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Trip Moments

Chaka Salt Lake
|How to take a photo of Ni Ni?

First day: departure from Xining-----Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Wuyuan County-----To Jinshawan----Huanhu East Road to the original 109 After the national road, the road passes through Erlangjian Scenic Spot-----Hima River-----Rolling Mountain at 3,871 meters-----Da Shuiqiao to Chaka Town-----night stay tea card

The next day, go to Chaka Salt Lake-----take the original 109 National Road, do not take the newly renovated 109 National Road, go to Qinghai Lake, pour the river, Riyue Mountain, return to Xining, you can also choose from the day Moon Mountain to La Ridge Mountain, then to Taer Temple, then back to Xining

Transportation: Rent a car in June 200 high-speed rail station has a lot of car rental, choose the formal oh

Need to pay attention Tips:
1. Tea cards can go down to the lake, but they are also sub-regional. Please travel in a civilized way. Don't go anywhere you can't go.
2. It is recommended to bring a pair of thick socks, very thick! Otherwise, it is difficult to walk in the salt lake. Although there is a shoe cover at the door, but many people walked in and saw the shoe cover coming out, it may leak, and it is very ugly. Anyway, the thick socks are correct.
3. Be sure to do a good job of sun protection! !
4. Please remember to take your own garbage when you leave.
5. There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot. It is recommended to take a small train to get in and keep your physical strength.

Chaka Salt Lake, located in the natural crystalline salt lake of Chaka Town, Wulan County. The "tea card" is Tibetan, meaning salt pond, which is the salt of Qinghai; it is also the meaning of salt lake. .

I always look forward to being sunny, because the weather is not good, the tea card is really not necessary to come here. It can be said that it is beautiful, just like a mirror, the sky clouds are reflected on the salt lake, the best The viewing time is 9 am and 5 pm. It is like the most bleak girl in the northwest, welcoming the tourists from the south to the north with the most appropriate smile.

There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot that can directly enter the interior of the scenic spot. I recommend that you take the small train.
There is no need to go to Bolivia in the southern hemisphere, we also have our own mirror of the sky - Chaka Salt Lake.
Chaka Salt Lake is also called tea card or Dabson Muir. The "tea card" is Tibetan, meaning salt pond, which is the salt of Qinghai. "Dabson Muir" is Mongolian and is also the meaning of salt lake.
In September of the early autumn, the coveted Chaka Salt Lake was finally presented to me. The first impression of the salt lake made me a little disappointed. A dark salt marsh was deposited in the nearby lake. The lake had just had no ankles, and the effect of the imaginary sky mirror could not be found. Listening to the locals, the rainy season just ended in early September, plus this cloudy day, the scenery is general, the rainy season in 78 is the most beautiful time here.
We walked down the train track to the depths of the lake. The deeper the place, the fewer tourists there are. In contrast, the scenery is closer to what it should look like - the mirror-like lake, reflected The blue sky, the white clouds like the marshmallows in the sky.
has to say how important weather and lighting are for taking pictures. Two lakes separated by railroad tracks, one side of the light, one side of the light. On the side of the light, you can get a fantastic picture without too much effort, and if you are backlit, you can only see the glimpse of the gray, and the feeling of the sky and the sea is completely absent. Although the factories in the distance are very inconspicuous, the exhaust gases they emit can be clearly seen in the sky. Although Chaka Salt Lake has been developed into a scenic spot for more than 30 years, its basic function as a salt lake, salt mining, has never stopped, but the industrial area and the tourist area have been separated. I dont know if it will last for a long time, is the beauty that is ultimately destroyed by the development and discharge of industry, or is it that the industry has to give way to sightseeing and make the resources underutilized?
I saw a report some time ago, saying that during the peak season last year, the "Shengjing" of Chaka Salt Lake. Of course, its just a lot of people. For nature, this is a huge tragedy. The rails are littered with pieces of garbage, and food packaging bags are floating on the lake; the salt crystals at the bottom of the lake are crushed, causing the black mud to turn up, the lake is no longer milky white, and the "mirror of the sky" can no longer reflect the sky. ...... Over-exploitation and the destruction of the natural scenery caused by the swarming of tourists is not the first time. The precious beauty is formed after thousands of years of development. It should be cherished. I sincerely hope that such tragedy will never be repeated. It is.