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About Hengshan

Hengshan is one of China's five great mountains. It is located in Hunan Province's Hengyang City. At an altitude of 1,300 meters and because of the good climatic conditions, the mountain is verdant and thick with greenery. The natural scenery is breathtakingly gorgeous. As a result, it is known by the beautiful moniker of "the Great Southern Mountain." The Hengshan Mountains have a total of 72 peaks including Changsha's Yuelu Mountain and Hengyang's Huiyan Peak. Hengshan—the Great Southern Mountain—also holds many places of interest as well as myths and legends, which have formed a rich and colorful culture. It is like a giant park or garden harmoniously merging humanistic culture with beautiful landscape.

Popular Attractions in Hengshan

Mount Heng Scenic Area
2,481 Reviews
Located in Hengyang, Hunan Province, the Mount Heng Scenic Area includes the major attractions of Mount Heng and the Grand Temple of Mount Heng. The vegetation here is green and lush throughout the year, and there is a feeling of tranquility all around. Many temples dot the area, adding a pious tone to Mount Heng. The Grand Temple of Mount Heng at the foot of the mountain is an enormous group of ancient buildings in a palace style. It hosts a grand temple fair every year.
Grand Temple of Mount Heng
1,198 Reviews
The Grand Temple of Mount Heng is located at the foot of Mount Heng. It has an expansive, palace-style layout. The main hall is dedicated to Zhurong, the Chinese god of fire. Zhurong is believed to have held the governmental office of Minister of Fire under the Yellow Emperor, and was also in charge of southern affairs. He was given the title “Divine Emperor of Mount Heng.” The square in front of the temple is used for traditional performances and burning incense. According to legend, Zhurong was always considerate to the needs of his subjects. Due to his popularity, the temple is always full of incense offerings.
Zhu Rong Peak
422 Reviews
Zhu Rong Peak is located in the Hengshan Mountains. It is named after the god of fire. Climbing to the top of Zhu Rong Peak, visitors can marvel at the sight of rolling mountains and lush jungles below them. Standing atop the gigantic stones at the summit of Zhu Rong Peak is Zhu Rong Temple. Zhu Rong Temple has solid granite walls and a roof covered with iron tiles. Behind the temple is a platform, upon which stands a towering rock. Clearly visible Chinese inscriptions have been carved into the rock. Next to the Sunrise Watching Platform there is a stone stele inscribed with the four characters "观日出处" meaning "to view the sunrise.” It is a great place for visitors to come to watch the dawn.
Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area
155 Reviews
Huaguo Mountain Scenic Area is located in the Xiyou Dongtian Scenic Area in Baiguo Town, Hengshan County. It has several typical Danxia caves. The scenic area combines myths and legends to recreate Journey to the West written by Wu Cheng'en, and reproduces wonderful set pieces from the book. The scenic area is composed of Huaguoshan stone carvings and beautiful monkey rocks making it an ideal place for reminiscing about one's childhood.

Hengshan Weather

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Trip Moments

Posted: Dec 18, 2018
People who live in Hengyang for 21 years, give you a little advice on Nanyue tourism Hengyang locals teach you to play Hengshan, the university is reading in Hengyang, and the most common place to go with parents is Hengshan. Introduction: , Wuyue Duxiu, at the foot of Hengshan, Nanyue Temple is full of incense! The first batch of national 5A-level tourist attractions; has the title of the first temple in the south of the Yangtze River and is one of the largest ancient architectural complexes in China. The Nanyue Temple is divided into nine-in-four courtyards, with lush forests and towering turrets, which are comparable to the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Confucius Temple in Shandong. About food: Hengshan rice noodle shop features three fresh powder and fresh boiled bone powder is very good! There are also folk traditional snacks such as rice tofu Chinese food can also be eaten in the mountains, the market price is a little more expensive, someone will pull you, must be Hengshan Xianggan, super delicious. About the ticket: The ticket for the scenic spot is implemented in the off-season season, the off-season (from November to March) is 40 yuan, and the peak season price is 60 yuan. Older children and students can purchase discount tickets. The scenic area has time for sightseeing, usually 1-2 hours. About transportation: Hengshan is convenient for transportation. Whether coming from Changsha or Guangzhou, it is recommended to go to Hengshan West Station, which is the high-speed railway station. Hengshan West Station is very close to Hengshan Mountain. There is a bus to the Hengshan Bus Station near the scenic spot. , that is, Hengshan archway, the fare is 6 yuan. From here, you can walk to the main entrance of the scenic spot in 5 minutes.
Posted: Dec 27, 2018
# inventory, my Wuyue Hengshan tour Hengshan, one of the five mountains, from the nearest Guangdong, before the rush to see the fog, the result is bad luck or not seen, the hind foot to go On the first day, there was a smog. It really looks like RP roots are better than the yin of the scene. Su Huafei, Dan Xiufang. Lin Qing wall, is a purple house., feathers to fly. Nanyue Hengshou Tour is a harvest of misty mountains and valleys, more suitable for Buddhists to climb the top of the cable car compare the price of seafood, the price of smog is 128 (the cable car back and forth + round trip transfer) the usual price 78 (Gondola round-trip + one-way downhill drive) So in the entire mountaineering hike in Hengshan, how to save physical strength to get the best position? You need to look at the map at the foot of the mountain, mark the key location, and then climb the whole. preferred photo point: mountain foot temple red wall who said that must go into the temple to shoot, the red wall outside the temple has a taste, to the side of the station, a different visitor feel came out . Secondary photo point: Fanyin Ancient Road During the climbing process, you will see a variety of hiking trails, bend the trails to capture the back, or call the back friends to capture the back, very artistic conception. Key photo points: Zhu Rongfengding topping is a difficult and long process. Many people will rush to the big stone of "Nanyue Hengshan", which is too grounded. Losing the characteristics, you can take a slant and take a picture at the big stone of "Zhu Rongfeng". There are not many people.
Posted: Feb 26, 2019