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Qinghai Tibetan Culture MuseumNearby City

Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum

4.5/5774 Reviews
Xining Top 12 in Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 5/1-9/30,9:00am-6:30pm;Open from 10/1-4/30,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Definitely worth seeing the Qinghai Tibetan Cultural Museum. Because of the impact of the Zhengzhou flood, our train home was stopped and stayed in Xining, so we decided to see the Qinghai Tibetan Cultural Museum exhibition. I didn't expect this decision to be incomparably correct. The second phase of the new building is coming out from the back door of the Museum of Tibetan Medicine. The Museum of Tibetan Medicine is free and the Museum of Tibetan Culture is charged. Before coming, I didn't know that there was a 600-metre Thangka on the top floor of the Museum of Tibetan Culture and set a Guinness World Record. I entered the museum and headed straight to the fourth floor. "The whole top floor is just one pavilion, all used to display over 600 meters of painted Thangka, as soon as you enter the door was shocked, only to see a long painting, the colors are absolutely brilliant, in the pavilion undulating, it is spectacular, when you look carefully, it is actually condensed into the whole Tibetan calendar Historic culture and religion, from the myths of the birth of the Tibetans to the historical heritage of the Tibetan kings of all ages, to the rise and development of Tibetan medicine and Tibetan Buddhism, to the origins and circulation of the Tibetan Buddhist monks and sects, are explained in every way, including the images of every Tibetan Buddhist gods, It's so shocking, it's just an encyclopedia of Tibetans," it's definitely worth a look. There is also an exhibition hall downstairs for costumes and Tibetan card pads, which showcases the costumes and Buddhist genres of each Tibetan area, especially the card pads, which are gorgeous and exquisite! The Tibetan architecture art exhibition is also very breathtaking! Tianliu people in Xining, to go to the Tibetan Cultural Museum is a surprise!"
Baban Lianhua Fei Wuzhi Wenhua Yichan Chuancheng Tiyan CenterNearby City

Baban Lianhua Fei Wuzhi Wenhua Yichan Chuancheng Tiyan Center

4.7/530 Reviews
Xining Top 5 in Thrilling Experiences
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Because it was around 4pm when we arrived, we didn't want to enter the temple at this time, so after staying in the hotel, thinking about going to the surrounding attractions, I found a non-genetic inheritance center around and set off. At first, I went in the wrong direction. To the west of the Taer Temple is the main residential and commercial area. Frankly speaking, apart from the main road, there is a lot of dirt and dirt in the alleys, and the sanitary conditions are relatively poor. The inheritance center is between Ta'er Temple and the county seat, more than 500 meters away from where we live, very close. We didn’t ask for tickets when we went to the Heritage Center. After entering, there are several Tibetan-style buildings. On both sides of the entrance are offices and restaurants. The three-story building directly opposite the entrance is the main non-genetic inheritance studio. In the evening, only three studios were open. One was a Tibetan young man who mainly used pile embroidery, as well as inlay silk and thangka; one was a professor at Qinghai University for Nationalities, who was mainly a sculpture; one was upstairs. It is the inlay process. In addition to the production and display of this heritage center, many works are sold externally. The Tibetan guy is very enthusiastic. Piling embroidery seems to just glue the cut pieces of cloth together, which is mainly used in temples. Inlaying silk takes too much eyesight and energy, a little bit of paste, and various colors of fine sand filling. It’s really not ordinary people. What can be done; the sculpture professor is reluctant to chat, and may be unable to extricate himself from being immersed in the world of art. His assistant is very talkative. He knows that we are from Shandong and said that the epidemic in Dalian is so severe. You can still come out and stay at home? As we said, we left with disgraced faces. I thought to myself how did you, a university professor, find an assistant who hasn't even gone to elementary school? The inheritor of inlay silk upstairs, compared with the Tibetan guy downstairs, is more apart from the small ones. Make some large handicrafts with more complexity. After reading it, I think it is really good. The local government is quite clever. It is worth seeing the combination of folk art and the commercial market."