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Things To Do in Haast

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112***81Travel from the glacier to Wanaka via Bruce Bay, a very famous Valentine's Bay. In addition to the pleasant scenery, Baishi Beach is also famous. The small white stones are full of various wonderful paintings.
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112***81The viewing platform can be said to be located in the best place. Looking at the vast Pacific Ocean is an invincible seascape. The water is so pure blue, not even polluted at all, and rich in layers.
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总爱自己折腾Thunder Creek Waterfall is located on the way to Haast. There are signs on the side of the road when crossing the snowy mountains. There are signs that translate into Thunder Waterfall. The scenery is beautiful along the way. I also saw a few waterfalls. I am a little tired of aesthetics. The trail is not difficult, by the way Look good.
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千山任我行This is a small creek between the lookout point of Knights Point and the town of Hast. By car, there is a trail to turn into from the Haast Highway, and there are hiking trails to walk to the beach. The coastal scenery is good, and you can stop and take a look after a self-driving tour.
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燃烧生命的小胖妞Wanaka, located in the Lake Wanaka District of South Island, New Zealand, offers a fascinating mix of exquisite life, family entertainment and adventure. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and fun shops, as well as sightseeing flights or skydiving. In addition, a willow tree in Wanaka has attracted many photographers because of its beautiful shape, and is known as "Lonely Willow Tree" by local photographer Chika Icefield. It is one of the most famous attractions in New Zealand.
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Observation Deck
112***81This viewing platform is located on the west coast of New Zealand's South Island, facing the equally vast Tasman Sea. The weather on the west coast is very changeable, and the waves are also strong. The turbulent white waves scoured and beat the rocks on the shore.

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Knights Point LookoutSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Monro BeachSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Fantail FallsSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Knights PointSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Haast BeachSouth Westland,New Zealand

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Haast Visitor CentreSouth Westland,New Zealand

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