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Located in Weinan, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area
is listed as World Natural Heritage
The water here is crystal clear
Unchanging color is definitely not lost Jiuzhaigou
small fish free to swim
Various specifications of the beautiful waterfall
just three steps a small waterfall
five steps a large waterfall distribution
pleasing to the eyes ~
days one inch an inch more interesting
those we are going The place
is the hometown of the unsuccessful face

(provincial ID card half price: 65)
After entering the scenic spot, you can take a bus tour, each attraction has Stop: 40 yuan / person
Posted: Sep 15, 2019
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Chaka Salt Lake
Little Fairy Essentials | Tea Card Salt Lake Portrait Shooting Raiders
have been to so many places, Chaka Salt Lake is really the place where I still think that the portrait is the most immortal.
There are snow-like white colors, and there are indigo mountains, snow still on the mountains, and smart water and shadows at the foot.
But if you want to take a satisfactory photo in such a beautiful scenery or do your homework, let me share my shooting experience.

Choice of clothes: Avoid dark colors, try to choose a warm color system. In the big environment of the sky, the photos we want to get are light, and the warm clothes will give people a lighter The feeling of falling.
will bring items:
coat: No matter what photo you want to wear, you must remember to bring a thick coat, the weather of the tea card will never be guessed, windy When you blow, you have nowhere to hide! So be sure to bring a piece of clothing that is windy!
Sunscreen: Needless to say, the ultraviolet rays on the plateau are even more terrible than near the equator!
High tube shoe cover: The shoe cover for rent in the scenic area is not waterproof, and it must be worn barefoot, so it is recommended to buy the shoe cover in advance, you must buy the high tube, the kind to the knee, tea card The water level is still quite high.

Shooting skills:
1About the reflection: the effect is different in different weather conditions, the best in sunny and windless conditions, and in the case of sunny and windy Yes, it is not so perfect.
After going to the salt lake, you can look at people in the distance from different angles and look for the clearest angle of reflection. Because some angles are not reflected anyway, you must be good at observation.
Photographers need to be farther away from the subject to take a full look, so it is recommended to use a telephoto focal length.
2 In fact, in addition to the reflection of the tea card, shooting with its pure background is also beautiful enough!
3 What do you want to do when you want to shoot too many people in the big scene: Of course, you choose to post people to hahaha. When you shoot, just dont let the photographer and the passerby overlap, then its good to pass the passerby P, not With ps, it is recommended to use the repair function of snapseed, you can successfully pass P passers!
4 Like taking pictures at the beach, taking pictures at Chaka Salt Lake is easy to cut the horizon, so the photographer must be a little bit sloppy when composing the picture, and put the horizon below the shoulders. good looking.

Then about the problem of small train tickets in the scenic area, although it is really expensive to sell, I still recommend sitting on a small train, because walking on the salt crystals is really tired, leaving the physical strength to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. Better~
Xiao Lian
Chaka Salt Lake
|How to take a photo of Ni Ni?

First day: departure from Xining-----Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Wuyuan County-----To Jinshawan----Huanhu East Road to the original 109 After the national road, the road passes through Erlangjian Scenic Spot-----Hima River-----Rolling Mountain at 3,871 meters-----Da Shuiqiao to Chaka Town-----night stay tea card

The next day, go to Chaka Salt Lake-----take the original 109 National Road, do not take the newly renovated 109 National Road, go to Qinghai Lake, pour the river, Riyue Mountain, return to Xining, you can also choose from the day Moon Mountain to La Ridge Mountain, then to Taer Temple, then back to Xining

Transportation: Rent a car in June 200 high-speed rail station has a lot of car rental, choose the formal oh

Need to pay attention Tips:
1. Tea cards can go down to the lake, but they are also sub-regional. Please travel in a civilized way. Don't go anywhere you can't go.
2. It is recommended to bring a pair of thick socks, very thick! Otherwise, it is difficult to walk in the salt lake. Although there is a shoe cover at the door, but many people walked in and saw the shoe cover coming out, it may leak, and it is very ugly. Anyway, the thick socks are correct.
3. Be sure to do a good job of sun protection! !
4. Please remember to take your own garbage when you leave.
5. There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot. It is recommended to take a small train to get in and keep your physical strength.

Chaka Salt Lake, located in the natural crystalline salt lake of Chaka Town, Wulan County. The "tea card" is Tibetan, meaning salt pond, which is the salt of Qinghai; it is also the meaning of salt lake. .

I always look forward to being sunny, because the weather is not good, the tea card is really not necessary to come here. It can be said that it is beautiful, just like a mirror, the sky clouds are reflected on the salt lake, the best The viewing time is 9 am and 5 pm. It is like the most bleak girl in the northwest, welcoming the tourists from the south to the north with the most appropriate smile.

There is a small train at the entrance of the scenic spot that can directly enter the interior of the scenic spot. I recommend that you take the small train.
Chaka Salt Lake
[Qinghai Chaka Salt Lake] teaches you to take a standard fairy photo
time: At the end of May, you must get up early, 11 o'clock is a tourist watershed. When we enter at 10 o'clock, there are not many people, the sun is not big, at the end of May. It was also a low season in early June and it was very good to take pictures. In addition to the red color, the color of the
cloth is also beautiful in orange and yellow, but it will be more skin-catching, and the white-skinned lady can consider it. If the sky is blue enough, the lake will be blue, and it will look good in white. Let's take a look at the weather before going out. We have normal weather, few clouds, and the sky is a little cloudy. After twelve o'clock, the sun comes out a lot. (The one that looks at the rails)
Scarves, many people must have, but Silk scarves should look good if they have wind, but if you want to take a reflection of Salt Lake, you still have to ask for a wind!
Because I used to have a little dance foundation, the ballet skirt is a bit too exaggerated, and it is not difficult to walk in everyday. Before I went out, I bought a burst skirt in Taobao, with the skirt, pulled my hair up and exposed the length of my neck. More temperament, the effect is quite good.
The temperature difference at the end of May is still relatively large. At 10 o'clock, the scenic spot wears down. At 12 o'clock, it is very hot, and it is directly worn by the sling.
The scenery area can not be equipped with shoe covers, so wearing slippers is the most convenient. When walking barefoot, it will be more painful, salt crystal is hard, and there are many salt caves, some of which are deep and bottomless, and the walking is slow and careful.