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Trip Moments

Chaka Salt Lake
Emerald Lake
The world-class scenery "Emerald Lake" is actually hidden in Qinghai! The tea lake salt lake
400 km away is simply weak.

"Emerald Lake"
coordinates of the year of life series: China Qinghai Province
fascinating landscape hidden in the domestic wilderness: Emerald Lake,
also known as Shuicui Lake, Qingzang The plateau was once part of the ocean. After a long period of crustal movement, the ground was lifted into the largest plateau in the world. As a result, the seawater remained in some low-lying areas and formed many salt lakes and ponds. Emerald Lake is also one of them.
The color of the lake is not single, emerald green mint blue amber yellow milk white, the edge of the lake is the white milk white wall, God's perspective to see is simply emerald amber turquoise embedded in the earth.
These extreme views are simply inland small Maldives, China's Yellowstone Park, Chaka Salt Lake and Emerald Lake, it is weak, because there are also large pieces of "sky mirror", the water is very shallow salt Very hard, there is no problem at all,
Someone is taking pictures in the distance, saying that there is absolutely no need to go to Chaka Salt Lake to buy tickets to crowd the crowd.

No aerial photography before, no one can understand this "emerald" in the ridiculous ridiculous, until the development of the technology development aerial photography industry is exposed to our vision, so I want to take a panoramic view .

I asked you to plant grass!
plant grass, take a look at the following Raiders!
Remember to forward it to people who want to go with it,
I plan to go alone or first to collect it.

Tickets: no tickets
hidden wild spots hidden in Qinghai Province,
but should be developed or being developed,
because I have seen big shovel The car is gone.

Automobile or chartered,
or take the bus to Dachaidan Town,
then take the bus to Emerald Lake.
12 km from Dachaidan Town, estimated to be around 25 minutes,
695 km from Xining City, estimated to be about 8 hours,
554 km from Qinghai Lake, estimated to be around 6.5 hours,
away from tea The salt lake is 409 kilometers, which is expected to be 4.5 hours or so,
217 kilometers from Delingha City, which is expected to be about 2.5 hours.

Generally staying in Dachaidan Town,
but may not be able to book accommodation because of the small accommodation in the town,
If you can't book, you can only order Delingha City Its gone.

Author Yao Yao said:
Actually seeing this kind of superb view, the first reaction is not sharing, and confidentiality, because more peoples visit means being developed, destroyed, and other natures. The magical workmanship, putting more trash cans on the side of the road is the ultimate beauty of nature.
Promise me, if I saw this Emerald Lake from my post, and the friends who went there, dont take anything except the photo, dont leave anything except the footprints. There is no garbage bin in Emerald Lake now. There is no staff to pick up the garbage, so everything depends on conscious.

Please remember not to repeat the mistakes of Chaka Salt Lake,
clean up and clean up a dozen rubbish every day,
watching the city,
defending nature is the duty and duty of the traveler One,
I don't want to be many years later,
Our children and grandchildren complain that there is no room to explore,
so promise me,
protecting nature is to protect us human beings.
Chaka Salt Lake
Little Fairy Essentials | Tea Card Salt Lake Portrait Shooting Raiders
have been to so many places, Chaka Salt Lake is really the place where I still think that the portrait is the most immortal.
There are snow-like white colors, and there are indigo mountains, snow still on the mountains, and smart water and shadows at the foot.
But if you want to take a satisfactory photo in such a beautiful scenery or do your homework, let me share my shooting experience.

Choice of clothes: Avoid dark colors, try to choose a warm color system. In the big environment of the sky, the photos we want to get are light, and the warm clothes will give people a lighter The feeling of falling.
will bring items:
coat: No matter what photo you want to wear, you must remember to bring a thick coat, the weather of the tea card will never be guessed, windy When you blow, you have nowhere to hide! So be sure to bring a piece of clothing that is windy!
Sunscreen: Needless to say, the ultraviolet rays on the plateau are even more terrible than near the equator!
High tube shoe cover: The shoe cover for rent in the scenic area is not waterproof, and it must be worn barefoot, so it is recommended to buy the shoe cover in advance, you must buy the high tube, the kind to the knee, tea card The water level is still quite high.

Shooting skills:
1About the reflection: the effect is different in different weather conditions, the best in sunny and windless conditions, and in the case of sunny and windy Yes, it is not so perfect.
After going to the salt lake, you can look at people in the distance from different angles and look for the clearest angle of reflection. Because some angles are not reflected anyway, you must be good at observation.
Photographers need to be farther away from the subject to take a full look, so it is recommended to use a telephoto focal length.
2 In fact, in addition to the reflection of the tea card, shooting with its pure background is also beautiful enough!
3 What do you want to do when you want to shoot too many people in the big scene: Of course, you choose to post people to hahaha. When you shoot, just dont let the photographer and the passerby overlap, then its good to pass the passerby P, not With ps, it is recommended to use the repair function of snapseed, you can successfully pass P passers!
4 Like taking pictures at the beach, taking pictures at Chaka Salt Lake is easy to cut the horizon, so the photographer must be a little bit sloppy when composing the picture, and put the horizon below the shoulders. good looking.

Then about the problem of small train tickets in the scenic area, although it is really expensive to sell, I still recommend sitting on a small train, because walking on the salt crystals is really tired, leaving the physical strength to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Better~
Xiao Lian
Chaka Salt Lake
|How to take a photo of Ni Ni?

First day: departure from Xining-----Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Wuyuan County-----To Jinshawan----Huanhu East Road to the original 109 After the national road, the road passes through Erlangjian Scenic Spot-----Hima River-----Rolling Mountain at 3,871 meters-----Da Shuiqiao to Chaka Town-----night stay tea card

The next day, go to Chaka Salt Lake-----take the original 109 National Road, do not take the newly renovated 109 National Road, go to Qinghai Lake, pour the river, Riyue Mountain, return to Xining, you can also choose from the day Moon Mountain to La Ridge Mountain, then to Taer Temple, then back to Xining

Transportation: Rent a car in June 200 high-speed rail station has a lot of car rental, choose the formal oh

Need to pay attention Tips:
1. Tea cards can go down to the lake, but they are also sub-regional. Please travel in a civilized way. Don't go anywhere you can't go.
2. It is recommended to bring a pair of thick socks, very thick! Otherwise, it is difficult to walk in the salt lake. Although there is a shoe cover at the door, but many people walked in and saw the shoe cover coming out, it may leak, and it is very ugly. Anyway, the thick socks are correct.
3. Be sure to do a good job of sun protection! !
4. Please remember to take your own garbage when you leave.
5. There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot. It is recommended to take a small train to get in and keep your physical strength.

Chaka Salt Lake, located in the natural crystalline salt lake of Chaka Town, Wulan County. The "tea card" is Tibetan, meaning salt pond, which is the salt of Qinghai; it is also the meaning of salt lake. .

I always look forward to being sunny, because the weather is not good, the tea card is really not necessary to come here. It can be said that it is beautiful, just like a mirror, the sky clouds are reflected on the salt lake, the best The viewing time is 9 am and 5 pm. It is like the most bleak girl in the northwest, welcoming the tourists from the south to the north with the most appropriate smile.

There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot that can directly enter the interior of the scenic spot. I recommend that you take the small train.
Emerald Lake
The series of life years is ten times better than Chaka Salt Lake. hh/
Emerald Lake is located in the salt lake mining area of the former Dachaidan Chemical Plant of Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province. Because the lake is clear and blue in the sunlight, and the color is like jade, it is named "Emerald Lake". Emerald Lake is still an untapped virgin land. The color of

Emerald Lake and the concentration of minerals contained in the lake are related to the weather conditions. The color of Emerald Lake will vary from time to time. The color of the lake changes at all times, and it is different scenery when you look at it at different times.

The reflection of the blue sky and white clouds and the snowy peaks of the Qaidam Mountain in the water is breathtaking and can only be deeply felt in the meantime.

Tickets: Under development, temporarily free

Opening time: all day (January 1st - December 31st week - - Sunday km)

Address: about 10 kilometers northwest of Chaidan Town, Haichai State Administrative Committee of Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province (the northeast corner of Dachaidan Salt Lake, the original Dachaidan Chemical Plant Salt Lake Team, the old 215 National Road, 315 National Road Dachaidan North coincides Section)

Traffic: At present, there are no tour groups and shuttle buses in Emerald Lake. It is recommended to charter or drive by car.

Accommodation: There are no hotel inns nearby for accommodation. After the game is over, you need to go to other attractions or towns to stay. Second

Safety Information:
Emerald Lake is a mining area of a local chemical company that has existed for many years. However, it is still not suitable for the CMB bus.
Since it has not been developed in a large area, there is no sign in the scenic spot, so be sure to go under the leadership of the driver or local people who are familiar with the road!
In order to maintain the original state of the mining area, and everyone is safe, it is recommended not to be free. Get out of the water to avoid accidents.
Because it is a mining area with large vehicles, it is important to note that parking of vehicles does not affect their access and production.
Love the environment, don't litter.
Water Yadan Geopark
The northwestern part of the motherland has a rich and varied landscape. Whether you want to see the desert, the next door, the snowy mountains or the grasslands, you can find a good destination in the northwest. In Qinghai Province, there is a classic type of landform that is the only one in the world, that is, Yadan on the water. The word Yadan comes from Uighur, meaning a steep hill. Yadans landforms are widely found in the northwestern provinces, but Yadan on the water is not common. The only water Yadan landform in the world exists in the Wusit Yadan Geological Park in the northwest of the Qaidam Basin, covering an area of over 20,000 square kilometers. A large number of Yadan blocks are distributed in the waters, which is very spectacular. From different perspectives, the water Yadan landforms have different beautiful scenery. In addition to the unique Yadan landform, the lake in Wusit Yadan Geological Park also has beautiful and charming colors, and the shore of the lake makes people feel like they are coming to the beach. In order to facilitate visitors to watch the beautiful scenery of Yadan, the scenic spot has built a viewing platform at several best angles of viewing Yadan. The lake in Wusit Yadan Geological Park is clear and blue, standing by the lake, listening to the sound of the waves, people feel happy. Although the Wusit Yadan Geological Park has not been developed for a long time, many tourists have come to take a photo and take a group photo in the unique scenery. The Usutyadan Address Park has perfect tourist facilities, including restaurants and transportation. Wait, the next step will be to open recreational facilities such as gliders, visitors can come to watch with confidence.
Travel master cao
Water Yadan Geopark
In the next few decades, you may not see the Yadan landform on the Qinghai sea.

I read a report a few days ago, talking about the beautiful landscape on the earth with the change of climate. Even the region will disappear with the passage of time. I don't want to leave too much regret in this life, so I plan a lot of places to go! [Qinghai-Wusut Water Yadan Geopark] Just in my plan, I chose to start in May, which is not too hot. [R]

How to introduce:
Because I like driving and photography myself, self-driving is the most suitable. Recommended models: off-road vehicle, SUV, pickup
Yadan landform is really a special place. Its beautiful to take a shot. In addition to taking natural scenery, portraits of national style, fashion blockbusters, and cool styles are all right!
3 Open the desert motocross h
This is my favorite experience! Driving a wild horse on the Gobi with a four-wheel drive motorcycle
4 riding a camel
desert and solitary smoke, you can't miss the camel ride experience in the desert, you can experience the western scenery along the lake
Want to see the whole view from a high-altitude perspective? You can try to experience paragliding

accommodation recommended:
If you want to play slowly for a few days without a hurry, look at the sunrise, pat the stars or something, it is recommended to live in Inside the scenic area~
The room is large, clean and tidy, and also has breakfast!
There is a large RV in the scenic spot, the first stay It feels very fresh, the car is fully equipped, the hot water is also powerful, the family room and the mahjong table are also very powerful.

Qinghai Yadan is located in Qaidam The basin is a wind erosion landform that was gradually formed 7500 years ago. Originally, there was no water in the Yadan landform, but there was an outbreak of mountain torrents. The Kunlun Mountains and rivers diverted the area, which formed the beautiful landscape we have seen so far, but as time goes by, this landform is the most It will not exist after 30 years, so don't miss it!