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Tianmu Mountain Scenic Spot

Tianmu Mountain Scenic Spot

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"Tianmu Mountain ⛰️ Drunk Oxygen 🌴🌲🌿🍀 There are two routes. My friends and I are more than 1 km walk from the B&B to the South Gate, and you can also take the bus on the side of the road. However, walking is also very good, it is to come out to feel the peace and beauty! Then take the bus 🚌 up the mountain, the blue line in the picture, took more than 30 minutes. Don't walk this road by yourself, it is very dangerous, and there are only two lanes, no one is in the position! Arrived at the drop-off point, there are Tianmushan small sweet potatoes, 10 yuan a bowl, very delicious is not expensive, you can also take it back to the mountain to eat! 👀 Here, brush the ticket to climb the mountain, walk along the attractions, two of them are parallel, if you go, you must go back, [Upside down Lotus] and [Four-sided Peak] are especially recommended to go to the four-sided peak, see the mountain to take the best picture! The upside down lotus road is the hardest to go, the attractions are the most disappointed, it is not recommended to go. Only one concrete upside down lotus on the ground [angry R]🌈[Dashushan] must go, more than 2000 years, there is a camera monitoring! There are two options to go to this, one is to return to the original road and take the car down the mountain, the other is to go down the right, walk down the mountain, walk more than irregular stones, walking and stopping takes 2 hours. We walked close to 2.5 hours, and the calf and stomach hurt later. 🎆Tour the West Tianmu Mountain, there is also an option, go to the Wuyuan Temple in the morning, if you don't go, you can also go directly to the mountain on the trail, climbing up takes 2-3 hours, many hundreds of years of ancient trees along the way, until Dashushan, and then browse other attractions above, until the location of the car down the mountain. Would choose to go again!"