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Sacred Heart Cathedral

4.5/51,089 Reviews
Monday-Friday 8:30-11:30, 14:30-17:30, Saturday-Sunday 8:30-17:00
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About Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is a Catholic church in the Diocese of Guangzhou. Now it has become a classic representative of Guangzhou's exotic customs. At the front of the church there are a pair of towering stone twin spires. There are four big bronze bells from France in the middle of the tower. The arched domes, stained glass windows, and lattice windows in the church are all charismatic elements in the Catholic Church.

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  • hi绿野仙踪

    Today's second stop is European style, from the railway station by subway, transfer to Line 6 to Delu station. At the exit of the subway, it was found that both sides of the street were Xiguan Arcade Buildings. There was a large wholesale market, mainly nuts and condiments. A turn, it appears in my sight, this is one of the buildings I must see in Guangzhou, has been longing to see the real it - Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral. The small square in front of the church, the flower beds, the buildings on both sides and the hanging flower basket all set off the largest Gothic Church in Asia. Unfortunately, we will still be cloudy, with a calm heart, step by step towards it. It is said that its night scene is more beautiful, with rows of arcades flashing lights around the church in the dark on Yide Road. It's perfect, 360 degrees without dead ends. The church is bigger than I expected, and many people are shooting it with UAVs. We were going on Easter and there were many prayers in the church, reminding everyone to enter the church quietly and not to use flashlights.

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    Reviewed on 1496847559000
  • 大姐小露開心果

    The Cathedral of Sacred Heart in Stone Chamber is the largest cathedral of Catholicism in Guangzhou diocese and one of the largest Gothic buildings in China and one of the four whole-stone Gothic church buildings in the world. It was rebuilt by the invaded British forces in the late Qing Dynasty and Guangzhou in 1863. The spire of the cathedral was 58.5 meters high and made of granite. It was extraordinary momentum and forced directly into the Cathedral of Sacred Heart in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Visitors are allowed to visit the church during non-Mass time, but all the elements of the composition of the Gothic church are forbidden to be photographed inside the church. The arch-shaped dome-clasped window and the exquisite stained glass in the spire Hall of the two-bell tower with both early architectural style and middle and late architectural style are all the fascination of the Stone Chamber Sacred Heart Church.

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    Reviewed on 1508186369000
  • 2016盛夏光年

    Guangzhou is one of the most beautiful churches. The greatest feature of the church is that it is made of blood and money. The whole body of the church is made of beautiful painted glass made of granite, which is transported back by air from abroad. Thank the state for the importance attached by the Party to the protection of cultural relics so as not to be destroyed by ignorant human beings. If you can't appreciate its beauty, it's okay. ~You can compare Singapore churches (see figure 9, figure 10) to see how simple Singapore churches are. They're just painted with a layer of paint. The architectural style is basically the same

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    Reviewed on 1471706853000
  • vx340416958

    May your name be glorified, your kingdom come, your will be carried out on earth as in heaven. Please reward us with daily food today. Forgive us our sins as we forgive others. Do not let us fall into temptation, but save us from evil.

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    Reviewed on 1495730338000
  • Old-FU

    1. Guangzhou Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is located in Yide Road, the center of Guangzhou City. Sacred Heart Cathedral was officially laid the foundation on the Sacred Heart Day on June 18, 1863. It was named Sacred Heart Cathedral. It took 25 years to complete. It is the most magnificent and distinctive Cathedral in the Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou. The Cathedral of Sacred Heart in Stone Chamber was designed by French designers and built by Chinese craftsmen. 2. The total area of the Cathedral is 2754 square meters, 35 meters wide in East and west, 78.69 meters long in North and south, 58.5 meters high from the ground to the spire. The cathedral was built in 1861 at a cost of 400,000 francs, which is comparable to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. 3. Guangzhou Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral with twin towers, stone chambers, stained glass, Gothic architecture, Chinese elements, architectural art and religious culture. 4. In the construction of the whole Church of Shengxin Cathedral in Shishi, Guangzhou, glutinous rice tung oil was used instead of cement, which was waterproof and firm. The dome stones were also pierced with iron branches through the two holes in the dome. This made the water outlet of the church roof stronger. It also changed into the shape of Chinese lion. The floor also changed the stone blocks originally designed into the large-step bricks in Guangdong Province, which made it more moisture-proof. Well, there are also Cantonese wood carvings on the door. 5. Guangzhou Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of the four stone-structured Gothic church buildings in the world, is as famous as Notre Dame Cathedral, Westminster Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral in Paris. With this alone, Guangzhou Shishi Church should have a good look. 6. Guangzhou Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is worth stopping. It's better to take a slow look. Look carefully. The culture of the cathedral is broad and profound. It's not enough to understand in an hour or two. 7. Opening time of Shengxin Cathedral in Shishi, Guangzhou - "8: 00-17: 30 (holidays do not rest, but noon break will refuse to visit); ticket price - "free; suggested length of play - "1 hour; suitable season - "all seasons are suitable. 8. For more information and photos of the structure of the Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral in Guangzhou, please refer to my Ctrip Travel Note "One of the four stone-structured Gothic church buildings in the world, which is the same name as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Westminster Cathedral and Cologne Cathedral-Travel Notes of Guangzhou Stone Chamber Cathedral" and link address "http://you.ctrip.com/travels/guangzhou152/3589736.html].

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    Reviewed on 1511216697000
  • michelle0519

    The first sight of the Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral in Guangzhou has a very shocking feeling. For the first time, seeing such a magnificent church, Notre Dame Cathedral in the Far East is well-known. The church can be visited, but the staff will remind visitors to keep quiet. There are probably several wholesale markets outside the church. Many people come and go with trailers and bags.

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    Reviewed on 1496505173000
  • 仰望ing

    I have heard about Shishixinxin Cathedral for a long time and finally decided to leave. It's about 300 meters from Exit B of Yide Road Metro Station. Recently I heard that it is to repair and increase internal learning, which is not open on weekdays. 8.20 Sunday Mass, you can go in, but you can't go out during the Mass. After 12:00 noon, you can take pictures at 14:00 (or 15:00). It's taller inside than outside, and it can be pretended to be the hhhhhh of the church in Europe, but there's not much fun around the church, but there are a lot of people.

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    Reviewed on 1503393432000
  • 大伟大宝

    During the seven-day Spring Festival holidays in 2017, three members of a family took a deep tour in Guangzhou. Stone Chamber Sacred Heart Cathedral, the largest Gothic architecture in China and one of the four whole stone Gothic architecture churches in the world, how can we not go? Following the navigation, after passing through a very narrow market, suddenly, a magnificent church came into view, the building exterior wall materials are all made of granite, atmosphere, dignity and dignity. Gothic style of architecture, quickly Baidu mend. Gothic architecture is characterized by high spires, pointed arches, large windows and window panes with biblical stories. In the design, the pointed rib vault, flying buttress and slender bundle columns are used to create a lightweight and slender sense of flying sky. To the west of the church is the entrance to the main entrance. To the east, there are corridors in the ring hall. Many chapels are arranged in a radial arrangement. The interior of the church, especially the middle hall, is high with large stained glass windows. The prominent features of its appearance are many steeple and spires of different sizes. The flying buttresses and battlements on both sides of the church also have exquisite spires. The windows are tall and slender. The upward movement of the whole church is strong and the carvings are very rich. The western facade of the church is composed of a pair of tall bell towers on both sides, which are horizontally connected by a cross coupon gallery. The three doors are composed of pointed coupons with retreating layers. The coupon faces are covered with statues. On the front door there is a large circle, called the Rose Window, which is exquisitely carved and magnificent. Tourism has increased our knowledge and enriched our life.

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    Reviewed on 1511201969000
  • M32****291

    It's very convenient to go. Buses and subways can choose to go on the third day of the New Year. There are many people exploding. But there are staff commanding the scene. They don't think there are many chaotic typical Gothic buildings. They are free and open. The church is very big. It's worth visiting. Special reminder that when taking beautiful pictures inside, don't use flash, it will destroy cultural relics! My husband and I were criticized by the staff when we flipped through the photos. The church is a place of confession. Don't play with mobile phones. Put them away quickly. Feel the solemn atmosphere. You're right. The coconut at the door is good. You can try it.

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    Reviewed on 1519055948000
  • Moon

    This is the largest church in Guangzhou. When I go, I wear short skirts. As long as I wear short pants and skirts, I can't go in. I need to wear skirts that are free to the knees. It's not so much a dress as a piece of cloth. Just tie a piece of cloth around my waist. You can't wear sunglasses or hats. You have to get ready to go into all churches. It's free.

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    Reviewed on 1443812229000
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