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Things To Do in Heyang

Qiachuan Scenic Area
180 Reviews
Ornamental Hot spring
_CF***54I went to the Qiachuan Scenic Area once, which is also a very famous tourist attraction on the Yellow River. When I went there, I didn't ask for the tickets, and there were not many people. The mighty reeds were large in size and I spent a long time visiting.
Nearby City
Sima Qian Ancestral Hall
680 Reviews
Memorial Temple
非洲向阳菊Sima Qianzhen is really worth seeing, we went early, there were very few people, quiet environment, heavy historical feeling, it is awe-inspiring! Honor to the great Taishi Sima Qian! The online ticket purchase is both good and quick, but it has to be an hour early, fortunately, I bought it the first night. Great value for money, nice view, fun and fun, overall great,
Nearby City
Virgin Spring
128 Reviews
M22***36Last weekend, I made an appointment with two friends and went to the long-famous Qiachuan Scenic Area together to get a glimpse of the enchanting beauty of the Shili lotus pond. After arriving in Heyang County, it is actually quite convenient to take the Heyang-Qiachuan bus to the scenic area. I only found out after I went there. In fact, there are quite a lot of interesting attractions. The most comfortable is the hot spring bath, but the most eye-catching thing this season is the beauty of the Shili Lotus Pond! It is said that in the Virgin Spring, there was a pure love between Zhou Wenwang and the beauty of Qiachuan, Tai Si. The water temperature is 32℃ all year round. Because it is in the open air, it seems a little difficult to enter the water in winter, but it's a good thing to not enter the water this season. Although he can't swim, he dragged his swimming ring into the water carefully, only to find that the water didn't sink at all, and the spring water kept pouring out, which was very comfortable. Let's feel it for a while. By the way, look at the surrounding reeds. I don't know much about rare birds, but I really saw red-crowned cranes resting and white swans searching for food. After "out of the bath", hurry to see the lotus. Passing the Yiren Bridge, Shili Lotus Pond came into view. The lotus in June does not have the vastness of "the lotus leaves infinitely green", but "the five-inch lotus leaves are delicate, and the waves will not hinder the painting of the boat. When the wind is in April or May, it can also cover the waist of a beautiful woman." It's beautiful! Looking around, the greenish green floats on the water. Whether it is a lotus flower in full bloom or a bud that is waiting to be released, it looks particularly coquettish under the background of this green. The red is like fire, the pink is like rosy, the white is so pure, and the yellow is so brisk... A breeze drifts by, sending wisps of fragrance, not letting down the breeze, quickly take a few deep breaths, the whole person feels Sweet. Take a few steps forward and throw away the friends who are taking selfies. It seems that this whole lotus pond is like my own. You can think about anything or not. Whatever you want to do during the week, you can leave it alone. Enjoy the quiet that belongs to me and Lian. Of course, we don't dislike Wu Chuang who is a mandarin duck at all, and understand the so-called "busy mandarin ducks playing in the water". Maybe the busy ones didn't realize that I was watching them. The beauty of the lotus lies not only in her external brightness, but also in her character that is not stained from the silt, and more importantly, she is in this fertile Yellow River wetland. The riverside has a charming natural ecology, rich in fish and shrimp, and rare birds. Create a more beautiful natural scenery with beautiful water and flowers. "Lian's love, who is it with whom?" See how green the water is and how crisp the reeds are. As the sun sets, the reeds are rippling with golden waves, and the lotus pond is colorful. It's a pity that I just forgot to take pictures just to enjoy the scenery, haha! In short, Qiachuan is worth visiting! Decisively like one!
Nearby City
Guanque Tower
541 Reviews
Historical Architecture
AviationistaThe history of the Guanque Tower is inside the tower on how it was built and it has 6 storeys. at the top floor, you can see the gorgeous sighting of the Yellow River and Shaanxi province on the other side of the river and Henan province on the other side of the mountain(s)!
Nearby City
Dangjia Village
704 Reviews
姜如意In the west of the Yellow River in Shaanxi, a small town, with 500 years of history and culture, leaving a rich culture of home training, is also a big point to see here, there are many ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, well preserved, good tourist attractions.
Nearby City
Pujiu Temple
436 Reviews
strong钟12 kilometers from Yongji City, belongs to the West Xiang Village. The story of the West Xiang takes place, tour for an hour and a half, very good attractions. Zhang Sheng "counted the Luohan, swim the corridor, climb the White Tower", finally high school Zhuangyuan, hug the beauty return. There are 48 stories of the comics of the West Xiang on the corridor. Tickets are 54 yuan, parking fee is 10 yuan.

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Qiachuan Scenic Area
Qiachuan Scenic AreaWeinan,China

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Zhao Farm Tour
Zhao Farm TourWeinan,China

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Yellow River Wetland Scenic Area
Yellow River Wetland Scenic AreaWeinan,China

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Siren Dingzhi Heyang Zuqiu Club
Siren Dingzhi Heyang Zuqiu ClubWeinan,China

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Shenguogucheng Children Amusement Park
Shenguogucheng Children Amusement ParkWeinan,China

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Heyangxian Museum
Heyangxian MuseumWeinan,China

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Heyang Weather

May 10, 2021
12 ~ 29
May 11, 2021
Light rain
11 / 24
May 12, 2021
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May 13, 2021
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May 14, 2021
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May 15, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Heyang
May 10, 2021 Heyang Weather:Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:56%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:40/19:32
Heyang Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Heyang, including: Qiachuan Scenic Area,Shenguogucheng Children Amusement Park,Heyang Archives Hall
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