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Hongcheng Hot Spring

Hongcheng Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/515 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hongcheng Hot Spring lies in Qidong County. The spring is surrounded by mountains and the water is always warm and clear. The spring is not affected by the rainy season. Although there is rain all year round, it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Visitors can bathe in winter. Hongcheng Hot Spring was discovered around the year 1198. Zhang Yanyuan, a celebrity in Ming-dynasty Chang’an, wrote poems on the rocks here.
Longnü Hot Spring

Longnü Hot SpringNearby City

4.2/5124 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-23:00 (Local time)
Legend has it that Longnü Hot Spring is a sweet spring bestowed by heaven for Longnü as a source of drinking water and for bathing. The hot mineral spring is from thermal water deep underground. The spring water is clear, and can be used for drinking water and bathing. Water amusements are the main thing Longnü Hot Spring has to offer, but it's also the third in a line of international and Chinese hot springs. The water amusements consist of a children's water park, indoor hot spring, outdoor hot spring, lazy river and twisted slides. The outdoor hot spring boasts a picturesque landscape, and is an ideal place to relax.
Huitang Huatiancheng Hotspring Holiday Hotel

Huitang Huatiancheng Hotspring Holiday HotelNearby City

4.5/5325 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
9:00-24:00 (Local time)
Huitang Huatiancheng Hotspring Holiday Hotel of Shitang Hot Spring is the same as the Yangbajing in Tibet and the Beitou Hot Spring in Taiwan. It is a rare natural resource in China. There are several holes in the gray soup spring pool. The spring water is bubbling at four o'clock, and the water drops are in a string. The crystal is white and jade, with a slight sulphur smell. Therefore, the name of "Tangquan Boiling Jade" is one of the ten scenic spots in Ningxiang. The pond near the hot springs is warm in winter and spring. The fish and ducks are tender, the meat is tender, the bones are crisp, the marrow is many, and the taste is beautiful. The world is called "soup fish" and "soup duck". It is a tribute for the Ming and Qing Dynasties. You can try it.
Zilongwan Hotspring International Hotel

Zilongwan Hotspring International HotelNearby City

4.3/5397 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-22:30. The Spring Water Park has officially opened, opening hours: 10:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00, 19:00-21:30. (Local time)
Zilongwan Hotspring International Hotel stands before Dongpu Mountain and faces Zilong Lake. It features gorgeous scenery and fresh air, perfect for a soak in the springs. The hot springs area includes a hot springs forest surfing pool, hot springs waterfall, fire and ice springs, pulse massage springs, fish therapy pools, hot spring water sports, hot spring yoga, and more. Entertainment options include KTV, chess, cards and table tennis, all alongside magnificent scenery.
Golden Sun Hot Spring Resort

Golden Sun Hot Spring ResortNearby City

4.5/5516 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-24:00 (Local time)
Golden Sun Hot Spring Villa is located in Ningxiang County, Changsha City and belongs to a natural hot spring whose water quality is like jade. It boils like a soup roll. The Spa services are thoughtful and the project is relatively complete and there are a variety of hot spring baths such as Chinese angelica, red dates, roses, milk, etc.which provide good ginger sweet warm water throughout for guests to drink and quench the thirst and also to refresh themselves. In this place, the guests can enjoy the quiet and calm atmosphere which enables them to have a comfortable time to relax and ease the exhaustion of the journey.
Bella Town

Bella TownNearby City

4.3/5159 Reviews
Entertainment Center
9:30-17:00 (Local time)
Bella Town is situated in Guangming Village, Bairuopu Town, Wangcheng District, Shashi City. Set outdoors there is manual experience education, outdoor professional experience education, and children's comprehensive quality education (assisted by German-French imports, more than 70 categories of non-powered equipment, with its own professional team to develop younger car quality education courses as the core) in one. For the purpose of enhancing the development of young childrens, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor and other aspects of China's youth. This place is a car education parent-child paradise.
Mingyue Mountain

Mingyue MountainNearby City

4.6/51,856 Reviews
Historical Site
National Park
Mingyue Mountain is located in the hot springs town of Wentang, Yichun City. Here you will find waterfalls, streams, high mountains, beautiful sunrises, and more sites of natural splendor to enjoy. You can also visit major Taoist and Buddhist religious buildings and ruins. Furthermore, since Mingyue Mountain is in a hot springs town, you can enjoy the comfort and relaxation of the hot springs after your mountainside adventure.
Hunan General Labour Union Huitang Hot Spring Workers Nursing Home

Hunan General Labour Union Huitang Hot Spring Workers Nursing HomeNearby City

5/52 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:00-23:00 (Local time)
Xiangdian Huitang Hot Spring Mountain Villa

Xiangdian Huitang Hot Spring Mountain VillaNearby City

4.3/531 Reviews
Hot Spring
Wugongshan Junyi Hot Springs

Wugongshan Junyi Hot SpringsNearby City

4.7/5224 Reviews
Hot Spring
The Wugongshan Junyi Hot Springs are located entirely within the magnificent National Forest Park. The site has four functional areas: a hotel service area, a hot spring bathing area, a commercial service area and a healthy living area. The hot spring area has more than sixty special hot spring baths, all in different styles. Here, there are no urban crowds, no noise and no turmoil. This is a tranquil place where visitors can experience the true nature of the great outdoors. The air and water here are both very clear. This makes it possible for visitors to fully enjoy the great outdoors, listen to the sounds of flowing water and rustling bamboo, wake up to the smell of flowers and the songs of birds.