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Longji Rice Terrace

4.5/52,642 Reviews
Terraced Field
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About Longji Rice Terrace

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are a large-scale terraced group in Guilin. The multiple tiers and curve lines are visually very impressive. The villages are inhabited by several ethnic minorities. There are ethnic minorities such as the Zhuang and the Yao. When you visit the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, the main thing to do is go on foot and take photos. You can also take photos of the local farmhouse and experience the ethnic customs. In addition, sunrise at Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces is very beautiful and well worth seeing.

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  • _CFT01****6748217

    Travel agency's one-day tour is only 160. It's really cheap, but it's too busy. I really don't recommend this. It's better to go back by oneself! _______ The ticket from Guilin to Dazhai is 50 for the new Hyatt. It seems that it's 15 or 20 for the North station. Taobao flying pigs 45, Longji tickets 95, no off-season 50 percent off, I am a direct return to the pig on the return ticket, so the ticket is 85. I stayed on the hill for two nights with my child. When the return ticket was booked, I left a message for you. The child was only about 1 metre long, and did not buy tickets. My wife had to use the suitcase, so the driver in Longji scenic area reminded me how to go up the mountain, immediately contacted the booked Inn owner, here to praise the owner, and the landlady borrowed the pickup next door, took us up the mountain, confiscated the fee! The bus goes up to the end of the road and gets off at the inn. Dazhai parking lot carpooling 35, chartered within 6 people is 150. There are also grandmothers waiting in line to ask if you need to carry your luggage up the hill. It seems that 50, I went down the hill and spent 60, 24 inches of large boxes, very heavy, Grandma read the 60 after the report, and I did not bargain. Dazhai seems to have the largest number of people living in Panoramic Building. It's better to have backpacks and take less than 20 minutes to walk. It's good to see the sunrise or clouds in the morning without the sun, but it's far away from other places too high. Of course, it's good to live here without children, but it's a little expensive. It's higher than No. 1 viewing platform. Sightseeing Tower No. 1 is next to the viewing tower. It is estimated that living here will also be very convenient to open the window and take pictures! __________ It's best not to bring children here. My little girl No. 2 and No. 3 viewing platform didn't go. Fortunately, she finally walked down the hill by herself. It was also great! Personally, the best route for two days and one night is enough if you don't have a backpack and a suitcase. It takes about 3 hours from Guilin to Dazhai. If the bus wants to pick up people at West and North Stations, it will take another half an hour. Get off at Dazhai and buy ropeway tickets directly. Go to No. 3 viewing platform. One way, 60 rounds and 110 rounds. Just one way! If you ask the travel agency and the tour guide on the internet, they will report 120! Sit on the No. 3 viewing platform and take pictures of the scenery! ___________ The weather is fine. You can wait until 6 o'clock to watch the sunset. You must go down to Tiantouzhai before 6:30. It's close to No. 1 viewing platform, only 10 minutes. Easy to see sunrise or clouds in the morning of the second day. Walk fast, you should be able to get to Tiantouzhai this side of the viewing platform in an hour! __________ I walked for five hours a day. It took me an hour and ten minutes to return from No. 3 to Tiantouzhai. There was no luggage on my back, only a small bag. On the way, we should pay attention to the signs. When we see people, we'd better ask them, avoid making mistakes, and never believe in navigation. In the off-season, I went to choose one without booking. I just went, off-season, the whole Inn in addition to the owner's family, on my home Baochang! __________ Of course, if you are going to live in Panorama House, you'd better make a reservation in advance, because the scenery of his home is good, but expensive and inexpensive mountain view houses do not necessarily have vacancies online in advance. After the sunrise in the morning, you can go to No. 2 viewing platform. This section of the road lasts for 4 or 50 minutes. After that, you can check out and go down the hill, or check out directly from No. 1 viewing platform to No. 2 viewing platform, and then go down the hill directly. This route is a small one. Three viewing stations are also seen, and only one night's stay is needed, and the cost is low. It's very quiet here. It's not so noisy! It's worth coming!

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    Reviewed on 1505144471000
  • 月之舞舞之月

    Longji Terrace - "The most famous village of Longji Terrace is Ping'an and Jinkeng (Dazhai Village). One small, one big, one near and one far, one less and one more. Both villages can accommodate, but there are ropeways in Jinkeng, so there are large groups of tourists pouring in one after another, squeezing Jinkeng into the water. I always feel that there are more tourists in Jinkeng than in paddy fields, alas. Maybe it is because we arrived at Ping'an Village in the evening, fading the tide of tourists like weaving, and here is more a quiet and comfortable place. We stayed at the village view hotel in the mid-mountain area, which had just opened. Located in the middle of the mountain, the hotel pushes open the windows of the rooms, with layers of buildings of all kinds and dense green terraces underneath. The essence of the Longji Terrace can be seen. In the morning, a sunrise winding in the terrace path. Slowly climbing to the top of Ping An Zhai, the scenery along the way is everywhere, causing us to stop and stop. It was not until three poles in the sun that we wandered up the hilltop in a leisurely way. In this vast terrace world, the smallest terrace can only be planted with three seedlings, which is really "a frog jumps three fields", "a bed of cocktail covers the field". In the Longji Terrace, we deeply feel the infinite power of human beings. The ancestors here have worked hard for generations, and with the accumulation of generations after generations, they have achieved today's glorious Longji terraces. Here, there are some wonderful things that can not be missed.

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    Reviewed on 1534086457000
  • 无疆行

    Longji terrace is one of the most famous scenic spots in Guilin. Longji Terrace Scenic Area is very large. The most famous terrace is Ping'an Terrace and Jinkeng Terrace. There are many tourists in Ping'an Terrace. The hillside is not high. It can reach the top of the mountain in half an hour, overlooking the whole Ping'an Terrace, which is very spectacular. There are not many tourists in Jinkeng terraces, and the team usually does not come here, but the terraces here are more shocking, and the mountain roads are also rugged. It is better to stay here for one night to see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset.

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    Reviewed on 1484310710000
  • 兆雄

    1. My cousin Jingchang and I have been busy for decades since we grew up, but our friendship has not diminished. The first time I traveled with him was to take the high-speed railway to Guilin, Guangxi, to visit Longsheng Longji terraces (20-23 April last year). Touring this world-famous Dragon Ridge Terrace really opened my eyes, and I had a lot of harvest and happiness. 2. The original ecology of Longji terrace is located in Longsheng Autonomous County of Guilin City, Guangxi. The Autonomous County covers a total area of 2,538 square kilometers and is composed of mountains. It is called "Jiushan half-water half-mu" with a population of 170,000. Since ancient times, Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Han nationalities have lived together in Longsheng. 3. Longji terraced field (planting rice) was built in Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,000 years. Longji terraced rice is made every year, sown in June and harvested in October. The quality of rice is excellent and the rice has a special flavor. Longji Terrace is located in the high mountains of 1916 meters above sea level. The highest terrace is 1180 meters above sea level and the lowest is 380 meters. The total area of Longji Terrace in Guilin (Longsheng) is 70.1 square kilometers. 4. There are more than 10 scenic spots such as Jinkeng Terrace in Longji Terrace. Achang and I are enjoying this trip at the moment. The main attractions of Longsheng Longji Terrace Tour are - "Golden Buddha Top on Guilin (Jinkeng) Cableway Caravan (Hanger). Slowly on the way, a bird's-eye view of the ten-mile terrace gallery is beautiful. Up to the top of the Golden Buddha, overlooking the Zhuangjin pit terrace and the Jinkeng Dazhai (the classic Chinese landscape village), you can't help praising the Longji terrace, which is called "the best in the world" and is worthy of the name. 5. After visiting Longji Terrace, there are three scenic spots worth visiting - "One is Longji Street (Heping Village) in Longji Town. Longji Street was developed from eight Panyao families in the early Northern Song Dynasty. The buildings on both sides of the street have the flavor of ancient villages. Among them, the Wind-Rain Bridge and the Tower are different in architectural art. (Photo 1) The second is to visit Baimian Yao Village. Not only saw the Yao women's long black hair over 2 meters long, but also saw their different songs and dances. I also participated in a singing and dancing (performance) with their interaction link, very happy. (See 2 photos) The third is the Datangwan National Customs Park. There are many wonderful performances of Dong nationality singing and dancing in the park. Among them, there are interactive performances between audiences and actors. I was also invited to the stage, dressed in their clothes, and participated in the "Farmhouse Music" performance. Everyone had a good time. (See 2 photos)

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    Reviewed on 1531207906000
  • M41****302

    My understanding of Longji Terrace is that the combination of artificial landscaping and natural ghost-axe artifice is the most perfect. The bus ride from Guilin to Longsheng is winding and the scenery is becoming more and more beautiful. For a person who has never seen much of the world, it seems that he can't help but want to send out " wow. wow. Look here. Look there." This seems to be really isolated from the world. In fact, many wooden houses are built on the top or half of the hill, and can only be reached on foot. Some even have to walk for more than an hour. For many elderly local people, there is nothing special. They seldom go out of the hill and live a self-sufficient life. Nowadays, it seems that it is a bit too commercial and tourist. Many inns are full of literary and artistic models. The various labels are colorful and pasted on the walls. They are like the legendary bar street - - |, steel and cement with a layer of wood and a strong smell of brown oil, which is a bit modern. But it's enough to have such beautiful terraces, coupled with the characteristic Ancient Hanging Tower Village.

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    Reviewed on 1469655220000
  • _WeCh****69692

    I went to Longji Terrace by myself. Yangshuo departed at 10 a.m. and was stuck in traffic at noon. It was a tire burst at the high speed. Fortunately, everything was fine. Around two o'clock in the afternoon, I went to the ticket office of the scenic spot, bought the tickets, and had lunch nearby. Sugar and sour ribs made by local people are highly recommended. They are delicious. There are wild leek scrambled eggs, very good meal, very like. After dinner, we set out to go up the hill at 2:30. The mountain road there is really nine and eighteen bends. The turning is very sharp, and often the uphill and downhill turn together. Because I am a female driver and drive a low-chassis Civic, so I am very careful, whenever I turn, I will honk my horn and drive slowly. Sometimes I meet with a tourist bus. The road is really narrow. It was almost an hour's drive and finally arrived at the big parking lot. Then call the hostess, find a place to live, and look at the time. It's 4:30 p.m. Then he rested for half an hour and began to see the terraces at five o'clock in the afternoon. My hotel is called Zhuangjialou, which is very close to the terraced fields with seven stars and the moon. It climbed up in about 10 minutes. There are also many places where people rent ethnic costumes to take photos. After watching the seven stars accompanying the month, I went to the five dragons and five tigers, and by the way, I visited the environment of Ping'an Village. Ping'anzhai is a well-commercialized village in Longji Terrace Scenic Area. It lives in bars and cafes with everything it eats and buys. In the evening, there was no street lamp in the mountain. By mistake, I found a place for supper and ate snails. They were very delicious and inexpensive. Fifty pieces had as many washbasins as one. I asked my boss if he had any bayberry wine. Instead of selling me a whole bottle, he filled me a small glass and charged me only 5 yuan when he paid. As the next day to rush home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, so I left in a hurry, in fact, there are Jinkeng terraces did not go, Yao Zhai did not go, a little regrettable. The ticket of 95 yuan is not really expensive. There are too many things in it. In addition to the magnificent terraces, I enjoy the simple folk custom and the antique living environment there more. It is really a baptism of the soul.

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    Reviewed on 1507395599000
  • dangdang

    Very magnificent! During the Dragon Boat Festival, the water was just put out, and the rice seedlings had not been transplanted. Under the sun, the terraces looked like mirrors. They were very beautiful. After more than a thousand years of planning and construction, the whole terrace has gradually formed its present scale, and we have to lament the greatness of human beings! __________ It is not easy for the Zhuang and Yao nationalities to live in harmony without disputes. We are a one-day trip to Guilin. From Guilin to Longji 70 kilometers, to the actual scenic spot more than 90 kilometers, a national road, too many buses, not very good to open, the real gate to the scenic spot takes two hours, buy tickets to open 4, 50 minutes to the corresponding scenic spots. We hired a tour guide at the Visitor Center, 100, which is more responsible. For those of us who come here for the first time on a one-day tour, a tour guide can save a lot of time. The management of scenic spots is good. The tour guide can't buy tickets, and there is no recommendation for shopping all the way. The meal is at our will, and there is no recommendation on our own initiative. We went to Jinfoding and Heping'an Dazhai. They all drove up. They were all 10 yuan parking fee. They saved a lot of energy and directly observed the scenery. Unfortunately, the time is too short to play in the village. In fact, the scenery on the way to the village is also very good. The roadside is a mountain stream. I especially want to go down and play with water. But without time, I drank the mountain spring, which is sweet and clear. Personally, I still feel that I should find a place to stay overnight and experience the original life of the local ecology.

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    Reviewed on 1466718980000
  • 139****7200

    Longji Terrace Scenic Area is divided into three stockades. Each stockade has its own characteristics. The three stockades are: Guzhuang stockade terrace, Ping'an stockade terrace, Jinkeng stockade terrace, Guzhuang stockade terrace was developed the latest, and still maintained a relatively primitive national style. The scenery of terrace is less beautiful than other stockades, but if you want to feel tranquil and primitive national customs, Guzhuang stockade is. A good choice: Ping'an Zhai Terrace, which is the earliest terrace developed in Longji Terrace Scenic Area, has many hotels and inns, businessmen, strong business atmosphere, and terrace scenery is better than that of Guzhuang Zhai. The last one is Jinkeng Dazhai Terrace, where the terrace is the most spectacular and beautiful terrace in Longji Terrace, and the commercial atmosphere is in the middle of the three villages.

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    Reviewed on 1439078243000
  • 139****0306

    Longji is worth going. It takes us two hours to go by charter. After changing tickets at the entrance of the scenic spot, we have to drive half an hour on the mountain road. We live on the hillside, not far from the seven stars accompanying the moon and the five tigers viewing platform in Kowloon. It's very comfortable in the mountains. In August, we have to cover the quilt. Without air conditioning, it's super comfortable. Many tour groups are one-day tours, have time or stay for one night, the inn is not expensive, the food is good, the folkway is very simple, will not kill customers, the village road is all-rounded, which can go back, ask the way is also enthusiastic. Summer is full of green eyes. There are many fireflies from late July to early August. Golden terraces before National Day, I want to go again, breathe fresh air, eat super delicious bamboo chicken and bamboo rice.

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    Reviewed on 1440411071000
  • 青春

    Especially beautiful two days ago, it was really a paradise. Unfortunately, the time was too tight to stay one night. I would like to see the sunrise, sunset, and the end of September and the beginning of October. I must stay for a few more days to feel the Longji harvested in the golden autumn. So many places I really feel that I want to live in it. Really beautiful bridges, flowing water people, cook in the sunset, smoke curling all the beautiful words. It's too beautiful to describe. It's important to choose the right season and not the right scenery.

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    Reviewed on 1474033203000
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