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Yuehe Historic DistrictNearby City

Yuehe Historic District

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"There are many cities in the south of the Yangtze River, can find an old street in the center, a river, washed the old house base, flowing through the years, slate road. Yuehe Old Street is like this, it is in the most prosperous area of Jiaxing City, is the most complete, the largest scale, the most reflect the city of Jiangnan water townships living characteristics and cultural characteristics of one of the areas, by several roads. The old street was not long, and it was restored to the form of the south of the old middle road and the kitakkyo road in the Republic of China, and there were small shops selling specialty on both sides of the road. These stores sell real Jiaxing specialties, like oranges and wenhu sauce ducks, not ripe commercialization or some antique block of fried tofu, fried potatoes... in addition to the shops, there are several well-known restaurants of Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, not only tourists, More locals. Must visit: Jiaxing orange culture museum to orange as food representative of Jiaxing, in the old street orange culture museum can be free to visit, a round can be Jiaxing orange development history of the door son Qing, by the way to supplement the Chinese orange related knowledge. The exit is connected with the Wufang Xiang, which can taste the most authentic Jiaxing Xiangzi, except the Wufang Xiang, the founder of the other old name of the true old, also loved by the local people. Flower and birdfang from the back of the old street a small stone door into, winding paths, large dry. Flowers, birds, fish, insects, rabbits, dogs and other small animals. The flowers and small animals, make the old streets a little more vibrant. The existence of such a market justifies that the old street is not exactly for tourists in one dimension, and locals prefer to spend their weekends after a meal. The side of the bar street and the main street pass through a wider world, walk through a small arch bridge, star-covered bar present in front of the day, a sleepy peace, after the first light turned into a red wine and green world, red men and women dressed to start. After dinner, a stroll through the old moon river street in the middle of the night is very different from the heat of the day. Then in the late night, when adrenaline is most active, walk into the bar and officially start the night life. Food snack shops, pastry shops, sauce shops, dumplings are spread on both sides of the street, have to say, these shops not only taste good, the price is also fair, there is no scenic area in the self "superiority", can buy with confidence. The local Wenhu Sauce Duck and Hongda roast chicken are quite delicious, don't miss it, and roast wheat is also a must. There are several well-known old-fashioned restaurants in the old street. We chose one of them for dinner and were very satisfied. It is said that the other houses are quite good, and taste it slowly. On the night of the old street of the moon river, the heat gradually recedes, the wandering tourists gradually rise, the cool flowing water and the song serenade, is the city before bedtime beautiful."