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Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring

4.8/52,021 Reviews
Hot Spring
No. 353, Yuquan Avenue, Liangkou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou
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About Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring

Located in the center of Conghua District, Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring is backed by mountains and blessed with a beautiful environment. The special feature of this place is its large open-air soda hot spring with purely natural hot spring water. There are more than 30 hot spring pools, paddling pools and remedial baths. Heath care is the theme of this place. The food street in the hot spring area also offer a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. The resort is fully equipped. In addition to the hot springs, there are also multi-purpose exhibition centers, shopping malls, football fields, badminton courts and other facilities.

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  • 煎饼果子要出家

    Although the geographical location of Bishui Bay is relatively remote, the traffic is very convenient. Even by public transport, it's not hard to find one. When Conghua comes to Bishuiwan, someone will show you the way. First of all, Hotel rooms, we ordered a garden double room, the room is not small, the characteristics are a balcony, the balcony is facing the park, you can see the park scenery and distant mountains, very beautiful. The room has free fruit and mineral water, as well as brewed coffee, tea and chrysanthemum. Note that blue bottled water and beer drinks in the refrigerator are charged. There are two pajamas and a safe in the wardrobe, which can store valuables. Breakfast in the restaurant on the first floor, buffet is very rich, from Chinese to Western, from Northeast to South China, all kinds of breakfast. Friends also reminded me that the juice here is fresh pressed, certainly not prepared. I'm going to talk about the characteristic hot springs here. After bathing and changing clothes, I went to the hot springs area. In the evening, the temperature was a little low and I still felt a little cold wearing a bath towel. If I want to find a hot spring pool to soak quickly, I'll see a swimming pool first. We also tried it with our hands. It's cold water. So shivering to continue to search, find a Turkish fish therapy, can only wash feet, try to find again, this time finally find a bath can be in the body massage pool lying in the water massage body, I have seen this in the spa club. Then I experienced abdominal massage, neck massage and back massage aromatherapy in turn. While resting on the deck chair, the waiter also helped us apply a cucumber mask. Before leaving, the waiter also sent several packages of rose buds to calm down. I also wrote a card. I took it and put it in the picture. The service was very intimate. For dinner, I had two glasses of black beer and a grilled fish in the German Beer Restaurant. Roasted fish is big enough for two people to eat, but we all feel a little light, unlike the signature dishes, or according to the taste of Cantonese people made improvements? Neither drink of the soup will make it salty. One day's activities are very happy, apart from meals and accommodation, there is no need to spend any more money. Apart from doing spa, there is almost no project that needs to be charged. There are table tennis and billiards on the second floor of the hotel. Accommodation can also be ticketed for an hour. The waiter was very enthusiastic and had no strange feeling. I'll come back when I have time.

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    Reviewed on 1481872211000
  • 红霞满天_24898

    Bishuiwan Hot Spring inherits the traditional Chinese and Western health-preserving theory, and elaborately creates a variety of hot spring bath pools with rich characteristics. It not only enhances the physique of sports pools, natural hot spring pools with rich emotions, but also combines traditional Chinese medicine and hot spring physiotherapy to prepare functional medicine pools and world-advanced spa pools, so that everyone can fully enjoy the pleasure of soaking soup. Tired to the slate bath to lie down, a beautiful sleep. Then he moved to the arbor and lay in a reclining chair, daydreaming freely. The waiter will come over and apply a cold cucumber mask to you personally. When you are hungry and tired, you can go to the lobby to refresh yourself. There are fruits, biscuits, sandwiches and various tea drinks, all free of charge. At the end of the shower, the waiter will dry your wet bathing suit and fold it into a plastic bag. When I sit down and blow your hair with the wind drum, they will come to blow your hair. This service is very warm. I'll think about coming often in the future.

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    Reviewed on 1508611865000
  • Gao277

    Guangzhou Conghua Bishuiwan's service is excellent, the environment is good, often go, the water quality is good, by its cabin environment elegant and romantic, are equipped with independent hot spring pool, I prefer, the hotel eats very well, breakfast do not want to go out, but also call the waiter to deliver meals, but to add service fees, for convenience is also worth it, I like the place recommended to you!

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    Reviewed on 1444847586000
  • _WeCh****39724

    A very beautiful resort hotel, room hygiene is very clean, hot springs have 36 characteristic hot spring pools, or children's water park, children like it very much, there are nine major projects for children, the most important thing is that the service is very good, no matter where, you can hear cordial greetings, you can see a beautiful smiling face. In particular, I recommend you to go on vacation, very comfortable, like at home. Best wishes for a prosperous business in Bishuiwan Bay!

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    Reviewed on 1500680762000
  • _WeCh****626125

    Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring, first-class service attitude, feel very comfortable, to play here can be very good to relax themselves, beautiful scenery, eating is also very appetizing! Yes, it's worth going. It's a lot of discounts to buy tickets online one day in advance!

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    Reviewed on 1510912640000
  • 让心沉睡

    Hot springs are very good, water is very clean, everyone has a cabinet, good service, after soaking hot springs, there are waiters to help blow hair, but also take the swimsuit to dehydrate, but very intimate, my friend's birthday gift, quite a good trip, the next time there will be time to go.

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    Reviewed on 1469325745000
  • gz凡凡

    The hotel is great, and the service attitude is very good! ___________ The waiter at the door is very enthusiastic to help with baggage and introduction. When we see our children coming to the guest room, the waiter immediately brings the children's bathrobe and toothbrush, slippers. The service of hot springs is also superb. There are always drinks available. Hot springs also have their own characteristics. Overall, it's great. I'll come back later.

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    Reviewed on 1503375066000
  • _WeCh****93166

    Nearby, there are many hot spring hotels. We arrived at Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort in the afternoon of the first day. The environment here is very good, with mountains and rivers, it is a good place for vacation. We walk there in the afternoon and take pictures. There are many facilities for children to play with. In the evening, after having dinner in the hotel, I went to soak in the hot spring. The food in the hotel is not cheap. There are several different functional areas in the hot spring area. There are more than a dozen or twenty pools. Our favorite ones are massage pools, fish therapy pools, flower pools, etc. They have complete functions, and the service attitude of the staff there is very good. They often ask you if you need to drink water. It's enough to soak for more than an hour. I'd like to try a massage, but it's a little expensive. After soaking in hot springs in the evening, you can go to the recreation room for free activities, but those are all at your own expense. After breakfast the next morning, we went to soak in the hot spring. It was sunny in the morning, a little hot, or it was more comfortable to soak in the evening. Finally, we returned in the afternoon. This hotel gives us the greatest feeling is that the staff there are very polite, the service is really admirable, meeting will greet you, will help you carry things. The room is also very clean and tidy. However, one thing that is not very satisfactory is that if the breakfast is self-paid, it will be very expensive, 149 self-service breakfast. So it depends on the number of people booking rooms to make the most cost-effective choice. Finally, soaking in hot springs in summer is actually a good choice, which can avoid the peak period, but also cultivate one's self-cultivation!

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    Reviewed on 1534395535000
  • cloistral

    Starting from Shenzhen, we will take the Pearl River Delta Ring Line for more than two hours. The high-speed fare is 66 yuan per trip. The resort is big and easy to find. There are free parking spaces. The service attitude of the staff is very good. There are more than a dozen different pools in the hot spring. And saunas and so on. There is also a fireworks show between New Year's Eve and the 15th. There are usually stage performances. The water in the pool is clean. The scenery around is great. Overall, it's good and worth visiting. I'll go next time.

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    Reviewed on 1518588619000
  • 135****7300

    A very comfortable trip to a hot spring, the first time my daughter soaked in a hot spring, soaked very happily, in the children's pool, also had a very happy time. Breakfast variety is very rich, customer service is very intimate, just checked in, immediately sent to the children's supplies. Behind the hotel is Liuxi River. If you have good physical strength, you can go up the mountain and broaden your horizons.

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    Reviewed on 1509249824000
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