligraphy and painting. Baomo Garden is more like a scenic spot than Nanyue Garden. There are probably more people in Baogong's famous bar, but Bao Bao There are two gardens in Moyuan, Shanghe Brick Carving and Rose Garden in Qingming Dynasty. One is fresh and natural, the other is quiet and elegant with its own characteristics. But I still like Nanyue Garden a little more. In a word, this trip is worth it.

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    Reviewed on 1501151060000
  • _WeCh****17649

    There are many cultural relics and historic sites in Baomo Garden, such as picturesque scenery and carp flocks. It's worth sharing my feelings at this moment. It's full of food and tastes delicious. It's thought that all the things in tourist attractions are dealt with at one time and tasteless. I mistook Jiang Chong's milk outside for tasteless.

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    Reviewed on 1514808248000
  • M51****958

    Today, I went there. I thought it would be very hot, but I didn't think it would be very comfortable. It's a good place for summer vacation. At this time, just can enjoy flowers, rest places, older people can easily play.

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    Reviewed on 1495981851000
  • 大悟小感

    Jingmei-Dijing-Cheap! Originally thought that the ticket is not expensive should be no fun, but there are too many places for play, take photos and posture, small play, big fun, even the toilet is five-star brilliant, play many times. Unfortunately, I didn't catch fish for my daughter.

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    Reviewed on 1461657258000
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