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Things To Do in Hancheng

680 Reviews
Memorial Temple
非洲向阳菊Sima Qianzhen is really worth seeing, we went early, there were very few people, quiet environment, heavy historical feeling, it is awe-inspiring! Honor to the great Taishi Sima Qian! The online ticket purchase is both good and quick, but it has to be an hour early, fortunately, I bought it the first night. Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
706 Reviews
姜如意In the west of the Yellow River in Shaanxi, a small town, with 500 years of history and culture, leaving a rich culture of home training, is also a big point to see here, there are many ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, well preserved, good tourist attractions.
143 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E34***77An ancient Chinese buildings with some shops and restaurants inside. Nice place to walk around and to feel the traditional Chinese architecture
96 Reviews
Historical Architecture
清风若溪Hancheng Museum: Hancheng Museum is located in the Confucian Temple, Dongying Temple, and Chenghuang Temple in the east of the ancient city. It is a historical museum with distinctive features and a collection of ancient architecture and cultural relics. The Confucian Temple and Chenghuang Temple in the museum are national key cultural relics protection units, and Dongying Temple is a provincial-level cultural relics protection unit. The museum connects the three ancient buildings of Confucian Temple, Dongying Temple, and Chenghuang Temple. It includes more than 100 palaces, halls, buildings, pavilions, etc., mainly in Yuan Dynasty architecture, covering the ancient architectural styles of Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. A very exquisite open-air architectural exhibition hall and cultural relics exhibition hall are formed, and the architectural art and the humanities and arts complement each other. It has become one of the famous tourist attractions in Hancheng and a national 4A-level tourist attraction.
44 Reviews
Historical Site
121***79I am here to complain. First of all, the exhibits themselves are worth seeing! Especially the jade and gold objects unearthed from Ruiguo Cemetery are extremely exquisite. but! This scenic spot claims to spend 550 million yuan, so where is the money spent? First of all, there is a distance from the huge parking lot to the ticket office. After buying the ticket, you have to cross a large square to reach the visitor center, and then you have to cross a huge square to reach the museum. Why can't the ticket office be placed at the entrance of the museum? Or set up a fare adjustment office? Some tourists did not buy tickets and then walked back to the ticket office, broke their legs and exposed to the sun again and again. This kind of niche cultural attraction is not visited by many people, and it is located in the countryside, and there are fewer people coming. What is it for? It's a waste of land, money, and tourists' time. I came to see the cultural relics, not the artificial large square. The square in the countryside cannot serve the citizens, so is it for peasants to dry millet? There are not many exhibits, only 4 exhibition halls, a huge museum and a visitor center, many places are empty. Restaurants and shops are empty, and cultural and creative products are not available. This is the over-construction of hardware, software and humanization can not keep up. The purpose of the museum is to protect, display, popularize science, and inherit culture. It is not daunting to build a luxurious and empty scenic spot and then collect expensive tickets. In addition, the Ruiguo Cemetery is very similar to the Guoguo Cemetery in Sanmenxia, Henan. The age, grade, burial system, and unearthed cultural relics are similar. The Guoguo Museum has displayed the original site of the cemetery and the carriage and horse pit, which was built in 1999. After watching this for a long time, I didn't know where the site was. It was a retrogression of the construction concept, and the money was not spent on the right place. I don't know which local tyrant got it. The great leap of tourism in Hancheng is a little hard to say about the development of cultural heritage. . .
78 Reviews
Memorial Temple
姜如意National key cultural relics protection unit, in the core area of the ancient city, the illuminated wall at the gate of the Confucian Temple is very beautiful. The colorful glazed tiles are very eye-catching under the sun. The Dacheng Hall in the Confucian Temple is also a building with many highlights. Nice attraction and the ticket price is not high.

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About Hancheng

Hancheng is located on the west bank of the Yellow River in east Shaanxi Province, in the northeast corner of the Guanzhong Plain. Hancheng is one of the important cradles of Chinese culture and the hometown of the Grand Historian Sima Qian (c. 145-86 BCE). Many attractions are located within the city, including the ancient residences of Dangjia Village, the old city, the Sima Qian Ancestral Hall, the temple to mythological emperor Yu the Great, Xiang Mountain (“Elephant Mountain”), Hou Mountain (“Monkey Mountain”), and Shi Mountain (“Lion Mountain”). Hancheng exudes history and culture and is permeated with local flavor.

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Here are the best places to visit in Hancheng, including: Dangjia Village,Sima Qian Ancestral Hall,Hancheng Ancient City
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