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Popular Attractions in Hezuo

Hezuo Forest Park
30 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Hezuo, Gannan, Gansu, China
Labrang Monastery
659 Reviews
Located in Gannan District's Xiahe County, Labrang Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Gelug (Yellow) Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery is large in scale and high in status. A representative example of the monasteries and temples throughout Gannan, it is a must-see for visitors to the area. It is a majestic temple complex. It offers spectacular sights while walking through and also when taking in a panoramic bird's-eye view from its highest point. The monastery is full of giant Buddha statues and various exquisite sculptures, murals and countless musical instruments. Furthermore, the long corridor of the Labrang Monastery is a sight rarely seen anywhere else in the world. This is a place where pilgrims come to accumulate merit and to pray for friends and relatives.
Sangke Grassland
320 Reviews
Sangke Grassland is in the west of Xiahe County, south of Gansu Province. There are hills and countryside with grassland. Every summer, lush green grass and wild flowers are everywhere. When you come to the Sangke Grassland, you can rent horses and ride in the local area and experience Tibetan traditional folk customs, such as Zanba, butter tea and Guozhuang dance. In addition, every summer there are festivals, such as the Xianglang Festival, on the grassland. In the evening, herdsmen often sing together and perform the Guozhuang dance. The families you stay with often hold such activities as well. If you are lucky enough, join them to experience the joyous grassland style!
Hezuo Temple
11 Reviews
About 1 km east of Gannan Cooperative City, Gansu Province

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Jun 2, 2020
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Jun 4, 2020
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Jun 5, 2020
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Trip Moments

On the 14th day of the first month of each year, in accordance with the traditional Tibetan customs, the Mila Bhaban Pavilion in the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Cooperation City of Gansu Province will hold a meditation dance. Milajiba is a famous ancestor of the Kagyu School. It is the story of Shengdi Milajis persuasion of the hunter, Gong Baoduojie. Advising the good dance is to persuade people to do good through colorful Tibetan costumes and Tibetan dance styles! The fam dance activity is divided into several sessions. As the drum sounds, the performance of the "" (the dancer) enters the venue. ("Sakamoto" according to the "conversion" (jumping) and the previous generation of "Sakamoto" words and deeds and passed on from generation to generation.) "" clothing mainly based on the Buddhist classics on the image of each god Described by the description, the black hat curse's hat is the most common, black wide-brimmed hat, hat top decoration, diamond enamel, decorated with golden moir, golden dragon pattern, colored silk and so on. "" (Dancer) Dressed in a gorgeous embroidered color robes, shoulders with satin inlaid embroidered vests, waist lined with implements, enamel and other patterns of silk brocade aprons, ankle boots . Hold the diamond bell on the left and the konjac on the right. The konjac is used to repair the volts, and it can be used to reduce the blame. (I don't understand the difference between the instruments and the special comparison picture I made.) "" dance is not arbitrary, and there are rules and requirements for complete movements. There are different dance steps, rotation techniques, etc. in the whole dance, and the change of gestures with dance is more diverse. French dance "Yum" is a unique form of religious art performance in Tibetan areas. After thousands of years of inheritance and evolution, it is not only the performance needs of religious beliefs and ritual activities, but also the culture and art of Tibetan people. Social customs and other aspects have had a profound impact. If you have a chance to come to Tibet, don't miss this rare Tibetan cultural experience. Tips: The first month and the July Mila Bhafo Pavilion have grand ceremonies, accompanied by wonderful dance performances!
Posted: Jun 3, 2016
The Meiren Prairie is located in the east of the cooperative city of Gansu Province. It is a unique alpine meadow steppe in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Meiren Prairie did not undergo excessive artificial development and quietly bloomed its beauty. The alpine meadow grassland here is very unique and has become a must-see for Gannan. Meiren grassland is a plateau marsh grassland, which is a very unique type of grassland in China. Looking at the beautiful grassland, it is like a large mushroom head. The blossoming gap is scattered in the depths of the grassland, accompanied by wildflowers, which makes people fall in love at a glance. The spring, summer, autumn and winter of Meiren Prairie are like an oil painting, which has been spread from the front to the far side. In spring, everything recovers, spring is full; summer is full of grass, comfortable and pleasant; autumn is clear and clear, autumn is high; winter is snowy, snowy sunset. Here is a shooting paradise for photography enthusiasts. The beauty of the Meiren Prairie seems to have a magical power. Even if you don't have professional shooting equipment, you can take advantage of the mobile phone to capture unlimited scenery. Mayren Summer There is a kind of travel, called summer to go to the grassland! 20° Gannan, the beautiful and beautiful grasslands of the United States, the beautiful scenery makes us stunned. For those who live in the city, the grassland always gives people unlimited imagination, and the Meiren grassland brings us wonderful beauty!
Posted: Aug 13, 2019
Zha (g) is an ancient city in Yiwa Township, located more than 30 kilometers northwest of Diebu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province. The Tibetan language means Shizizi. The terrain is like a giant palace with a large scale and a natural rock wall. Zha That the mountain is steep, misty, like a fairyland. A variety of production activities such as nomadic, farming, hunting and plucking in the Tibetan village are rationally matched and complemented, which has become a model for people to live in harmony with nature. Zhana in Yiwow Township, Diebu County, Gansu Province is a Tibetan language, meaning Shizizi. Zhaqin Mountain is located in Yiwa Township, 34 kilometers northwest of Diebu County. It is a complete natural Shicheng custom. It is called the "King of the King". The terrain is like a giant palace with a large scale, and a complete ancient city built by natural rock walls. Zhengbei is a majestic, majestic and glorious mountain with a gleaming peak. The ancient name "Shijing Mountain" has its name because of its gray-white rock. It is famous for its easy-reflecting light in the east; the rocky wall in the east rises into the sky, and the clouds are haunted; The pinnacles rise from the ground, and they stand together to form a stone gate; then south to the east wow, the Naga area, the cliffs stand, the clear stream rises and falls, the water mill flywheel, the flow continues. The mountain is steep and beautiful, like a large-scale stone palace. Although this paradise was named as the birthplace of Adam and Eve as early as nearly a hundred years ago, it is still a virgin land.
Posted: Aug 14, 2019
The buildings in the Gannan cooperation city have obvious Tibetan characteristics. It belongs to the Amdo Tibetan area. Lamas are often seen on the streets. The most famous sights in the city are the nine-storey Buddhist pavilion in the north of the city. The full name of Amdo cooperates with Mila Bhafo. Go to the 9th floor of the Buddhist Pavilion. You can take Bus No.1 and get off at the Nine-Layer Buddha Pavilion stop. If you have enough time, you can walk and walk 20 minutes north from Shambhala Square in the city center. Arrived. If you walk 20 minutes to the south, you will arrive at the southernmost tip of the city. The cooperative urban area is so small. Gannan Prefecture and Sichuan border, there are many Sichuan food restaurants on the roadside, there are many stalls selling snacks, life is quite convenient, bought a steamed potato to taste. The spectacular white towers line up in a row, which is common in Tibetan areas, but it is still very shocking. Just the good weather of the blue sky and white clouds suddenly became dark clouds, and a heavy rain is coming. In the past few days in the northwest, there is a rain every afternoon, and the poncho must be brought out when going out. Gannan dark night, the nine-story Buddhist pavilion closed early, when it was here, the tourists were not allowed to enter, but also caught up with the sudden heavy rain, but had no choice but to find a place to hide from the rain. The white tower in the Tibetan area is very common and beautiful in appearance. After the rain stops, you can take a close look at the Buddhist pavilion that was built in the Qing Dynasty (1777).
Posted: Dec 28, 2018
Posted: Aug 14, 2019