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Chimelong Water Park

4.7/512,142 Reviews
Water Park

Business Hours

May 2 - May 31, 10:00-21:00;


Changlong Tourism Resort, Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
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About Chimelong Water Park

Chimelong Water Park is one of the best water parks in China. It is only open during certain parts of the year, and is very popular in summer. The park environment is decorated with a lot of plants and flowers. They have a large variety of water rides, with the more famous rides being the 200 meter-long "Slide Wheel" and "Big Trumpet". You are sure to get wet and have fun here!

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  • _WeCh****074613

    It's very interesting. I'll give you some details. Changlong e Export will arrive in about fifteen minutes. Buying tickets can be directly converted into two-dimensional codes by Wechat (without queuing is very convenient) to give you some small suggestions to get a map to quickly know what place you want to play can go directly, must take small items slippers floor is very painful and very hot, inside buy a pair of dozens of ordinary slippers, towels are dozens of pieces, sunscreen products really must be taken with. Today, I forgot to bring my sunbathing suit, swimming trunks, more than two hundred waterproof bags, fifty mineral water, the cheapest bottle of water, ten pieces of shampoo and shampoo, and so on. After all, I feel uncomfortable. If the cabinet is small, 35 things are not much, two people will have no problem with the 55 deposit 20 of the big cabinet. There is also a 90 deposit 30 for 603 people who can rent rubber bands for two people. It's not necessary to be so tired. Restaurants can try loudspeakers. Scenic spots are usually expensive. It's a common problem.

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    Reviewed on 1527608591000
  • M61****793

    I came to Guangzhou for many business trips and always wanted to come to Changlong Water Park, but for various reasons I did not open GG today, the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival holidays. I must not miss this opportunity. I came to Changlong Water Park early in the morning to find the address of the staff very well and have patience. Here I would like to praise a visitor who immediately got the guide map of the park project for all ages. Friends, relatives and children's paradise is located in the middle of the park. It also has a lot of delicious food. If you are a food, enjoy it well. Maybe it's because May is a beautiful woman in Goddess's Festival. Many of them are really very eye-catching. Girlfriend just spent 99 yuan to enjoy the day's value-added entertainment experience, because the company has something to do in the afternoon, so I came out early and my girlfriend hasn't had a good time yet! I'm going to come with you tomorrow. In a word, you won't regret coming here. It's really a good deal for me to come and play regularly in the future! _________

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    Reviewed on 1495949273000
  • wanglengzhi

    June was chosen to take the children to play with water. Changlong Water Paradise should be at least five or six times the size of similar facilities in Beijing. Most of the facilities in Beijing are indoors, which are open-air. Change clothes first from the main entrance, handle inventory, deposit 60, rent 30. You can also use an electronic wallet bracelet, so you can have a good time with water, sunscreen and mobile phone. There are waterproof mobile phone bags in the park. It's better to buy one. It's very useful. Entering the right hand side of the park is a stimulating adult project, which we neglected when we took the baby, while the left hand side is a children's project. The Park requires children under 1.5 meters to wear life jackets. There are carts everywhere. There are free life jackets in every car, so the swimming circle does not need to take Kazakhstan. The children are playing high in the children's area. There are several slides. After almost playing, I played the trumpet with my father twice. I was so happy. Walking inside is a huge surfing pool. It's really big. It's like a corner of the beach. There are rows of reclining chairs beside the surfing pool. There is a drifting entrance opposite the surfing pool. You can rent two or three swimming rings beside it to go drifting. This large swimming ring can also be used in the surfing pool. Next to it were at least three thrilling projects. A group of people stood in the water waiting for a big water to be poured down. My baby opened its mouth wide. Eating can be done locally, and there are places to eat everywhere. The swimming pool is scattered in the recreation area. The water temperature is 30 degrees at noon. Children are reluctant to travel. Staff cards are timely and often reminded. There's no time to go to the white beach. There are family tickets at the booking office, two big ones and one small 500.

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    Reviewed on 1433893613000
  • 159****1891

    We went to the Water Paradise on April 30th. It was cloudy and rainy. We were afraid of cold weather and dared not go into the water. The staff said that warm water was not a problem. When we entered, we found that we were worried. The ten hot water areas of Wuli Dachanglong Water Paradise had a water temperature of about 35 degrees. Like soaking in hot springs, my sister did not want to come out. In the evening, Li Rui, the village chief, was invited to help us with the evening performance. Yan Hi burst the whole scene, but also to say that Wuli Dachanglong Water Paradise is very good protection measures, each place has 2-3 lifeguards, the whole process of attention to the safety of tourists. Wuli Dachanglong, praise, praise!

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    Reviewed on 1462429578000
  • M73****23

    International friends are very professional, and they like to follow up! During the Dragon Boat Festival, the hotels around you can be reached on foot. This section of the road is full of birds, flowers and fragrance. That is to make a suggestion. Water park should be forced to take a bath before entering. Everyone in hot days is dirty. After all, small restraints are needed to wash for everyone's health and hygiene.

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    Reviewed on 1496471552000
  • M13****501

    It's very funny. I played the project early and spent the rest of the time in the wave pool. One thing I don't like is the kind of sliding down from a high position. After all, the water will rush into the nose and abdominal cavity. It is suggested that the staff develop a new sliding front position. Of course, my favorite is the loudspeaker. I played in line several times. The disadvantage is that my husband and the husband of another couple have to move so big a pedestal to climb so high and feel too hard. Unfortunately, I dared not open my eyes at that time, but now I think about it. Next time I have a chance to go there again, I should open my eyes. Haha!

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    Reviewed on 1441186481000
  • e33****45

    Water Park favorite, especially hot summer in May this year is not enough to open the park, Guangzhou was not very hot, so Changlong thought of a way to make hot springs, as well as sauna hot spring pools and sauna rooms all over the park, playing water-cooled can also go to soak a bubble, favorite loudspeakers every year there are bikini competition to show the beauty of all countries.

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    Reviewed on 1500470778000
  • _WeCh****929109

    It's exciting to go in at 11:30 p.m. and start to play until 9:00 p.m. to play all the big projects. The most refreshing thing is the loudspeaker, screaming constantly, ah ah ah ah ah! Ha ha ha. By 7 p.m., the concert party swimsuit beauty or something is quite eye-catching. There is an audio program at 8 p.m., everything is good.

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    Reviewed on 1496629817000
  • 胖婶KITTY

    The children like it very much. One day they don't play enough and another day they go to Changlong Hotel for membership card. The restaurants in the hotel have discounts and points for consumption. Several Changlong Parks can enjoy membership points and discounts, which is very convenient. Just received the official message from WeChat's Changlong, the 8.28 anniversary celebration is very powerful. I really want to bring the baby to go again. Online booking can be half off, and it can bring a child under 1.5 meters free.

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    Reviewed on 1471792451000
  • 火火的路四喜

    Changlong has become the landmark recreation center of Guangzhou. Water park has been visited several times. It is true that all kinds of facilities are in the forefront of the country. Adults and children can find fun here. Besides, the periodic theme activities are also very exciting. It's very nice to park 15 yuan of water all day without time limit in the scenic spot. It's a pleasant place to spend the summer!

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    Reviewed on 1528786298000
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