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About Guilin

Guilin's splendid landscape of mountains and water is famous throughout the whole country. Both banks of the clear and sparkling waters of the Li River are lined with strangely shaped boulders and green mountains. You can take a cruise on a bamboo raft. The scenery is absolutely sublime. Guilin’s Elephant Trunk Hill, The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot and Jingjiang Princes’ Palace are the primary scenic spots featuring beautiful surroundings. The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area is also very beautiful at night. The Yangshuo section of the Li River is magnificent. There is a large amount of idyllic countryside scenery for you to enjoy. You can ride a bike or go hiking, as the area is quite suitable for both. This is one of the best places in China to go rock climbing and, as a result, it has attracted the interest of domestic and foreign tourists and travelers beyond counting. Additionally, with cascading terraces and magical caves galore, the natural area around Guilin is also very much worth discovering.

Popular Attractions in Guilin

Li River
12,625 Reviews
Boat Tour
The essence of Guilin's landscape lies in the scenery of Li River. Dubbed as the “best landscape in the world”, Guilin has appeared widely in elementary school textbooks. The two sides of the Li River have different mountains with different shapes. Among them, the most representative ones include the Nine Horse Mountain and the Yellow Cloth Shoal. The latter is featured on the back of the new 20 RMB notes. Visiting the Li River can be done by boat or bamboo rafts. The big boat is spacious but the bamboo raft is more exotic.
Xiangshan Scenic Area
16,411 Reviews
Geological Sites
Xiangshan Scenic Area is a park centered around "Elephant Trunk Hill" in Guilin. The shape of Elephant Trunk Hill is very similar to that of an elephant drinking water, so it is called Elephant Trunk Hill. In addition to Elephant Trunk Hill, there are also other attractions that you can walk around and enjoy, such as Shuiyue Cave, Love Island, Puxian Pagoda, and Sanhua Wine Cellar, each of which has its own unique characteristics.
Shiwai Taoyuan
6,092 Reviews
Folk Village
The Shangri-La Park is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Yangshuo, Guangxi. This folk landscape park was built according to the mood depicted in Tao Yuanming's “The Peach Blossom Spring”, and combined with the local pastoral scenery. Although it is a man-made scenic spot, the beautiful scenery here and the folk styles created make it very attractive.
Impression Sanjie Liu (Evening Showtime)
12,015 Reviews
"Impression: Sanjie Liu" is one of the large-scale live performances of the "Impression Series" jointly produced by famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. The performance venue is located at the intersection of Yangshuo River and Tianjiahe River. Opposite the river is the Shutong Mountain. The stage is the two-kilometer-long waters of the Lancang River. The background is the twelve peaks. It is very atmospheric and one of the very few large-scale landscape theaters. The performance is mainly based on the local customs and is absolutely exhilarating.

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Aug 6, 2020
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Aug 7, 2020
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Trip Moments

Steven Zhang   
It is said that Guilin's landscape is the best in the world, but after the arrival of Yangyejun after Yangshuo, it is said that it is not only the Guilin landscape, but also the praise of the Yangshuo landscape. The shock and excitement of the visual sense of the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo! In the face of this "benevolence of the benevolent, the wise man is happy", the fun of the meditation is even more lingering. This time, the trip to the mountains or the meditation of the meditation is not important. What is important is that what is seen here is the real paradise, and the real and direct experience of vision and feelings is what the environment of the paradise is. It is definitely the best way to understand the very abstract word of "Xanadu". Here you can go to the poetic and picturesque Lijiang River to experience the most quaint, romantic and warm fisherman's late return, truly let you experience the scene and feelings of "fishing boat singing late". Here you can also go to the dreamy Yulong River to experience the quiet and fairyland scenery and air that will be there in the paintings and calligraphy, let people appreciate the soul of Yangshuo. Here you can also go to the picturesque riverside of the ten miles to experience the ethereal realm of the real ten-mile-long gallery, where you can meditate in addition to meditation. Repair and feel the wisdom of Zen, the unity of nature and man. "The Mahayana Buddhism of the Great Buddha" is awkward: There are thousands of rivers in the thousands of rivers, and thousands of miles in the sky. The clouds and the moon in the sky are dispensable under the influence of the outside world, and how long the river will produce a long reflection of the sun. If there is no cloud in the sky for 10,000 miles, you can see the 10,000-mile blue sky. Such a dialectical philosophy may be difficult to understand, but when you come here to see such a scene, it is estimated that you will comprehend some? is the soul of Yangshuo, and the scenery on the Lijiang River is also the place where Yangshuo is proud. Above the Lijiang River, you can also feel the beautiful scenery of the motherland and the faint and illusory life. Originally here is the original place of the famous 20 yuan RMB behind the map, and it is exactly the same as the pattern on the coin.
Posted: Aug 22, 2019
Guilin 2 days travel must play Raiders Speaking of Guilin travel, many people are impressed by Yangshuo. In fact, there are many interesting attractions in the urban area of Guilin. The following two-day routes basically list the attractions that Guilin must play, and it is also very smooth in traffic. DAY1 Xiangshan Park-Seven Star Park-Night Tour Liangjiangsihu DAY2 East-West Lane--Du Xiufeng-Jingjiang Wangfu [Xiangshan Park] Elephant trunk The mountain is definitely the number one brand of Guilin tourism. The park mainly includes Shuiyue Cave, Elephant Trunk Rock, Elephant Eye Rock, Puxian Tower, Yunfeng Temple and Stupa. The most peculiar thing is the Elephant Trunk Hill, which looks like a big elephant. When you play, you always marvel at the magic of nature. [Seven Star Park] Seven Star Park is a relatively large park in Guilin. There are Qixingshan and Qixingyan in the park. I heard that Qixingyan is believed to be familiar to many people because of the textbooks of primary schools. Over. Qixingyan is a cave. Through the long years, many stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone sarcophagi and stone flowers have been formed. When you visit, you must have a guide to explain the doorway. [Night Tour Two Rivers and Four Lakes] Two rivers refer to the Minjiang River and the Taohua River in the city section; and the Four Lakes refer to Shanhu Lake, Wuhu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake. The core attraction of this trip is in Mulong Lake. The whole scenic building is modeled after the section of the Qingming Shanghe Map. It can be seen that the overall style is characteristic of the Song Dynasty. The pavilions and pavilions, the waterfront promenade, are full of antiques in the night. When you swim here, there are performances to watch. [East Lane] East and West Lane is the only ancient street that was left over from the Ming and Qing Dynasties of Guilin. It includes Zhengyang Street East Lane, Jiangnan Lane and Lanjing Lane. It looks a bit like Chengdu. Wide and narrow alleys, all the alleys extend in all directions, there are a variety of specialties or food stores to visit. [Jingjiang Wangfu] From the east and west lanes, you can go directly to the Jingjiang Wangfu, and the well-known Zhungeges prototype Kong Si, the only Han singer who was given a princess, also lived. Here, so I can't help but look at it. [] Du Xiufeng is the core scenic spot of Wangfu in Jingjiang Wangfu. It can overlook the entire Guilin City when you climb the summit. The view is superb. About food: Guilin rice noodles are a must! Once called the two or two powders, and then the crispy pork, sour bamboo shoots, beans and other things together, very delicious, basically the taste of many local people on the road is very authentic. Authentic Guilin cuisine can choose Guiyou dining room, near the east and west lanes, the taste is authentic, and the oil tea is also super delicious. About accommodation: You can stay at the hotel or stay at the hotel, the price is not expensive. For the B&B, the Laoshan Mansion is recommended. It is on the edge of the Liangjiang Four Lakes Scenic Area. The environment is good and the style of the B&B is also good.
Posted: Sep 16, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave), Duxiu Peak Palace Destination, Yulong River Rafting, Yinziyan, Seven Star Park.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Guilin: Luan Le Fen Ku Guilin Rice Noodles, Tang Jia Mi Fen (Wen Ming Road), Macao Restaurant( Bei Zhan ), Jin Long Zhai Gui Ren Ju, Chong Shan MiFen (Yi Ren Road).
Here are the best places to visit in Guilin, including: West Street, Longji Rice Terrace, Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave), Duxiu Peak Palace Destination, Shiwai Taoyuan.