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Religious Sites
Yaoquanshan Zhongling Temple

Yaoquanshan Zhongling TempleNearby City

4.8/515 Reviews
"Zhongling Temple is built in the crater of Yaoquan Mountain. Of course, this is a dormant volcano. It is probably the only one in the country~~ But there are 14 volcanoes in Wudalianchi. This is only one of them. It is located in the scenic area, so it is very convenient to go to this mountain. . Zhongling Temple was built in 1928. After the abbot at the time chose Mount Bliss, he was preaching and alms, and he recruited dozens of people to open up wasteland and cultivate land to build Zhongling Temple. A temple with a five-story hall was built, and more than one hundred bronze Buddha statues were transported from other places. A total of 207 bronze Buddha statues were cast locally and placed in the main hall. Among them is Sakyamuni. Buddha, Bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha, etc. In June 1931, Zhongling Temple was hit by a huge storm, and the Zhongling Temple was destroyed and then rebuilt. In the 1940s, Zhongling Temple had more than 20 resident monks, more than 80 traveling monks, and dozens of long-term and short-term workers who planted 200 mu of land. In 1943, the Japanese invading army snatched more than one hundred bronze statues from the temple and used them to make bullet shells to meet the needs of aggression. Zhongling Temple eventually declined due to man-made disasters. This temple is very prosperous, especially on the first day of the new year, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and the Dragon Boat Festival. The environment in the temple is very good on weekdays. There are wood-carved scripture murals in the promenade inside. Friends who have plenty of time can go around and listen to it here. They can be very calm and in a good mood. Because it is a temple, I didn't take more pictures. If you believe in Buddhism, please be civilized and respect the Buddha. Sincerity is not good, and it is important to care for the environment!"
Harbin Confucian Temple

Harbin Confucian TempleNearby City

4.4/5154 Reviews
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"Memorial Temple"
Harbin Top 4 in Important Religious Institution
8:30-16:30 (closed on Wednesday) (Local time)
"The Confucian Temple has been the temple of Chinese scholars since ancient times. Confucius is naturally the tallest monument in the minds of Chinese scholars. As a modern scholar, if he knows that there is a Confucian Temple nearby, he must pay his respects inside. This is the second visit to Harbin Confucian Temple. When I visited for the first time, the Harbin Confucian Temple left a deep impression on me. This Confucian Temple is very large in scale and has a very high organizational system. There are three courtyards in total, with rigorous layout, well-distributed and natural nature. When I first came, it happened to be winter, lined with white snow, red walls and yellow glazed tiles complemented each other, and the atmosphere of the Confucian Temple was particularly solemn. And this time it was summer, hidden among the green trees, and the Confucian Temple had another quiet atmosphere, which was especially suitable for studying quietly here. I will definitely visit again when I have the opportunity. Activities related to culture and reading in Harbin are mostly held here. The most important thing is probably the annual college entrance examination vows. Please Kong Shengren escort our modern scholars. The Confucian Temple is free to visit. You can get a ticket with your ID card. It is recommended that scholars who come to Harbin must not miss such a good place!" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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