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About Hefei

Hefei is a historic site of the Three Kingdoms Period and the hometown of Bao Zheng. Hefei is rich in tourism resources of all kinds to meet the varying wants and desires of travelers. The waterside cloisters and balconied pavilions combine to create the variegated style of Xiaoyaojin Park. The dignified hall of Black Faced Judge Bao is said to be just like a “green shell on a silver plate”. Outside the city you can visit the ancient town of Sanhe, with its characteristic Hui-style architecture, and the two outlying forest preserves of Zipeng Mountain and Dashu Mountain. Wandering around Hefei, the meandering waters around Mt. Hui paint an idyllic picture of the natural landscape intertwined with a sense of culture.

Popular Attractions in Hefei

Hefei Rongchuang Park
16 Reviews
Theme Park
Hefei Wanda Theme Park seamlessly combines the essence of the exceptional Hui culture and cutting-edge technology. The park is a large culture theme park dedicated to Hui culture and it has 6 themed areas. The park has 33 world-class rides, including a roller coaster and a drop ride. The park also has 2 main theaters: one offers “Butterfly of Dreams,” a black light show, while the other offers “The Battle of Fei River,” a large outdoor show. Floats with themes from Hui culture travel through the park, and the park offers a marvelous assortment of foods from around the world. The dazzling array of foods, goods, and unique shows are sure to be entertaining as well as enjoyable.
Hefei Wanda Water Park
12,126 Reviews
Water Park
Hefei Wanda Theme Park is characterized by its unique Hawai'ian style. It consists of three functional areas: a legendary colorful volcanic area, a tropical paradise island and a vibrant surf and wave zone. It is a large indoor temperature-controlled water theme park in East China. The water theme park has an indoor water magnetic roller coaster and the world's first double-decker river and other new technology underwater entertainment facilities. The most exciting program is the free fall, which allows you to experience the feeling of free-falling.
Li Hongzhang Memorial Residence
3,490 Reviews
Famous Residences
Li Hongzhang Memorial Residence is located in the middle of the bustling Huaihe Pedestrian Street in Hefei City. It was a typical residential building in the Jianghuai area during the late Qing Dynasty. Li Hongzhang was born in Hefei. He served as a high ranking official in the late Qing army and was the leader of the Self-Strengthening Movement. His five brothers also served in high positions. Although at that time Li’s residence occupied half the street, only a few rooms are left now. However, you can still enjoy the exquisite wood carvings, visit the exhibition hall about Li Hongzhang, and learn about his controversial life.
Hui Garden
996 Reviews
Hui Garden is a garden that displays the miniature landscapes representing the scenery in Anhui. It allows you to understand Anhui and learn about its history in a short time. It is worth mentioning that the Anhui Pavilion at the World Expo is completely replicated here, and is full of Hui-style. You can also see the greeting guest pine-shaped Lingbi stone, which was exhibited at the World Expo. Although they are all pseudo-ancient buildings, it's still a good place to unwind and relax. You can rent a bicycle and ride around the garden in spring.

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10 Must See Tourist Spots in He Fei
Cultural History
Outdoor Recreation
Landmark Buildings
XiaoYaoJin: Recalling the heroes of the Three Kingdoms XiaoYaoJin Park is an integrated park, and also a historic remains site. In the ancient times, this was a port where a ferry passed by. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty, this was a private garden for public officials. It was then renovated several times to become what you see now. Inside the park, you can see Zhang Liao’s tomb and his personal belongings buried inside. Seeing the sculpture of Zhang Liao, you can feel his valiant and heroic when he led 8 million troops to fight Wu’s troops in Xiaoyaojin.
TripBlog   Nov 25, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Daishan Lake, Mount Zipeng National Forest Park, Yinping Mountain, Chaohu Lake, Emerald Lake.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Hefei: Ban Shao Restaurant( Xin Hua ), Dao Ban Xiang Restaurant( Wang Jiang Dong Road ), Pang Ge Lia Rou Xie Bao ( Yin Tai Centre ), Ka Wang Ka ( Zhi Xin Cheng ), Peter's Tex Mex Grill.
Here are the best places to visit in Hefei, including: Baogong Park, Bantang Yuquanzhuang Hot Spring, Hui Garden, Xiaoyaojin Park, Hefei Wanda Movie Park.