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Trip Moments

Li River

is a lot of mountains and rivers. Although every place in Yangshuo is a beautiful scenery
, this place seems to be more worthy of people to stay here. It is the section of the Qianjiang section on the edge of Xingping Ancient Town
Viewing place of 20 yuan pattern background
I chose to sit on the pier from the pier of Xingping Ancient Town directly on the edge of the bamboo porch of the Lijiang River
from the pier of Xingping's pier to the time of the nine horses painting the bamboo porch About 50 minutes
the distance between the two places is relatively far. So the bamboo rafts on the Lancang River are generally dominated by electric
, which belongs to the Xijiang River system in the Pearl River basin. It is the general term for the tributary of the upper reaches of the Guijiang River. Located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
The traditional starting point of the Minjiang River is the Maoer Mountain in Yuechengling, the source of the Guijiang River. The
modern hydrology is defined as the Lingqukou of the Rongjiang Town of Xing'an County, and the end point is the Pingjiang Sanjiangkou. The upper reaches of the Minjiang River is the Dajiang River, and the downstream section is the traditional name of Guijiang. The
Lingqu River estuary is the boundary point between the Dajiang River section and the Minjiang River section of the Guijiang River. The Zhangpu River and the Gongcheng River Estuary are the boundary points between the Minjiang River and the Guijiang Section.
If the outdoor mountain view is the most beautiful outside of Yangshuo
then the cave inside the mountain is the inner beauty of Yangshuo
after hundreds of thousands of years of natural carving has this kind of inner art
When I got off the airport, I saw the propaganda of Yinziyan saying: "You have a silver rock, you don't have money in your life."
Whether it's a slogan or something else, it's worth a visit here

[Ice Southland]
Use different colors of light, each rock has different effects
Endless blue is ice and snow South country seems to fall into the cold and deep palace
different colors make the cave creative Infinity
Yinziyan is a layered cave that has been developed for about 2 km
including three parts from the bottom, the hall, and the upper hole. From the bottom to the top of the rock, the height of the building is about 16 floors
it is collected. Various types of stalactites

[music stone screens]
developed from different geological ages are composed of many different types of stone sarcophagi and stone tablets with different depths and thicknesses.
is the most complete development in Guangxi. A group of stone screens,
even more is that when you tap it, it will play the ethereal man Xianle, it is called "Music Stone Screen"

[Single Column Optimus]
column in the minister out of many branches, twists and turns and straight and magnificent, and one
people can not Inadvertently admire the wonders of nature.

If there are not many people, you can go shopping in about 30 minutes. If the crowd is intensive, you need to spend 1.5-2 hours
dozens of scenic spots in Yinzi Cave. The most famous landscape is
three. Absolutely: Snow Mountain Waterfall, Music Stone Screen, Yaochi Wonderland;
Three Treasures: Buddha Scriptures, Mixed Pearls Umbrellas, and Single Columns.
The magical work of nature is displayed here to the fullest, so it is known as "the wonder of the world cave."
At the same time, Yinziyan World Tourism Resort Scenic Area integrates natural and human landscapes;
before there are vast fields, handsome Xiaoqingshan and Chaozhai Mountains rise and rise, making people linger;
Song Dynasty The legendary story of Yinghao Yang Wenguang and the anti-French hero Chen Jia adds a lot of humanistic colors to the scenic spot.