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Trip Moments

Heidelberg Castle
Coco Wang
Church of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Cathedral on the market square in Heidelberg is the largest and most romantic church in the Old Town of Heidelberg. This is an old and elegant Gothic red brick building built between 1344 and 1441 and has been nearly 700 years old.
When I came to visit the church, it was at noon, and there were not many visitors to visit. An old man is playing a melodious repertoire on the piano in the church, and the singing voice echoes throughout the church.
The interior of the church is very simple. Between 1706 and 1936, a barrier was placed in the middle of the church to separate Catholics and Protestants from worship. Now this is a Protestant church. There are many stalls selling souvenirs around the outer walls of the church and one of the traditional sights of the market square.
Compared with the famous cathedrals in Europe, the realization here is very simple and natural, there is no gorgeous decoration, and there are endless believers. However, it is located in the old town of Heidelberg, but it has this rare tranquility. It is a scene of quietness, but it feels the piety from the religious belief itself.
Occasionally, several visitors will involuntarily stop in the church, look up at the exquisite structure inside the church, or find a chair at random, sit quietly, quietly meditate and seek peace of mind.
The street outside the church is always lively and lively. Just a wall apart, the quiet inside of the church is exactly like another different world, solemn and heartfelt.
Adam Yue
Heidelberg Old Bridge
The romantic Heidelberg Old Bridge, the medieval bridge at the edge of the town, is also an original part of the city wall. It is especially well preserved and has become one of the outstanding representatives of many historic buildings in Heidelberg. During the bridge, the Baroque helmet-type tower was also added, and the entire bridge was very beautiful. On both ends of the north and the south, there are statues of the electorate Karl-Theodore and the Greek goddess Athena. The two 28-meter-high bridgeheads at the southern end of the bridge are the oldest part of the Old Bridge. They were built in the 15th century and used as part of the bridge.
The sun is about to fall, standing on the old bridge and overlooking, the white clouds in the air swim freely, gradually recovering the calm Nika River, and the pleasant scenery on both sides of the strait. This quiet scene is full of poetry and painting. On the stone pillar of the
bridge, there are also couple lovers who come from far away, and they have a love lock that symbolizes love. In this beautiful scenery, leaving the forever imprint of love, extraordinarily romantic.
If there is plenty of time, be sure to stroll again at the Old Bridge at night and admire Heidelberg in the night. Standing on the bridge overlooking the old castle, you feel another kind of feeling that is completely different from "being in the middle of it".
Follow the light guide and follow the steps to the river. From this perspective, the old bridge is more complete and seems to have more charm. The entire bridge is connected to the reflection in the water, creating a dreamlike scene.
Adam Yue