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About Guilin

Guilin's splendid landscape of mountains and water is famous throughout the whole country. Both banks of the clear and sparkling waters of the Li River are lined with strangely shaped boulders and green mountains. You can take a cruise on a bamboo raft. The scenery is absolutely sublime. Guilin’s Elephant Trunk Hill, The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot and Jingjiang Princes’ Palace are the primary scenic spots featuring beautiful surroundings. The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area is also very beautiful at night. The Yangshuo section of the Li River is magnificent. There is a large amount of idyllic countryside scenery for you to enjoy. You can ride a bike or go hiking, as the area is quite suitable for both. This is one of the best places in China to go rock climbing and, as a result, it has attracted the interest of domestic and foreign tourists and travelers beyond counting. Additionally, with cascading terraces and magical caves galore, the natural area around Guilin is also very much worth discovering.

Popular Attractions in Guilin

Li River
11,477 Reviews
Boat Tour
The essence of Guilin's landscape lies in the scenery of Li River. Dubbed as the “best landscape in the world”, Guilin has appeared widely in elementary school textbooks. The two sides of the Li River have different mountains with different shapes. Among them, the most representative ones include the Nine Horse Mountain and the Yellow Cloth Shoal. The latter is featured on the back of the new 20 RMB notes. Visiting the Li River can be done by boat or bamboo rafts. The big boat is spacious but the bamboo raft is more exotic.
Two Rivers and Four Lakes
11,275 Reviews
The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area includes the Li River, Taohua River, Shan Lake, Rong Lake, Gui Lake, and Mulong Lake in the downtown area of Guilin. These places are the most beautiful scenic spots around the city center of Guilin, and are the staple of Guilin's scenery. Touring the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area by boat is the main way to get around. Especially during the night, you can see the Guilin night view from multiple angles. There are also amazing performances for you to enjoy.
Impression Sanjie Liu (Evening Showtime)
11,068 Reviews
"Impression: Sanjie Liu" is one of the large-scale live performances of the "Impression Series" jointly produced by famous directors Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. The performance venue is located at the intersection of Yangshuo River and Tianjiahe River. Opposite the river is the Shutong Mountain. The stage is the two-kilometer-long waters of the Lancang River. The background is the twelve peaks. It is very atmospheric and one of the very few large-scale landscape theaters. The performance is mainly based on the local customs and is absolutely exhilarating.
Xiangshan Scenic Area
14,623 Reviews
Geological Sites
Xiangshan Scenic Area is a park centered around "Elephant Trunk Hill" in Guilin. The shape of Elephant Trunk Hill is very similar to that of an elephant drinking water, so it is called Elephant Trunk Hill. In addition to Elephant Trunk Hill, there are also other attractions that you can walk around and enjoy, such as Shuiyue Cave, Love Island, Puxian Pagoda, and Sanhua Wine Cellar, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

Guilin Tours & Tickets

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Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo Day Tour
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“Impression Sanjie Liu” Natural Landscape Show
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Yangshuo Yulong River Rafting
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Ticket for Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise
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Trip Moments

On the side of the road, I found a van and drove to the Lijiang River, just to see the most essential part of the Lijiang River. but! ! ! As a perennial walk in the Quartet, I have seen countless pits and abductions, see the baby of the move! Actually, I dont want to be in the tourist attraction of Greater China! ! ! Its still hard to be fooled! ! ! My heart is cold. I came to the Lijiang River in this elite section. I wanted to buy a ticket to see the 20-dollar background map. Although it has been smashed by the big photographers, it is good that he also went to the RMB, right? Then prove that it is really really beautiful, right? But, get off the bus all the way to find tickets, there are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many oxen to pull you, say take you to sit Bamboo raft, take you to see the most elite section of the Lijiang River. I want to buy a ticket or a big ship. Its better to experience the unique sights here. Isnt it VIP enjoyment? ? However, the nightmare begins here.
First of all, take us by boat and cross the river, saying that the bamboo poles are parked at the other end. OK, I honestly crossed the river. After I finished the river, I found that I didn't see the bamboo poles. This is the old aunt who started picking up the phone and started to call. The idea is to pick us up. I was wondering at the time, thinking that there would be a car connection. After waiting for almost ten minutes, the car came stunned and it was the open-top tricycle! ! it is good! ! If you don't talk about getting on the bus, you will continue to determine whether there will be nine scenic spots along the way. Is there not a lot of attractions? The answer given by Auntie is certain and certain. Never imagined! !
This section of the aunt said very close, but the result went a long way, when sitting in the car, we found that we are still lucky, at least. . . We also have open-top tricycles, and those who are walking with their shoes are always in a good sense of superiority. It is the right choice not to mention the money early!
Well, I finally saw our bamboo poles, I thought about it, then let's go, who told us to enjoy the VIP treatment. But what I didn't expect was that it was only the beginning of a nightmare. It was not the waterway that looked at the 20-yuan background. It was completely another waterway. root! this! Look! Do not! To! Separate! wall! of! 20! yuan! Back! view! Figure! ! Oh, mygod!
Ask the master of the boat to get a 20 yuan background map, the master is very calm to answer the side of the mountain, I said not to say good to see those attractions? "Yeah, right on the side of the mountain, you see it." What the logic of the ghost. . .
After going through the pit, the mood of playing is not there at all. The boat that has been said to have been at least half an hour has become a 20-minute hurried end, that is, a section of the river is running down, stopping to let you I took a few photos and returned. . .
also encountered an old man who refused to take pictures without giving money. . . Hey. . .
So everyone still chooses a regular cruise, go to the regular ticket office to buy a regular ticket, don't follow others for the convenience of the map, and the last money and time are gone. . . .
Posted: Dec 1, 2018
I have traveled to more than 20 countries. It is time to visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and chat with foreigners. The Chinese destinations they want most come from, one is the Great Wall and the other is Guilin. Then go to Guilin, a Chinese town that is very hot in foreign countries.
I just wanted to return in Yangshuo for 3 days. When I was doing the Raiders, I found that the Longji terraces are quite beautiful. Then I went to the Longji for 2 days, for a total of 6 days and 5 nights.
Day1 Guilin Liangjiang Airport-Longji Rice Terrace
Go Longji is to look at the terraced fields. Longji is in Longsheng County. After arriving at the airport, you can directly book the pick-up in advance to the Longji Ropeway parking lot, then change the car to go. Hotel.
Hotel: Longji Terraced Qumei Original Ecology
Hotel balcony facing the terraced field, the room type must choose the row facing the terraced field. The hotels in
almost all have their own restaurants, which are eaten at the hotel every day because of the terrain restrictions.
Recommended dishes: fried wild vegetables, fried dried fish, bamboo rice

Day2 Jinkeng Dazhai terraced hiking
lived Qumo original ecological hotel in Jinkeng scenic area, distance from No. 2 view The viewing platform is very close. It is good to visit the terraces along the signpost sightseeing roads. Be sure to pay attention to safety.

Day3 Yangshuo
Traffic: Longji to Yangshuo, bus 4h, the ticket is requested by the hotel owner.
Hotel: Yangshuo official residence
official residence in Yangshuo Old County, close to Yulong River Scenic Area, is a traditional Chinese mansion of the former Yangshuo County Order, with more than 200 years of history.
The official beer fish must be the point! Sleek and tender!

Day4 encounter Longhe-Shili Gallery Ride
Traffic: Cycling tour
From the old county official residence, you have been riding to Yulong River, and then the trail has been riding to Shili Gallery for 10km.

Day5 --in the afternoon change hotel
Fuli Bridge: 600 years old stone bridge, the bridge is very old without fence, cross the bridge to pay attention to safety!
Penny rafting: The fare is 255 yuan, and the drifting time is 90 minutes.
Rafting route: Jinlongqiao Wharf floats to the old county terminal.

Hotel: Alila Sugar House
Yangshuo Old Sugar Factory Renovation, reform and opening up.
Pool: Ruins design sense, facing the landscape of the Lijiang River, the landscape is invincible.

Day6 half-day tour - return to Shanghai
about the sugar house will be specially written in detail.

More attractions and hotel introductions, follow my notes, have questions, welcome message~
Posted: Oct 11, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave), Duxiu Peak Palace Destination, Yulong River Rafting, Yinziyan, Seven Star Park.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Guilin: Luan Le Fen Ku Guilin Rice Noodles, Tang Jia Mi Fen (Wen Ming Road), Macao Restaurant( Bei Zhan ), Jin Long Zhai Gui Ren Ju, Chong Shan MiFen (Yi Ren Road).
Here are the best places to visit in Guilin, including: West Street, Longji Rice Terrace, Ludi Cave (Reed Flute Cave), Duxiu Peak Palace Destination, Shiwai Taoyuan.