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About Guiyang

Guiyang is a famous city for escaping the summer heat, as it is a city of forests. The city's mountains and water combine to make up a magnificent landscape. The climate here is also very suitable for living. Summers are cool but winters are not too cold. If you want to travel and play in the downtown area, you can visit the landmark local Jiaxiu Building or Zhucheng Plaza. You can also climb up the mountain at Qianling Mountain Park and pray for good fortune at Hongfu Temple. Many tourists and travelers go to the Huaxi District in the outer suburbs. Principal cinematography on the classic Chinese movie "The Missing Gun" took place at Qingyan Ancient Town and Huaxi National Wetlands Park. Guiyang's cuisine is also not to be missed. Food from Guizhou is characteristically known for being sour and spicy. The abundant variety of snacks and many bustling night markets have a distinctly unique charm.

Popular Attractions in Guiyang

Qingyan Ancient Town
4,665 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Qingyan Historic Town is located in Huaxi District, the southern suburb of Guiyang City. Together with Zhenyuan, Bingan and Longli, they are known as the four ancient towns of Guizhou. The historic town was built in the Ming Dynasty. It was once a military fortress. The town has preserved a large number of ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is also the shooting location for the movie "The Missing Gun". You can take a walk on the Qingshiban Road in Qingyan Historic Town, look at the exquisite ancient architecture, and taste snacks such as the braised pork feet during your leisurely holiday.
Qianling Mountain Park
3,932 Reviews
City Park
Qianling Mountain is a famous park in Guiyang. You can go hiking in the park and visit the zoo. If you like climbing, there is a temple on the top of the hill that was built in the Qing Dynasty. It is said that the praying in the temple will make your wishes come true. Hiking up a mountain road after passing by the Hongfu Temple, you can see a building called Xiangwangling Pavilion. You can overlook the entire city at the pavilion, which is a good photography shooting point.
1,955 Reviews
Tianhetan Lake is located in the southwestern suburbs of Guiyang. Visitors here can see amazing karst caves and calcareous waterfalls. This is exemplary of Guizhou's scenic mountains. There are multiple cascading waterfalls in the area, one of which is 210-meters wide. Among waterfalls in China, it is rare to find one of such width. The caves and tunnels in the area are both dry and wet. Dry tunnels can be explored on foot while wet tunnels require a boat tour. Perched on the bow of a narrow boat as it slowly winds its way among the stalagmites, stalactites and other natural phenomena is an experience unlike any other. If you're looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping, the mountain ziplines are worth a try. It is also recommended to check out the local ethnic villages.
Guiyang Happy World
854 Reviews
Amusement Park
Guiyang Happy World is located in the northwest of the city. It was converted from the original Baiyun Park and is now an anime-themed amusement park. The park features many attractions, where you can experience thrilling rides such as roller coasters, as well as more relaxing rides like Ferris wheels. Hop on the 108-meter-high Ferris wheel to see the scenery, and then you can participate in family activities, 4D theater, and more!

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10 Must-Go Places to Have Fun in Guiyang
Explore Nature
Flora & Fauna
Landmark Buildings
10 Must-Go Places to Have Fun in Guiyang
TripBlog   Dec 17, 2019
Guiyang Holiday Village Recommendation List
Outdoor Recreation
Vacation Hotel
1. Guiyang Guanyinshan Resort Guanyinshan Resort is located in Baihua Lake in Guiyang, which benefits from the unique geographical advantages of Baihua Lake and the resort's greenery and rare plants construction development. The environment here very enjoyable. You can imagine how pleasant it is to sit by Baihua Lake, feeling the breeze and breathing the fresh air. The resort is not far from the city and can be reached in about half an hour by car. There are two parking lots. Visitors can dine, barbecue, book hotel rooms, and sail around the lake. There are wild chickens, wild fish in Baihua Lake and many wild vegetables, which are all natural and healthy cooking ingredients.
TripBlog   Nov 22, 2019

Guiyang Weather

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Aug 18, 2020

Trip Moments

Domestic small summer resort Guiyang on the 3rd to eat and drink Raiders Guiyang, with must-see attractions and must eat food guides ~ must travel to the small attractions recommended: Huanhuaxi Yelang Valley: is a spot that is not yet known to tourists, When you climb the heights, you can see that the perfect combination of nature's ingenuity and human wisdom has to be amazing. These primitive and quaint human landscapes and lush vegetation blend perfectly, and they are natural and immersive, giving people a feeling of returning to nature. : Like the Guizhou version of "small Europe." There are lakes and trees in the park. It is suitable for camping. In addition to some natural landscapes, you can also play karts, watch circus performances, recommend scenic spots in Switzerland, and have European fairy tale style buildings along the lake. Especially the small church can really shoot a lot. Good-looking photos oh~ : Entering the tribe there is a feeling of going back to history through a time-space tunnel. The villagers are welcoming us with arrays of weapons and guns. During the Three Kingdoms period, the vines and soldiers who fought bravely and foughtly defeated the army, and Zhuge Liang designed the fire to burn the 30,000-year-old squadron to become the Tengjia tribe. The tribe uses the cow as a totem, the head cow represents Geely and peace, and can also watch wonderful performances. : Come to Guiyang to visit the beautiful scenery, of course, the must-eat food, Guiyang's authentic food is of course sour soup! It is a unique food of the Miao nationality. The juice is fresh and the fish is tender and the ethnic flavor is the favorite of the people of Guizhou. Recommended restaurants: Lianghuan Village, Happy Forest Soup Fish Soup (Hongtong City Store) This is a superbly priced Guiyang tunnel Miao nationality soup fish shop, the ingredients are very fresh. Originally thought that sour soup fish is the kind of street food feeling, but this bright and happy forest sour soup fish gave me a new experience. The environment in the store is very clean and the kitchen is in the sight of the dining area. You can observe the dynamics of the kitchen at any time, so that guests can rest more comfortably and easily. Recommended dishes: : The signature dish of Lianghuanzhai is the earliest batch of pickled fish shop. The soup base is made of broth, very thick, especially the bottom of the red sour pot. This pot bottom is especially suitable for my taste with the fish or beef. The hot and sour taste, the smooth and smooth fish meat is imported, and there are almost no fish bones. It can be eaten by the elderly or children, or it is very recommended! : The head of the shrimp is quite large and fresh. The fried coke is tender and tender, and it is quite tasty. It is quite good for my taste. It is slightly better than the salt and pepper. Crisp whistle fried rice: The rice grains are distinct, very chewy, with a slightly spicy taste and special appetizer, especially with sour soup fish, it is so good to have a soup to eat a bite! : Based on the traditional roasted cold noodles, it combines the local characteristics of Guizhou, which not only caters to the tastes of local people, but also indirectly recommends local characteristics to foreigners. It is really the best of both worlds! Recommended baby to Guiyang must not miss! Personal reference: 63 yuan / person Address: Shahong North Road, Hongtong City, fourth floor
Posted: Aug 20, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Gaopo Miao Nationality Country, Hongfeng Lake, Qilin Cave, Hou'er Sinkhole Scenic Area, Xiaochehe City Wetland Park.
Here are the best places to visit in Guiyang, including: Nanjiang Canyon, Huaxi Park, Guiyang Happy World, Xifeng Hot Spring, Four Seasons-Polar Adventure Water World in Guizhou.
By train, there are many trains: Train information (click to view fare and other details) Departure station departure time arrival station arrival time distance (KM) Running time K159 times air conditioning fast (Chongqing-Kunming) Guiyang 00:25 Kunming 12:25 639 12 Hour 11 points K155 times air conditioning fast (Nanjing West-Kunming) Guiyang 07:12 Kunming 18:40 639 11 hours 39 minutes K109 air conditioning fast (Wuchang-Kunming) Guiyang 16:57 Kunming 06:01 639 13 hours 15 minutes 2079 times Air Conditioning Express (Guiyang-Kunming) Guiyang 19:30 Kunming 07:26 639 11 hours 56 minutes K79 air conditioning fast (Shanghai-Kunming) Guiyang 21:08 Kunming 09:00 639 12 hours 3 minutes K167 air conditioning fast (Chongqing - Kunming) Guiyang 22:38 Kunming 10:13 639 11 hours 45 minutes K337 times air conditioning fast (Zhengzhou - Kunming) Guiyang 23:10 Kunming 10:57 639 12 hours 6 minutes T61 air conditioning express (Beijing West - Kunming) Guiyang 23: 43 Kunming 10:44 639 11 hours 12 minutes The specific trains are subject to the announcement of the railway department!