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Trip Moments

Bavarian Manor
At four o'clock in the afternoon, it was a good time to play in DD Paradise. The sun was not so strong, the temperature was not so high, and the light was very abundant.
DD Water World is the largest water park in China, covering an area of about 50,000 square meters. There are 29 water recreation projects including inflatable water rushing, jungle adventure, dinosaur world and six giant slides.
Rainbow slides, colorful slides, cool and exciting from the rainbow, like the romantic innocent concept of walking in the fairy tale world. The color of the slide is soft, just like a natural, giving people a comfortable visual experience. The
large crabs are huge and the 16-meter-high giant slides are breathtaking. The colors are generous and clean, and the unique appearance is fascinating. Difficult to climb the crab mouth, the rapid decline from the crab mouth. The
six-slide is 56 meters long and has super-wide and extra-wide slides. The 5-story high speed drop allows you to instantly fall into the unique charm of the galloping slide. In addition to the dazzling fascination, it brings you a cool experience of instant screaming and soul screaming, and surrendering your hands.
Overwater rushing, full length 55 meters, a total of 7 levels, respectively, there are some water, busy, space walk, fish jump gantry, desperate jump, step by step, climb the peak, and finally climb the big The stage is also ringing the drums.
Parent-child combination sits on a variety of boats to a gentle water gun contest.
Ticket price: 100 yuan.
Opening time: 10
Rachel Yu
Bavarian Manor
Traveling to Heyuan, it is a good choice to enjoy the large-scale historical poetry drama "HomeSource" at the Yuanyuan Theater in the Bavarian Manor.
This is a large-scale theater built with Hakka earth buildings as a blueprint for design. The "HomeSource" song and dance performances performed at fixed time in the theater reproduce the Hakka ancestors from the Central Plains through special performances such as song and dance and acrobatics. Landing Lingnan and creating a story of a splendid regional culture.
"HomeSource" in the world's first Tulou panoramic theater show, the creative design team of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games has been built for three years. The
Jiayuan Theater is magnificent, and it is said to cost more than 120 million yuan. The seats can carry 500 spectators. During the performance, the auditorium rotates 360 degrees with the changes of the plot and performance angles. It is amazing!
The light and shadow mottled appeared five lines, and the star moved to the five images. Aoki, red fire, platinum, blue water, loess, one flower and five leaves, walking the world, there are Hakka children in the tangible place. Vertical and horizontal jungle, climbed to the top, galloping the ice, traveling to the ocean, the soul returned to the family.
There is a lifting stage in the middle of the theater. The artists often come out unexpectedly from the ground, and the superb performance skills won the audience screaming.
The clowns have played a variety of performances, and they are also humorous. Skilled turnball skills, humorous body language won the scenes of laughter and cheers. The
bride group dance presents a lively scene for the audience. The artists are dressed in red new costumes and write the shyness and joy of the newly married woman on the face. The soft body and gorgeous costumes highlight the charm of national dance.
Bavarian Manor
Guangdong Heyuan Holiday, in addition to indulging in the charming Bavarian manor scenery, in fact, you can also enjoy the park with friends of different sizes, the Black Forest Paradise in the manor is a good place to go.
Black Forest is a playful paradise for children. It is also a time for big friends. Star speed, joy train, small pendulum, dream turn horse, high-altitude bicycle and so on. More than ten amusement equipments evoke the fairy tale memories of big friends. Many young people and tourists from the whole family were seen at the scene.
Bumper car is one of the most classic electric games, with pedals for acceleration, and the steering wheel for steering. In the Black Forest, many adults also join the play team. Many parents are pointing and caring for love. Female, the atmosphere is excellent!
"Frog Jump" amusement machine is a kind of amusement equipment with uniform speed and stepped down. There are six seats in total. After the operator sits on the seat, the seat belt and the pole are buckled. The tourists are raised to a certain level. The height, then the jump-down segmentation, is like sitting on the back of a big frog. The frogs in the Black Forest Park have many tourists, and many parents who have fun with children have been seen on the scene.
Black Forest Park has a number of projects suitable for children to play, not only allows children to experience the excitement and fun of adventure, but also to maximize the psychological ability of children, the difficulty coefficient and safety factor is just right.