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Chimelong International Circus

4.8/512,226 Reviews

Business Hours

[Regular performance time] 19:30-20:50, if there is any increase, please pay attention to the information of the added time. Book a timely time


Changlong Tourism Resort, Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
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About Chimelong International Circus

The Chimelong International Circus is the crown jewel of Guangzhou Chimelong. It showcases a wonderful circus performance that should not be missed. With a huge forest-like stage layout and a world-class team, more than 400 animals perform in realistic forests, hills, streams, and boats. There are also acrobatics and float parades to see. It is definitely an unforgettable entertainment experience.

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  • 小槲栎

    I saw it once four years ago, and I still feel shocked to see it again with my baby. On weekends, the regular price is 80% higher than usual, and the preferential rate is 50% higher. It's also helpless for working dogs who work eight to six nights. Children too young friends do not recommend to take the same look, an old and young at the same price and another one and a half hours of performance is not short, the child can not sit down is suffering. Ordinary seats are non-semicoloned. They start at 7:30 at five o'clock. If you don't want to raise money, you can only advance the seats. But in fact, the significance is not great, because the middle viewing space of the whole scene is marked with hotel seats, first class seats, VIP seats. There are only a few so-called good seats in online strategy, and I guess it would be impossible to cut your head and cut through the wall if it weren't for the first time. Ordinary weekend with the baby at 6:30, the seat is OK. Apart from the above, the actors'performances are worth their votes. The atmosphere in the field of dedication and enthusiasm drives enthusiasm, and that figure is also full of health and beauty. Wa enjoyed watching, and applauded. By the way, the interactive dude-throwing link, a hooligan rabbit just landed at the foot, the girl can not love to sleep all night with her arms. Hope that 2018 will continue to be a good success, family happiness and health

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    Reviewed on 1515941978000
  • 沙漠里的赤裸裸

    The first night I came to Guangzhou, I thought about going to see the circus. After studying it in advance, I found that the circus was the most beautiful item. So I put down my luggage at the hotel and went straight to the circus city to buy tickets. Maybe because it's not the weekend, it's better luck. Although the two performances scheduled for that day were reduced to one, the best VIP tickets still have to be bought, and we were at the ticket office more than 5 p.m. When we asked, the original press seats were just empty, so we didn't say a word, increased the price by 200, and purchased the VIP seats. Because there are VIP seats, so there is no need to rush for seats. At 19 p.m., the VIP seats came in at a leisurely security check. We were really surprised by the VIP seats. Not only the view of the seats is very good, but also they are right in front of the cruise corridor, so they can be intimately contacted with the actors. They can be said to be of absolute value for money. There were a lot of people watching the circus that day. The circus was also very beautiful. The atmosphere was very warm. Some projects were thrilling and exciting. Some were full of fun. The whole performance lasted about one and a half hours. The program arrangement was very compact. It made people feel how time passed so fast. During the performance, the effect of sound and light was very strong, and the effect of fireworks was amazing. After watching it, it was impressive. Now, although I have returned home, I still remember the circus performance at that time. Compared with other paradises in Changlong, the ticket price of circus is still impressive. It's high, but it's definitely worth it.

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    Reviewed on 1501769645000
  • M45****695

    It's worth going! It's really good for parents and children to travel with their children. Personally, children look better after the age of five or six. The scene was shocking. We arrived at Guangzhou South Railway Station on the same day and arranged a place to live. After a rest, we bought tickets for the big circus separately to see the big circus. It is not recommended that we watch the big circus in other gardens during the day. One reason is that it is late. If we are tired during the day, the children will be sleepy. We met several sleeping babies on the spot. Because the circus is non-ticket, so the children go to bed is wasted. Moreover, if ordinary seats are chosen in the first row of the second floor, if the fare is increased, it is also the first row of the second floor (except for the area of 300 yuan). Even the seating area of Changlong Hotel is not as good as that of there, because there are a lot of interaction between actors and actors. Photographs are super close. In short, although the fare is relatively high, it is still worthwhile! Next time Zhuhai Changlong Circus starts, it is said that it will be more shocking there.

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    Reviewed on 1475326886000
  • wanglengzhi

    Changlong's project is interesting and interesting, that is, the tickets are expensive, moving is small 300. The tickets for the circus were booked by the company Changlong Hotel. The hunting room plus two early tickets for the circus was 1756, and the children were bought a 252 yuan circus ticket separately in the hotel. With the hotel room card and tickets, we can sit near the VIP seat near the middle of the stage. The hotel has 300 seats reserved for the hotel guests, but first come first served. The circus park opens at 5:00 and starts at 7:30. We leave the hotel at 6:00 and arrive on foot in five minutes. There is no summer vacation or weekend in this season. When we arrive, only one third of the seats are reserved. Choose seats by the side and by the main aisle as much as possible. Actors and animals often come down. At the beginning of the circus, more than half of the people sat on the whole venue. Changlong's price fluctuates greatly. There is a gap between the prices of wildlife parks, water parks, circuses and weekend tickets. The circus is definitely worth seeing. It's amazing, but I personally think children under three may be afraid.

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    Reviewed on 1433894634000
  • 大伟大宝

    During the Spring Festival, a family of three went to Guangzhou for recreation. Before going there, all friends recommended going to Changlong to see the circus. In order to better watch, when I buy tickets online, I will review the strategy, because the auditorium is nearly 180 degrees fan-shaped, sitting position will affect the viewing effect. I suggest that tourists either go to queue early and enter early, the auditorium is double-deck, the middle of the two floors is a 3-meter wide cruise passage, the most economical position is in the middle of the second floor, or the window to buy VIP tickets. Walking into the Grand Theater, first of all, attracted by the magnificent, magnificent performance venue, we bought VIP tickets, sitting in the first row, haha, the actors see clearly, but the tour, the effect is not good. Performing, the most praised is the control and rendering of acoustic, photoelectric, thermal and water media, beautiful, colorful, praise. The keynote of circus performance is cheerful and relaxed. It's in harmony with the Spring Festival. It's a very pleasant time to watch the movie.

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    Reviewed on 1509422575000
  • _WeCh****83075

    The tickets booked for the wildlife park and the circus are reliable, more favorable than on-site tickets, and more convenient to collect tickets. The big circus is really wonderful and beautiful. It's worth seeing. The actors and animals in the circus perform very well. The atmosphere on the spot is very lively. Hey, after watching it, I still feel happy! The wildlife park is also very good. It's crowded on Saturdays. Animal spirit is also lovely, but the day to see is a five o'clock circus, ticket check-in began at 3:30, so in the zoo to play at 2:30 to withdraw the big circus queue hegemony, because time is running out, theater performance only saw an elephant theater, other theatres did not have to see, a bit unfortunate. The food in the garden is very expensive. Lunch is eaten in Koala Food Street. They are 136. Most of the food is fried and spicy. Anyway, referring to the previous strategy, it is more reasonable to play all the way from North Gate to South Gate.

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    Reviewed on 1460371996000
  • 嘿嘿

    The circus is absolutely wonderful. There are several VIP seats, first class seats, hotel guest area and so on. We choose the first row of first class seats, each ticket plus 50 yuan, but we need to elect early. The big circus, regardless of the size of the children, must buy tickets, but the children are too young to recommend going, the sound lights are too shocked, the children can not stand it! The circus is absolutely wonderful and worth seeing!

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    Reviewed on 1448339777000
  • 无处不在

    The performance is really good. Tickets are a little expensive but still worth it. Even if you buy a ticket, you can get 90 yuan cheaper. I bought Changlong Zoo + Big Circus 460 yuan, the original price is 550 yuan. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are a little more expensive: -D

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    Reviewed on 1463710160000
  • E39****113

    very nice if you in guangzhou must to go to the circus

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    Reviewed on 1570074869000
  • _WeCh****98087

    When I booked tickets online, I was still hesitant whether to book circus tickets. I only wanted to go to the zoo. Later, I thought it was not easy to come to the zoo, so I watched the circus. When it rains heavily, when you step on the circus, sit down and start. The most shocking thing is the five-ring performance, clapping the palm and shouting the rhythm of broken throat. A lot of videos were recorded, but they were not as good as one-thousandth of what they were watching on the spot. If it's just for the big circus, I'll come to Panyu to see it again. The actors were all risking their lives to perform, and they were worth the fare.

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    Reviewed on 1440770420000
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