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Yinziyan, a typical karst landform, is recommended to visit with Shili Gallery. It is best to ride a battery car and the scenery along the way is very good. Yinziyan has actually belonged to Zhangpu County next to Yangshuo County, and Shili Gallery is on a road. If you drive from Shili Gallery, it will take about half an hour. The road is an idyllic scenery. Today's weather is very good, driving open. The battery car, the breeze and the noodles, feels at ease, and the mood is as bright as the sun.
Yinziyan is a karst cave landscape. It is also a karst landform. The stalactites that have developed and grown for a long time are said to be crystal clear and sparkling, so it is called silver rock. The scenic spot is very large. It is said that it runs through twelve peaks. We dont feel anything underneath, but it is really big. I remember that it is the process of going down the stairs and going down the stairs. The internal road is like a labyrinth. It should be said. It is such a large space hidden in the ground like an ant cave.
Entering the scenic spot, an electronic browser will be issued at the entrance. This is still very useful. The guide will automatically recognize it and automatically play the voice after going to a place. The cave landscape is mainly based on imagination, combined with the art of lighting, to create a different landscape environment. This is a stalactite that is connected twice. It is like Optimus Prime. It is magical. Sometimes nature is magical. These unexpected things are ridiculous, but they are so real.
Overlapping mountains, countless villages, and endless rice fields, these mountains are like some drunken old men, one by one, sleeping for a few years, never dreaming of awakening them. In this environment, every place is laughter and laughter. Every place is full of sunshine. When there is no fog, there are thousands of mountains and ones. When there is fog, the clouds are misty, mountains and mountains, water and water... Guilin Lipu Yinziyan Tourist Scenic Spot is located on the east side of the Guizhou-Guizhou Highway in Maling Town, Zhangpu County, Guilin City. It is also the largest cave in Guilin. There is a saying that "you traveled to Yinziyan, and there is no shortage of money in the world." The Yinziyan, which runs through 12 mountain peaks, has been developed for 2,000 meters. It is divided into three parts: the lower part, the hall and the upper part. There are 28 beautiful and beautiful spots in the cave. The unique natural landscape is awesome, colorful and vivid. The different stalactite stone pillars, stone towers, stone plaques and stone waterfalls constitute the wonders of the world's karst art, and have been hailed as "the world's cave wonders". There are three unique treasures in Yinziyan. The three are the Xueshan Waterfall, the Musical Stone Screen and the Yaochi Wonderland. The music stone screen is composed of many different layers of stone and stone. It is the most complete development in Guangxi. The group of stone screens, even more so when it is tapped, it will play the ethereal and graceful music, so it is called "music stone screen"!