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Million Sunflower Garden

4.4/52,955 Reviews
Botanical Garden
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About Million Sunflower Garden

Located in Nansha, the Million Sunflower Garden is located some distance away from Guangzhou city and is a great place for flower viewing and family fun. There are many kinds of flowers in the gardens. In every season, there are flowers in bloom. For example, there is the sunflower garden, the rose garden, the lavender garden, the tea garden and so on. The colorful castle-style buildings are very beautiful, and there are many rides and small animals. The thing most worth seeing in the Sunflower Garden, of course, is of course the multitude of sunflowers. This place is also famous for its sunflower chickens. These are chickens that are fed on sunflower seeds. Their meat is firm and their fragrance is exceptionally sweet.

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  • M57****429

    It's worth visiting here. You're amazed by the sea of flowers. Different kinds of flowers are blooming, showing beautiful smiles to greet guests. Sunflowers are so lively that you like them at first sight. There are also rose gardens that make you unwilling to leave. What's more, the blue lavender blockbushes make you intoxicated and stop to shoot. What is more commendable is the friendly and courteous attitude of the staff here. We also have a garden lunch here. Lunch is rich, which makes us sigh that it's too valuable to praise. It's simply worth it! We don't think we can play enough. We also want to continue to play. We hope that the gardeners will continue to do more preferential activities to benefit the elders. Thank you.

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    Reviewed on 1494511104000
  • Christina—-

    Million Kwai Garden is a very worthwhile place to visit. I probably visited Million Kwai Garden at the end of November. I thought it was autumn and winter now. There should be no flowers to see. As a result, there were various kinds of flowers competing to open. We stayed overnight at the Love of Flowers Hotel, and of course we could also commute that day. We're thinking about seeing a light SHOW at night. Children don't have to be so tired to play. The light SHOW in the scenic area is only at night, about 20 o'clock. It is projected on the background wall of the Love of Flowers Hotel. The children like it very much. We also took our children to the outdoor rescue experience in the scenic spot, and taught them how to climb trees and tie knots. I think it's very meaningful. There are Rose Garden, Sunflower Garden, Lavender Garden and so on in the garden scenic area. I can not name the flowers. There are also playgrounds for children to play, DIY Cake House, slides and so on. Most of them are free of charge and have very few needs. When they left, the children were still in the mood to go back next time.

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    Reviewed on 1517201906000
  • M25****540

    Today, I went with my father and two people. Maybe my childlike innocence is too strong. Even my father said I was naive, but I really feel like having fun. Once in, there are all kinds of sculptures and paintings, how fashion abstracts how to come, and then there are many exhibition halls, as well as animation halls! A lot of hands! Also found in the hand-run Xiao Man waist! ___________ This anti-heavenly Xiao Manwaist model is full of handmade!! Next to the flower field is also super beautiful, into the world of lavender, and then lost in the romantic soothing music, it is simply living in the fairy tale of the prince and princess living happily together forever! In addition, it's also a compliment to take a train to feel the taste of swimming in the sea of flowers. The train is still free. ~After that, I saw a group of sprouting squirrel dogs. One of them was still sleepy, with watery eyes and blinking at me. My heart melted, okay?! In the end, I was coquettish with my dad and wanted to go to the super colorful slide. Then my dad and I ran to the slide in a hurry. As a result, I almost rolled down. My dad laughed and said that his buttocks were on fire. It was still fun to sum up! The ticket is a little expensive. ~Don't hit me! (/ Omega)

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    Reviewed on 1443354248000
  • M23****052

    Million Kwai Garden is worth visiting, there are all kinds of beautiful flowers, especially like the rose of Million Kwai Garden, red, white budding, before November 30, 50-year-old people have a discount, 50 yuan a person, and free lunch, as well as pomegranate, my parents have a super happy today!! _____________

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    Reviewed on 1479369322000
  • 銀子

    In the past, when I saw the pictures of Million Kwai Gardens on the internet, I felt very beautiful and wanted to go all the time. Recently, I went to my friend's place (near Chepinan Metro Station), not as far as before, and took a coupon with me. Arriving at Jiaomen Metro Station, I have to take another Nansha Bus Line 2 (said to be about an hour, more than 30 stations). I feel sick, so I take a free ride with two friends, 39 yuan at a time, only 13 yuan for a one-way trip, and I can sit comfortably and quickly. Although there are no pictures taken on the official website, it is also good. It is worth mentioning that the free ride is really a good one. Choose oh_

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    Reviewed on 1441359118000
  • 沐沐亲子时光

    This summer scenic spot introduced 199 yuan (including 4 adults and 2 children) discount tickets. It's really a good deal. In addition to taking photos and enjoying flowers, of course, children's favorite children's park entertainment facilities can also swim, catch fish and feed fish, many of which are free. The fee items are 10-20 yuan and a small zoo, which has parrots and squirrels running specially. Quick, sunflower-eating style is also sprouting in the shade avenue, leisure sitting on the hanging basket is also good enough to press the shutter, take photos in the flower bushes as a souvenir bar * queue time is not long, will queue up to * swimming pool 1.2m below the children free, Summer Games good place * need to wear socks to enter the wave pool * FREE catch small fish, but take away the words according to a charge.

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    Reviewed on 1501715890000
  • _cft01****4023058

    It's a little far. It takes 3.5 hours from Huangcun to Million Kwai Gardens. Metro to Jiaomen, turn to more than 30 stations of Nansha Line 2. The environment is OK, and there are facilities for children to play with. It would be better if they were all free of charge. Dolls and ice cream were given.

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    Reviewed on 1475680898000
  • M25****1908

    It's cold today, but the flowers in the Million Sunflower Garden are still blooming beautifully. I like the flower world very much. There are many small animals here, and the mobile games are free to play. Next time, I'll call my friends to come and see the flowers [roses] [roses] [roses] [roses].

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    Reviewed on 1517109912000
  • _WeCh****56656

    Now the scenery is still beautiful, lavender is very beautiful, toilet environment is very good, very clean, the facilities for children to play inside are free, take children to play very good, take pictures of the Holy place, any one is beautiful!

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    Reviewed on 1491270354000
  • Jameswang-0226

    It's worth playing here. Not only sunflower, but also peony, rose and other flowers. Especially in a thermostat room, there is a wall full of purple flowers of African origin. There are piglets, squirrels, pigeon garden, all kinds of animation.* Children also have free games such as electric spaceships, and a large slide for adults to play on.

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    Reviewed on 1492840010000
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