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Heihe is a prefecture-level city in northwest Heilongjiang, situated in the northern foothills of the Lesser Khingan Mountains and across the river from the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk. It is one of the original cities of China’s national “open border” strategy and an important center of border trade in the north. Heihe abounds in natural resources. It covers an expansive area of gorgeous scenery, including the five linked volcanic lakes of Wudalianchi and the Lesser Khingan Mountains.
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Things To Do in Heihe

Jinhe Grand Canyon
128 Reviews
The Jinhe Grand Canyon is located in the middle reaches of the Shijin River, a tributary of the Heilongjiang River. The depth of the canyon can reach 100 meters. The unique mountain and river cut form two curved canyons shaped like the Omega symbol. Extremely. The canyon area is beautiful and the jungle is flourishing. The scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter is different. Visitors can stroll through the forest path or overlook the viewing platform. As the famous writer Liang Xiaosheng said, the Jinhe Grand Canyon has a "stunning beauty."
Laohei Mountain
308 Reviews
Laohei Mountain, also known as Black Dragon Mountain, commonly known as Xianren Mountain, is a dormant volcano. It is one of the typical volcanoes in Wudalianchi. Due to its typical landforms, the forest is composed of black pumice. The green vegetation in summer and the white snow in winter can't hide its black luster, so it is called Black Dragon Mountain. The surrounding area of ​​Laohei Mountain is a lava platform. Many years ago, when the volcano erupted, the lava went along the white river, forming "Stone Dragon". The stone dragon scene is rare and is a famous landscape of the Laohei Mountain. Looking far away like the waves of the sea, myopia is strange. The strange lava channel and the stalactite in the lava cavity are attached to the walls of the cave. It is a wonder.
Wudalianchi Scenic Area
507 Reviews
Wudalianchi Scenic Area is located in Wudalianchi Town in the north of Heilongjiang Province. There are many volcanoes, which constitute a peculiar volcanic landscape. A large number of lava fields such as rope, twist, and wood row can be seen everywhere in the scenic area. Ascend to the crater to see the whole scenery, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hot spring lake area, see the mossy woods on the ground, and the underground ice cave with icicles in the summer.
Wudalianchi Scenic Area Volcanic Magnetic Mineral Spring
16 Reviews
The volcanic magnetic mineral spring is located on the bank of Sanchi Lake in Wudalianchi Scenic Area, creating a healthy hot spring model with unique volcanic characteristics. There are a number of indoor and outdoor hot spring pools such as ecological bubble pools and combination pools, equipped with large-scale outdoor cinemas. Its five elements of soup washing, functional pool washing, tea spring soup washing, herbal pool washing, mud bath washing, jade cave, etc., using Wudalianchi natural volcanic mineral springs and mineral resources, assisting with functional services, let People get physical and mental relaxation here.
Beiyao Spring
106 Reviews
North Spring and South Spring, which are only about 100 meters away from South Spring, echo one of the famous springs in the Wudalianchi cold spring series. It is also another major source of water in the famous Wudalianchi mineral water. A pavilion was built directly above the spring to protect the entire spring. The modern pumping facilities continuously transport the spring water to the mineral water factory, and after special technical treatment, the bottles are shipped.
Aihui Ancient City
86 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The Aihui Ancient City is located in the town of Heihe in Heihe City. The Sino-Russian Treaty of Healing was signed here. An old pine in the city was planted to commemorate the meeting, also known as shame. In the city, there is a pavilion built in the Qing Dynasty - Kuixing Building, standing on the edge of the river, overlooking the grandeur of the Yangtze River in ten miles, and is also known as "the purpose of the Yangtze River."

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Heihe Weather

Nov 25, 2020
Intermittent Clouds
-16 ~ -8
Nov 26, 2020
-18 / -9
Nov 27, 2020
-17 / -9
Nov 28, 2020
-18 / -10
Nov 29, 2020
-19 / -11
Nov 30, 2020
-19 / -14
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Heihe
Nov 25, 2020 Heihe Weather:Intermittent Clouds, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:61%, Sunrise/Sunset:08:00/16:34

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