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Things To Do in Heidelberg

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凤凤吖吖Heidelberg debris and chateau, recorded the germans for hundreds of years of memories.This is one of the most legendary German wine estates, and its reputation is well deserved.
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fz570628The Old Heidelberg Bridge in Germany is a stone bridge, also known as the Tie Oude Bridge, which was built in 1786 AD and has a history of more than 200 years. The Old Heidelberg Bridge has nine arches and is the first stone arch bridge across the Neckar (one of the three tributaries of the Rhine). The bridgehead has two round towers and both are made of solid stones. The bridge is only used for walking by tourists and pedestrians, and the bridge surface is somewhat worn.
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Observation Deck
juki235The Philosopher’s Trail appears and disappears from time to time along the old town and castle of Heidelberg on the opposite side of the undulating hills. The mountain trails may sometimes be closed due to poor road conditions, so check the bulletin board at the intersection, otherwise you may go wrong.
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Historical Architecture
小鱼儿2015It’s a beautiful landscape. This student prison is also a very important one. Many rooms in the prison restore the scene at the time. The place where the students gather is also treated differently.
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117***02It is said that in the 17th century, there were often monkeys at the bridgehead of Heidelberg, who kept "greeting passers-by" like their masters. Seeing this scene, a poet wrote this poem. Later, according to the story of the monkey, a bronze monkey sculpture was erected on the old Heidelberg bridge, and the sculptor also engraved the poem next to it. It is also said that touching the finger of the bronze monkey will return to Heidelberg, touching the mirror in its hand will bring wealth, touching the mouse next to it will give birth to more children.
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suifeng2019A Neckar River flows slowly through the entire old city. One side of the river bank is a typical European medieval city scenery, and the other side is a continuous but not high mountain peak. The majestic Heidelberg Castle stands on the top of the mountain.

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Old TownHeidelberg,Germany

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Student Jail (Studentenkarzer)Heidelberg,Germany

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Schwetzingen Castle (Schloss)Heidelberg,Germany

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Here are the best places to visit in Heidelberg, including: Heidelberg Castle,Philosophenweg,Heidelberg Old Bridge

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