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Trip Moments

Xiangshan Scenic Area
Guilin's landscape is the best in the world. Guilin has always been an ideal destination for many people. What other pits are there in Guilin?
Travel group don't want to report, many people now know the low-cost tour group pit, but in fact, the so-called high-quality tour group will have pits, but it is more hidden, take you to a minority village to visit, disguise you Buying quality is nothing but gold and silver. It is stipulated that you can't go to the shopping spot, the tour guide will sell it in the car, and then get the goods at the shopping point.

Come to Guilin, the rafting of the Lijiang River or the drifting of the Yulong River must be experienced, but the cost and time must be confirmed before the experience. The drifting time is often much shorter than the specified time. I will encounter Over

Xiangshan, this attraction should be the most representative of Guilin, and the illustrations on our primary school textbooks are here. But this attraction is not worth going, it is far from seeing this Elephant Trunk Hill, there is nothing else, it will be finished in 10 minutes, and the ticket will be 50+, the price is too low.

How does Guilin play?

Longji terraces, it is accurate to say that it is not in Guilin, but many tourists coming to Guilin will come here. Terraces are everywhere, and large-scale concentration like the Longji terraces is rare. The best season for the Longji is the spring irrigation every year and the annual harvest in the mountains. Live on the mountain farm for a day or two, eat the characteristic bamboo rice, watch the sunrise and sunset, too pleasant

ride Shili Gallery, Shili Gallery is the essence of Yangshuo's landscape. It is a good experience to find a sunny afternoon and ride in this beautiful landscape. Many foreigners like to do so.

What does Guilin eat?
rice powder, come to Guilin must eat food, it is recommended to find a small restaurant in the street, good quality and authentic.

Beer fish, you will find beer fish everywhere in the West Street, beer fish recommended the two most popular, that is, the restaurant that won the gold award, the taste is good, the price is OK, Lijiang Shrimp is also very good.
Bamboo rice and bacon, come to the Longji terraces must eat, bamboo rice is made on the spot, fresh ingredients, the entrance is fragrant.
It is known as a commercial attraction in China. It has been favored by foreign tourists for 20 years. Tourists from all over the world have surrounded the entire West Street for photographing, shopping and eating. Some people may say that commercial taste is too heavy, but as long as culture The scenery is well protected. Are they not more glamorous? West Street, day and night are two styles, smoke and rain and sunny days are two kinds of character; close to the Li River, you can walk on the river embankment, you can also kneel on the street alone. There is a shoulder in the night, and there is a quiet and elegant morning. Some people say that when you go to Guangxi, you must go to Yangshuo. How beautiful is Yangshuo? How big is the cost? How to play Yangshuo? Is Yangshuo delicious as much as it is said online? Let me take you to Yangshuo West Street at night. Yangshuo West Street is crowded with people every day. If you don't go deep into this street, you will only think it is cheesy. On the ancient street, there is a bar, coffee house, small inn, crafts shop, some foreigners, some artists, some rock climbers, and some tourists who get drunk every day. Yangshuo is the first foreigner street in China, the largest foreign language corner, a veritable global village, stone road, Guibei residential, bars, restaurants, hotels, folk artists, tourist souvenirs, rock climbing bars, tourists of different colors... "West Street "It's all right. If you go shopping and shopping, you won't say that prices are high." The western-style booths on the street are all traditional ornaments of the Chinese nation: the cloth dyeing of the Jingtai blue totem, the artificially embroidered purse, the lanyard, the Chinese knot of different styles and the safety of the blessing.