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Things To Do in Guanling

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RITNBImpressive natural sight attracting thousands of local tourists daily. Area includes separate sights, apart from the big Huangguoshu waterfall there are also other smaller waterfalls and places to walk around and for us it wasn’t clear to which area the shuttle buses would take us (always ask the bus driver first to avoid wasting time at secondary sights). HGS waterfall itself is breathtaking, it’s massive cascade spraying the plant life opposite it as well as the tourists. You can walk behind the water curtain, but it takes a long time to queue and walk single file. The trip takes around two hours if you walk fast and don’t make detours. There is an elevator taking tourists down to the main sight but taking the stairs doesn’t take too long either and if you are mobile I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra money.
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贵州乐动山水The Baling River Bridge is 2,237 meters in length from the bridge, with a main span of 1088 meters and a height of 370 meters. When completed, it ranked first in China and sixth in the world. Baling River Bridge integrates the development of bridges, sports, and tourism. It is the only world-class bridge in Guizhou that can be viewed inside the bridge. There is the world's highest bungee jumping on the bridge, 370 meters high! There are also high-altitude extreme projects such as parachuting, paragliding, air walks, and glass plank roads, which are worth experiencing.
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M58***84I went there in July, and there is still some way to go to the scenic spot. The sandstone road is not easy to walk. I first go to the karst cave. The scenery is still good. The colorful stalactites are of different shapes and the caves are still relatively large. The elderly and the children are tired. I feel that after walking for a long time, the legs are soft. The rafting is fun, not thrilling at all, and it is very stable. It is suitable for taking children. The scenery is good. When I come to the water park, it is close to work time. It was originally a ticket sale. Yes, but I met a kind-hearted financial elder sister who said let us go in and play for one hour for free. It was so sweet. I originally planned to stay there for one night, but I didn’t expect to be able to return on the same day.
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E31***51the park is gorgeous. we enjoyed walking around outdoors and taking the boats in the caves. the characters on the grass are awesome.
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_We***95Quiet, and peaceful. The stone forest before the waterfalls are very pleasant and remind me a little of shilin in Kunming.The tianxing cave is just like any other coloured cave in China, but worth walking through.The waterfall is the highlight, though. Despite being quite small, it is very pretty and should definitely be visited whilst in the park. 2-3 hours will be enough time to take all of it in. The queues are nowhere near the same scale as DaPuBu.Beautiful
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D29***43This waterfall is definitely not as big as huangguoshu waterfall (in the same park), but it has its own beauty and grace.

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Guizhou Guanling Orictocoenosis National GeoparkAnshun,China

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Guanlingyongning Ski FieldAnshun,China

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Lanbowang Wushu BaseAnshun,China

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Tiesuo Bridge on Huajiang RiverAnshun,China

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Guizhou Jiuxian Tourism Scenic AreaAnshun,China

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Qiyu'an Valley Ice and Snow TownAnshun,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Guanling, including: Balinghe Bridge,Guizhou Jiuxian Tourism Scenic Area,Guizhou Guanling Orictocoenosis National Geopark
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