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Hanzhong (汉中), in southwestern Shaanxi Province, is a well-known historical and cultural city that Liu Bang, Zhuge Liang, and other historical figures used as a military base. Many monuments to history, including the “Two Hans, Three Kingdoms” cultural heritage site, can be seen in Hanzhong. The ecosystem of Hanzhong is excellent and has earned the area the nickname the “Little Lower Yangtze of the Northwest.” The South Lake Scenic Area in Hanzhong is beautiful and made even more alluring by the simple, rustic architecture found here.
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Things To Do in Hanzhong

Hanzhong Shimen Catwalk Scenic Area
1,343 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Ancient Trail
The Shimen (“stone gate”) Catwalk Scenic Area is about 15 kilometers north of Hanzhong City. The original Shimen Catwalk was inundated in 1969 so that reservoir repairs could be undertaken. Later, a recreation of the original ancient Shimen Catwalk was built and raised 70 meters above the original. The replica Shimen Catwalk is almost 3 kilometers long and built exactly like the original. The remains of an official travel stop, courier station, and loading station in the style of the Han era have even been restored. The scenic area has entrance gates on both the east and west sides of the Bao River. Most visitors enter from the western entrance.
Wuhou Temple
497 Reviews
Wuhou Temple is a key cultural relics protection unit in Shaanxi Province, a national 3A-level tourist scenic spot, and faces the Wuhou Tomb across the Han River. Wuhou Temple was built in the sixth year of Jinghan Jingyao (AD 263). Liuchan announced the building of the Temple. The site was chosen to be in Wuhouping, beneath Dingjun Mountain. It is close to the tomb and integrates ancient architecture, gardens and paintings. It is a thousand-year-old ancient temple representing the traditional architectural style of Southern Shaanxi.
Huayang Ancient Town
446 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The history of Huayang Ancient Town dates back to the Warring States Period (475–221 BCE). It was an important military and economic hub. The old town has over 300 well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasty buildings, including official residences, guest houses, and pawnshops. Visitors can also see the ruins of the old city wall as well as a tower and theater that date from the Song and Yuan dynasties. It is one of only a few mountainside towns with a rich history.
Liping Forest Park
380 Reviews
Liping Forest Park mainly includes a forest landscape, geomorphologic landscape, waterscape and modern cultural landscape. It is a provincial forest park that integrates mountains, forests, water, climate and idyllic scenery. The park is divided into four scenic areas: Liping, Shima Mountain, Huangyang River, and Leng Dam. Liping has virgin forests of Henry's pine, the historical site of the Liping Reclamation Administration, Bashan folk culture and idyllic scenery. Shima Mountain mainly features stone forests. Huangyang River includes Bodhi Cliff, Seabed Stone City, Hongchen Canyon, and Gaokeng Waterfalls. Leng Dam features natural grassland.
Cypress Mountain National Forest Park
296 Reviews
Cypress Mountain National Forest Park is the branch range of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountains. Zibo Mountain National Forest Park has a high, beautiful mountain landscape, and most of the ancient trees on the mountain are cypress. The park has ample rainfall, a pleasant climate, dense grass and trees, and thin clouds covering the peaks, with creeks flowing at the foot of the mountain. Cypress Mountain National Forest Park is an ideal place for tourism, vacation and leisure.
Qingmuchuan Ancient Town
346 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Picturesque Qingmuchuan Ancient Town has a long history. The Qiang and Han people intermingled and lived peaceably together here. The area gradually prospered during the Ming dynasty, and most of the residences here were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). A river cuts through the ancient town, and the people here live a carefree and leisurely life. The town’s Wei Family Mansion was built during the Republican Era (1912-1949), and the Qu, Wei, Zhao, and Tu ancestral halls were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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Hanzhong Weather

Nov 26, 2020
4 ~ 9
Nov 27, 2020
4 / 11
Nov 28, 2020
5 / 9
Nov 29, 2020
5 / 10
Nov 30, 2020
3 / 8
Dec 1, 2020
Light rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Hanzhong
Nov 26, 2020 Hanzhong Weather:Cloudy, Northerly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:99%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:33/17:46
Hanzhong Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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