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Heng County

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Popular Attractions in Heng County

Jiulong Waterfalls Forest Park
63 Reviews
The Jiulong Waterfalls Forest Park is located in the west of the town of Longshan, an original ecological scenery. In the park, the old trees and old vines cover the sky, the water is rich, and the water flows all the year round. It flows into a waterfall. In the park, there are more than 20 waterfalls, big and small, each with its own characteristics. The waterfall bends down the rock, like countless dragons falling vertically. This is the attraction “Qunlong Welcome”, in addition to the spectacular “Double Dragon Play Ball” and the “Zilong Meet” with purple romantic atmosphere. And other attractions.
Chinese Jasmine Garden
23 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Mount Baohua
22 Reviews
Mount Baohua, also called Mount Nan, is located in Nanshan Forest, Heng County, Nanning City. It is one of taller mountains in Heng County, with a majestic atmosphere. It is also a famous Buddhist mountain in Guangxi, and praised as Mount Xiaowutai. It has beautiful scenery and many rare species of bird, such as snow crane and little egret. Attractions include Yinlong Palace, Fangsheng Pond, and Tianzi Bridge. It is a great place to relax and spend one's holidays.
Xijin Lake
26 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
Xijin Lake is located to the southwest of the county town of Hengxian County, and is named after the Xijin Hydropower Station. The scenic area is laid out in five parts: the lake sightseeing area, the peninsula resort area and the power plant sightseeing area. In the scenic area, you can enjoy the beautiful Xijin Lake and the serene deep green mountains, which set each other off in a beautiful contrast. At the same time, in addition to being able to see the entire power generation process in the hydropower plant, in Xijin Power Station you can also learn about ship lock navigation and hydrometeorological observation principles. In addition, through historical pictures and videos, you can learn about the special historical and human environment of Xijin Power Plant and find out about electric power and shipping, seeing the modern power industry in all its aspects.

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Trip Moments

Hengxian County, which is more than 100 kilometers away from Nanning, is not only rich in historical and cultural heritage, but also beautiful in natural scenery. It is suitable for weekend leisure vacations. There is a holy mountain in Fozi Village of Liantang Town. There is a holy tea valley on the mountain. Sitting on a thousand acres of tea garden, it is one of the most beautiful 30 tea gardens in the country. Tea Garden is also a resort. Come to the tea garden to learn about the whole process from tea picking to finished product. Hengxian is the most famous jasmine flower, and the tea culture is very popular. There are several tea gardens in the county, and the tea produced in South China has a high reputation. The tea garden is built on the mountain and stacked on top of each other. The tea farmers are local villagers who skillfully pick the tea leaves. These tea leaves are dried directly and placed in a wok for processing. Visitors are interested and can learn and even participate. Come in. Shengcha Valley is adjacent to the famous Xijin Lake in Hengxian County. Standing on the top of the mountain, it is the Xijin Wetland Park. The small islands are scattered in the lake. The river is densely covered like a small Qiandao Lake. Chashan is green all the year round and the air is fresh. Wooden house villas have also been built in the tea garden for tourists. It is suitable for weekend leisure vacations. The two-day tour is the most suitable, and there is everything in the mountains to eat and play. When the weather is good, you can enjoy the sunset at the top of the mountain. Of course, you can also enjoy the vast starry sky at night. It is a luxury to see the stars in the city. It is always visible here, there are almost no industrial enterprises around, and the ecological environment is good.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Yujiang is the largest tributary of the Xijiang River system in the Pearl River Basin. It originated in Yunnan and mainly flows through the southwestern part of Guangxi. It is an important shipping channel and has an important strategic position since ancient times. As early as 41 AD, the Eastern Han Dynasty Fubo General Ma Yuan was stationed here, repairing the river, and rectifying the cross toe in the south. In Wuman Beach in Heng County, there is a temple that retains the most complete temple in the Yujiang River Valley, which was built to commemorate the Ma Yuan, the general of the Eastern Han Dynasty. This Fubo Temple has a history of nearly 2,000 years. The most interesting natural wonder is that the temple is surrounded by green trees, but the roof does not have a leaf. Ma Yuan is a famous Eastern Han Dynasty. In 41 AD, Jiaozhi County (now Vietnam) was a poetry and he was a wicked one. He was shackled by the Shouzhi County Taishou Suding, and his wifes wife and his sister took the opportunity. Insurgent rebellion, the side of the levy is self-reliant. Hanguang Wudi ordered the Ma aid general to rate 100,000 troops and more than 2,000 ships and south to rebel. When Ma Yuan General came here, the Wuman Beach, where the reefs stood, blocked the channel. General Ma Yuan commanded the officers to dredge the river and quickly rushed to the cross to destroy the "two levies" rebels. When returning to the division, General Ma Yuan once again dredged and widened the river to benefit the people. In order to commemorate General Ma Yuanjun, during the Hanzhang Emperor's reign, Hengzhou officials and local people started construction of the Fubo Temple. After carefully observing the roof of this temple, I found that there is really no leaf in it. It is very strange and has become a mystery of the ages.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Have you seen jasmine? I have seen it. Have you seen 10,000 acres of jasmine? No. In the Chinese Jasmine Garden in Heng County, Guangxi, 10,000 acres of jasmine flowers are in full bloom, and the rich floral fragrance is blowing in the face. It is a sigh of spleen and walks away in the Chinese Jasmine Garden. The aroma is more pure and pure than a good jasmine tea. Heng County is located about 100 kilometers east of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, and is one of the oldest counties in Guangxi. The predecessor of Hengxian County, Anguang County, has been in the county for six years since the Han Dynasty Emperor Yuan Ding (111 BC), and has a history of more than 2,100 years. Hengxian has a small area, but it has a profound culture and history. Of course, jasmine is a business card of Heng County, which is more attractive. mentioned jasmine, first think of Heng County, Guangxi. This small town enjoys the reputation of the hometown of Chinese jasmine. It began to grow jasmine more than 400 years ago. The jasmine planting area of the county has reached 100,000 mu, and 80% of the national jasmine and jasmine tea production comes from Hengxian. Zhonghua Jasmine Garden is located in Shijing Village, the school chair town, 10 kilometers away from the county seat. There are more than 50 different varieties of jasmine in the Chinese Jasmine Garden. It is the grand view garden of jasmine. The jasmine flower of Hengxian County begins to bloom from April every year and continues until September. Jasmine picking is still very technical, the flower pattern is relatively small, it must be picked before the flower is opened.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018
Hengxian County, Nanning, Guangxi, about 100 kilometers away from Nanning, this small city has a rich cultural heritage, and many ancient villages have been transformed into tourist attractions, allowing visitors to understand the local culture. The village of the school chair town has a history of about 300 years and is a typical Zhuang village. The males in the village are surnamed Wei, the village is not large, and the environment is excellent. There are ponds in the village, the lotus has already been opened, the lotus leaves are withering, and there is a little autumn atmosphere. The banana tree is so fruitful that it can be picked and eaten. The houses of these villagers have been converted into a special experience hall, in which the food experience is the most important. The sweet corn is produced in the village, and the locals only eat the fresh sweet corn that was picked up that day. The soft and sweet taste is so fresh that the people in the city can't eat it so fresh. It is understood that the village has a long history. From the construction of the village to the present, there have been 13 generations, nearly three hundred years of history. In recent years, the village has paid attention to the protection of local traditional architecture and folk customs, and is a window for tourists to understand the culture of Zhuang. Of course there is also glutinous rice, which is a local speciality snack. In the kitchen, the aunt is making hand-made glutinous rice flour. The rice noodles are spread into a uniform pancake on the glutinous rice, and then placed in a steaming steamer. It takes only one or two minutes to steam, and the powder that has just been baked is translucent. shape. Just cut it and mix it with the seasoning. This taste is so tempting that visitors in these cities can't stop.
Posted: Dec 21, 2018