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Things To Do in Haidong

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lmc2009Our great motherland is a multi-national country, each nation has its own unique cultural traditions and customs. The Tu nationality is a good song and dance nationality, mainly distributed in the Qinghai Province mutual help county area. Tu nationality style garden shows the Tu nationality song and dance and marriage custom culture to the tourists, worth the careful taste.
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M41***27I thought of playing in Naton Manor for a long time, but I heard that I didn’t go there. I passed by today and heard the flowers sing in it. For a flower lover, I didn’t hesitate to go in. I went in and sat a small Sister, I asked how much the tickets are. Miss sister said that I don’t want the tickets.
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滇国剑客In the province with the most salt lakes in the inland area, Mengda Tianchi is like the beautiful scenery of Taoism. With its unique style and light characteristics, it attracts many tourists and photographers for sightseeing and photography.
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滇国剑客The reason why Beishan National Forest Park has the title of national level is mainly because the forest coverage here has reached the standard of evaluation. Besides, the scenery composed of forest scenery here is not beautiful.
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Historical Site
关裕年guanyunianThe temple is a temple in the mountains. The introduction to the temple was first seen in a magazine. Since the temple was built in the Ming Dynasty, it is similar to the Imperial Palace in Beijing. When you see the temple, it is as accurate as the Imperial Palace in Beijing. It's like a smaller version of the Forbidden City in front of tourists.
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滇国剑客There is a White Horse Temple in Luoyang. It is unexpected that there is also a place called White Horse Temple in this place. Although the White Horse Temple here is not as famous as the White Horse Temple in Henan, the scenery in the scenic spot is still good.

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Lijiaxia ReservoirHaidong,China

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liu wan mu diHaidong,China

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Mengda Nature ReserveHaidong,China

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Hongshuiquan MosqueHaidong,China

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LeDuXian NongZhanGuanHaidong,China

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Minhexian Botanical GardenHaidong,China

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About Haidong

Haidong is a prefectural-level city in Qinghai Province. Haidong (“East of the Sea”) is named for its location to the east of Qinghai Lake. The tourism in Haidong City is characterized by a nature-friendly culture and cultural sites, in which folk and religious culture play an important role. Here you will find the Mengda Nature Reserve, a kingdom of lush vegetation nicknamed the Xishuangbanna of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. You will also find the “emerald of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,” the interactive Beishan (“North Mountain”) National Forest Park. There are also many archaeological sites of great research and archaeological value, including the prehistoric human remains of a natural calamity 4000 years ago at the Lajia site, and sites like the Liuwan Tombs, left behind by ancient peoples like the Majiayao and Xindian.

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Here are the best places to visit in Haidong, including: Huzhu Tu Nationality Native Land Park Scenic Area,Huzhu Beishan Zhalonggou Scenic Area,Huzhu Beishan National Geopark
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