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About Haixizhou

Haixi (海西) is in western Qinghai Province where Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, and Tibet meet. It is also an important gateway to Tibet. Haixi, meaning “west of Hai,” was named for its location west of Qinghai (青海) Lake. Well-known tourist attractions here include the source of the Yangtze River, the Kunlun (昆仑) Mountains, Tianjun (天峻) Mountain, and Dachaidan (大柴旦) Hot Springs.

Popular Attractions in Haixizhou

Chaka Salt Lake
6,390 Reviews
Chaka Salt Lake is located on the west side of Qinghai Lake in Chaka Town, Wulan County. It is approximately 80 kilometers from Heimahe Township on the coast of Qinghai Lake. Many travelers touring Qinghai Lake make a point of coming here. Salt has been harvested from Chaka Salt Lake for over 3000 years. The lake has a high salt content that naturally crystallizes to form a white layer over its surface that reflects the sky, clouds, and mountains on the opposite bank. Guests can even walk barefoot onto the lake's surface to view and photograph their own reflections.
Kunlun Mountain Pass
195 Reviews
Standing at Kunlun Mountain Pass, enjoy the beautiful landscape of East Kunlun and West Kunlun. Looking to the east, Yuxu Peak stands out from mountains amid the tranquil snowfield, creating the unique landscape of an ice world. There are some plum blossoms, pearlwort and other wild plants in plateau permafrost, rarely seen elsewhere.
Kelukehu Tourism Area
166 Reviews
Delhi, Haixi, Qinghai, China
Chaerhan Salt Lake
221 Reviews
Located in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, the inland Chaerhan Salt Lake is huge and well known across the world. Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs through the lake. The lands around the lake are flat, with boundless desert and exotic landscape. On a clear day, the vast mirror-like lake reflects shimmering silver lights with steaming. It is like a green ocean.

Haixizhou Weather

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Trip Moments

The world-class scenery "Emerald Lake" is actually hidden in Qinghai! The tea lake salt lake
400 km away is simply weak.

"Emerald Lake"
coordinates of the year of life series: China Qinghai Province
fascinating landscape hidden in the domestic wilderness: Emerald Lake,
also known as Shuicui Lake, Qingzang The plateau was once part of the ocean. After a long period of crustal movement, the ground was lifted into the largest plateau in the world. As a result, the seawater remained in some low-lying areas and formed many salt lakes and ponds. Emerald Lake is also one of them.
The color of the lake is not single, emerald green mint blue amber yellow milk white, the edge of the lake is the white milk white wall, God's perspective to see is simply emerald amber turquoise embedded in the earth.
These extreme views are simply inland small Maldives, China's Yellowstone Park, Chaka Salt Lake and Emerald Lake, it is weak, because there are also large pieces of "sky mirror", the water is very shallow salt Very hard, there is no problem at all,
Someone is taking pictures in the distance, saying that there is absolutely no need to go to Chaka Salt Lake to buy tickets to crowd the crowd.

No aerial photography before, no one can understand this "emerald" in the ridiculous ridiculous, until the development of the technology development aerial photography industry is exposed to our vision, so I want to take a panoramic view .

I asked you to plant grass!
plant grass, take a look at the following Raiders!
Remember to forward it to people who want to go with it,
I plan to go alone or first to collect it.

Tickets: no tickets
hidden wild spots hidden in Qinghai Province,
but should be developed or being developed,
because I have seen big shovel The car is gone.

Automobile or chartered,
or take the bus to Dachaidan Town,
then take the bus to Emerald Lake.
12 km from Dachaidan Town, estimated to be around 25 minutes,
695 km from Xining City, estimated to be about 8 hours,
554 km from Qinghai Lake, estimated to be around 6.5 hours,
away from tea The salt lake is 409 kilometers, which is expected to be 4.5 hours or so,
217 kilometers from Delingha City, which is expected to be about 2.5 hours.

Generally staying in Dachaidan Town,
but may not be able to book accommodation because of the small accommodation in the town,
If you can't book, you can only order Delingha City Its gone.

Author Yao Yao said:
Actually seeing this kind of superb view, the first reaction is not sharing, and confidentiality, because more peoples visit means being developed, destroyed, and other natures. The magical workmanship, putting more trash cans on the side of the road is the ultimate beauty of nature.
Promise me, if I saw this Emerald Lake from my post, and the friends who went there, dont take anything except the photo, dont leave anything except the footprints. There is no garbage bin in Emerald Lake now. There is no staff to pick up the garbage, so everything depends on conscious.

Please remember not to repeat the mistakes of Chaka Salt Lake,
clean up and clean up a dozen rubbish every day,
watching the city,
defending nature is the duty and duty of the traveler One,
I don't want to be many years later,
Our children and grandchildren complain that there is no room to explore,
so promise me,
protecting nature is to protect us human beings.
Posted: Nov 27, 2018
Posted: Nov 28, 2018
The new discovery of the northwest travel, the Nordic wind virgin forest tour

before going to the northwest by this place Amway, because I like the cabin and the original forest, like the feeling of Nordic. The public route generally does not choose this attraction. When we go, we also deliberately wandered around. It is very close to the Chaka Salt Lake. The one-hour drive is relatively high.

Harihatu Forest Park has 66 scenic spots, including 62 natural landscapes and 4 cultural landscapes. In the natural landscape, there are 24 geography landscapes, 7 hydrological landscapes, 22 plant landscapes, 2 animal landscapes, and 6 skyscapes.

Harihatu Forest Park is the highest-lying forest park in the arid region of Northwest China. The forest in the park is one of the best preserved natural forests in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

For the arid Qaidam Basin, the Gobi Desert is the norm. The exception is the river and lake grassland. The virgin forest like [Harihatu] can be described as miraculous! Hh/
The forest age in the park is 300-500 years, and there is an open trough on the top of the mountain for the deer to eat. There are also many wild animals, such as the eagle that often hovered over the top of the head, and more than 20 kinds of crickets, sand foxes, and white-lipped deer in the forest, but it is more difficult to encounter.

The temperature is a bit low, so remind everyone to do warm work, apply more sunscreen

This is suitable for light wedding dress, not suitable for big long Dragging, easy to walk and also more suitable, wearing a white skirt with a short veil is also a good choice. For the choice of lens, it is recommended that you try not to be tempted by wide-angle temptation to shoot the whole scene very large, you can use the medium telephoto to shoot people.

Suggested time: 2-3 hours

Tickets: Free

Address: Located in Tongpu Township, Wulan County, Qinghai Province, 5 km from National Highway 315 About 25 kilometers northeast of Wulan County, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, 318 kilometers away from Xining City, Qingxin Road (315 National Road) enters about 15 kilometers to the east.
Posted: Sep 11, 2019