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Makena Beach
It is also a state park itself, and the beach is next to the mountain, so in addition to the coastline, there are also forest scenery, and the strange roots are everywhere. Because the coastline is very long, even if there are a lot of people, the beach will not be very crowded, and the locals who are dragging their families enjoy the leisure time in twos and threes. The life-saving pavilion after work became a big toy for children. The little baby is so cute, of course, there are also bikini girls. However, there is a big problem here that parking is difficult. There are also a hundred parking spaces in the parking lot, but it is not enough. Especially near sunset, one is hard to find, and many people are parked on both sides of the road. However, many cars also have the benefits of many cars, such as a variety of classic cars abound. There are comments on the Internet that this is one of the best beaches in Maui. Since I use "one", I will not refute it. However, as far as personal preference is concerned, it can only be said that it is OK. It should be regarded as Compare the beaches of civilians to ground. There are tramps in the parking lot and some people who appear to be "not very safe". There are also reminders on the Internet that there will be theft or even smashing windows. We didn't meet it, and the wandering uncle also enthusiastically directed us to come back (although it really didn't need --), but it was a bit more complicated, and it was always right to pay attention to property security.
Don't you get tired of seeing the same shots and locations on Insta? How do capture the attention of an audience when a destination has been photographed so many times already? We see this happen all of the time. A location gets hot on social media and then your whole timeline is flooded with the same type of imagery. As a self-taught photographer/content creator, it's not easy being innovative in places that are popping on social media. We get sucked/tempted into wanting to recreate someone else's shot. It's always been a personal challenge of mine to at least try to capture a few images  in ways that I haven't seen before. Granted, there are some shots that can simply only be taken from one angle so it becomes a classic shot. Although I'll also take these classic shots, they are usually for me to see and not to post unless I can induce a different kind of mood through editing. For this shot, I literally tried doing my first DSLR selfie. After a few tries, I got one that looked like someone else took it. I brought the mood out in post-processing with Adobe Lightroom. The key for me is to never over-edit my work to the point where it looks clearly fake (i.e. the blues are too blue and the greens are too green). Hopefully as you scroll down your feed, this image will cause you stop, evoke some kind of emotion out of you and have your eyes refreshed by the time you scroll down to the next pic on your feed. #maui #hawaii #visithawaii #bambooforest #olivinepools