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Yesterday, the sister who just returned from Hangzhou can't wait for Amway. This high-value, high-cost B&B-Yinhe Space B&B located in the West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou is located in Wengjia Mountain on the west side of Hangzhou West Lake. It takes a short walk. There are many other homestays along the way, until I walked to the front door, I suddenly felt a sigh, I had to sigh again. I chose the view of the hotel. [Environment & Experience] B&B has a geographical advantage It should be the highest-rated B&B in Wengjia Mountain, which means that the view is also the best, and you can overlook the Chaoshan Mountain and the high-rise buildings in the distant city. It is not far from the scenic spot of West Lake, but it can enjoy the quietness that belongs to it alone. Room layout is mainly based on fresh avocado green and white, from the bright large floor-to-ceiling windows and small balcony overlooking the green, there is a feeling of returning to the mountains~ public space on the first floor Guests rest, read books, do handwork, play chess, every corner has been carefully arranged by the landlord, you can not go out on the house one day ~ [traffic & location] bus: 87 Road Wengjiashan Station Self-driving/taxi: The car can be driven directly downstairs and there is free parking on the opposite side. Around: Within two or three kilometers of the surrounding area, there are Longjing Village, Jiuxi 18th Temple, and Ximanjuju. It can be reached by bus, driving or cycling. If you have good physical strength, you can even walk. [Scheduled & Price] B&B name is Galaxy Space, which can be booked on Trip, a certain player, or a pig platform. The price is different depending on the room type and date. The sister is booking a big bed room with a balcony. The weekend price is about 500 yuan and breakfast.
The most beautiful homestay in Lin'an, Hangzhou, the Japanese garden style in the mountain forest follows the principle of staying in the body in the book of Chengzi, the so-called three crossings, referring to crossing the body, crossing the heart, Cross the gods." This homestay is made of solid wood and is built on a hill with water and a unique design. In the appearance of the decoration style is similar, but the name of the room is different, there are clear, rain, snow, and so on, there is a different kind of mood. When I went there, there was a canyon concert. It was especially good to listen to songs at night. The sound echoed in the canyon, melodious and mellow, and the advantage of being few people was very quiet. How to play: The doorway is drifting, you can go to play directly in the summer, one word, cool~ (you can find a housekeeper to get a discount ticket) In addition, you can watch the stars fireflies at night. About the photo: The bed and breakfast is deep in the mountains, the appearance is very good, there is a feeling of returning to the rivers and lakes, it is very suitable for making costumes. There is an open-air swimming pool in the courtyard, and there is a passing aisle, which is very good. Especially indoors, there is sunlight coming in, the light is particularly good~ Location: Located in Longgang Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Drive from Linan for about 40 minutes, then walk for 15 minutes on the mountain road. Because "Sandu" is located in the Dalong Bay scenic spot in western Zhejiang, it has to be opened along the mountain road. Transportation: It is recommended to travel by car, about three hours away from the city. Note: 1. To book in advance, the weekend will be full. 2. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the spring and autumn should pay attention to keep warm. 3. It is recommended to bring the necessary supplies, there is no store on the mountain.
Romantic Show Theme Hotel
Hangzhou Hotel Recommended: Songcheng Qianguqing Theme Hotel Songcheng Qianguqing Theme Hotel is located next to Songcheng, 1 km from China Academy of Art. It is a large tourist resort hotel in Hangzhou, 7 km from West Lake. The high-speed, Zhijiang Bridge is within easy reach and is the gateway for visitors to Hangzhou. The hotel consists of three buildings: the Jiuzhai Ancient House with the theme of Tibetan culture, the Lijiang Qiangqing Building with Lijiang Culture as the theme, the Sanya Qiangu Love Building with the theme of coastal culture and the Jiangnan Culture. The theme of the ancient love hotel. Jiuzhai Eternal Love Theme Hotel is based on the theme of Jiuzhai Culture, the large-scale song and dance "Jiuzhai Eternal Love" as the background, the beautiful Jiuzhaigou legend, Princess Wencheng and Songtsan Gambo Hanzang and the pro-boss, wonderful Dai love songs, The heroic epic of the May 12th earthquake, the heroic epic of the disaster, the rise of danger, and the gathering of Jiuzhaigous rich historical legends in the hotel building, through the millennium space-time tunnel, to appreciate the purity and atmosphere of Jiuzhaigou, to feel the Jiuzhaigou people The beauty and purity of suffocation. Overall style: Stepping into the magnificent Jiuzhai lobby, the colorful and colorful prayers come into view, the rich Tibetan atmosphere is blowing, the snow white Hada is full of good luck, hand-painted Thangka wall The painting is majestic and solemn. Whether in the lobby, aisle or room, guests can immerse themselves in a rich Tibetan culture. The long aisle carpet and the "Auspicious Eight Treasure Map" bottle on the wall, the blue and yellow room door frame makes people seem to come to the Tibetan home. About the room: Song Dynasty theme decoration style room, is the type of room I live in. Also, my favorite room type sheets are ink-painted bamboo. In the living room of the room, there are also ancient wooden tea sets and chairs. Tea sets and plants are placed on the top, and the literati is immersed in the atmosphere. Wine and wine words. Address: Songcheng, No. 148, Zhijiang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou