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Trip Moments

Chaka Salt Lake
Many tourists like to travel to Qinghai in the summer, because there are beautiful natural scenery, and it is also a summer resort. Xining claims that summer is not unreasonable. Going to Qinghai Tourism In addition to Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake is also one of the must-see attractions. There are four scenic spots in Qinghai, namely Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Ta'er Temple and Mengda Tianchi. They are collectively known as the four scenic spots in Qinghai. The area of Chaka Salt Lake is much smaller than that of Qinghai Lake. It can be named in the same name as Qinghai Lake.
Chaka Salt Lake is located in the Qaidam Basin west of Qinghai Lake. This salt lake has a long history. Ancient people discovered the value of salt lakes. During the Qing Dynasty, large-scale salt production began. The development of tourism was only recently launched. .
The advantage of this salt lake is very obvious. Under the lake is a natural crystalline salt with a layer of water on the surface. It is very convenient to salt. After the development of tourism, relying on ticket income is more profitable than salt mining, and it has become a hot spot in Qinghai.
Because the surface of the salt lake is as calm as a mirror, the photo effect is very good, the reflection is clearly visible, and it is very popular among photographers and tourists. It is known as the mirror of the sky in China.
According to official statistics, in 2017, Chaka Salt Lake received more than 2.5 million visitors, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in Qinghai, with a maximum of 50,000 visitors per day.
Water Yadan Geopark
When I saw the nearby container hotel, I saw some special container hotels. I needed to buy tickets for the scenic spot. After I went in, I traveled for 3 kilometers and went to the water Yadan, which is called the Water Devil City. Many people know that Yadan on the water is out of a mysterious incident. Fifty years ago, eight geologists were missing here. And many years later, many people came here with a sense of fear and fear, and there were many different opinions. Some people admire: it is the jasper on the Gobi Desert, and it is a world left behind. Some people appreciate it: it is a paradise for tourist explorers; others are afraid: it is the death zone where angels and demons coexist. As the only water Danxia landform in the world, it is really hard to imagine if it is not seen by our own eyes. A deserted place, all in the desert of the yellow sand, is covered with emerald green. Waters. The Yadan landform composed of different graves of different heights and lows has been eclipsed and formed into a peculiar water Yadan group after thousands of years of geological movements and time and space. Standing on the ground may only feel like ordinary rivers and lakes, but from a high altitude aerial photography, for a moment, it is enough to make you heart. This green, green to the eyes, green to the heart, the strong can not be opened, overlapping in the water, through the light, showing her clarity and conservation, the water is sparkling, the sun is also very generous here , dotted a little bit of gold on the lake.
Qaidam Basin
The Qaidam Basin in the western part of Qinghai knew that it was the cornucopia of the motherland when I was in elementary school. Because it is rich in minerals, there are salt lake swamps, oil and coal, but this is not my concern. My concern is Yadan in the eastern part of the Qaidam Basin.
From the city of Delingha, where the state capital of Haixi Prefecture in Qinghai is located, drive about 65 kilometers, which is the Yadan in the eastern part of Qaidam. This piece of Gobi is a no-man's land. There are sometimes no cell phone signals along the way. The scenery on the road is basically like this: blue sky and white clouds, the sun is shining, and the silence is silent. Occasionally, the shuttle tree with the sparse pull is accompanied. As we traveled deeper into the no-man's land, even the Haloxylon tree became scarce.
The first time I came to the no man's land, I came to the Gobi Desert for the first time and had a strong desire to explore the magical nature. It took more than an hour to walk on the Gobi, which was the Yadan tribe camp for this stay.
Accommodation in no man's land is a big problem, the first consideration is safety. The temperature difference in the no-man's land is very large, close to 30 degrees at noon, and close to 0 degrees at night, and there are often wild haunts. It is said that wolves are often seen. Living in the RV on the camp is the most comfortable and safe way. A car can accommodate four people, starry night, bonfire, even a little extravagant, but also eat lamb "big meal." The
Yadan landform is common in the northwestern part of China. It was first discovered in Xinjiang, but the largest area is in Qaidam, Qinghai.