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Can't-Miss Landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City


Pham Ngu Lao Street

751 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
1.3km from downtown
Featured Neighborhoods
Lavender and Sun
"Fan Wulao, a villager of Fuyu (Enshi) in Xing'an Province, is a man of both civil and military strength, with a great embrace and noble character. Fan Wulao, a civilian born, made a great contribution in the second and third Mongol-Vietnamese Wars of the Chen Dynasty. His officials, the supreme general, and his high moral standing were respected."

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

1,038 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
240m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"When I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at night, I went to play in the city center as soon as I settled down in the hotel. I first saw the night view of Notre Dame Cathedral, and then I saw the whole picture the next day. The Gothic architecture is really beautiful."

Central Post Office

1,193 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
337m from downtown
Historical Architectures
Buildings by Famous Architects
Lavender and Sun
"Ho Chi Minh City is a very romantic city, Margaret Duras's "Lover" story is taking place here. The city of Ho Chi Minh City, originally known as Saigon, has been under French colonial rule for more than 70 years since 1859, leaving behind many French-style buildings. The most representative of these are the Red Church and the Century Central Post Office."

Bitexco Financial Tower

258 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
1.2km from downtown
Modern Architecture
Observation Decks
"If you want to see the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City, this is the best place to visit, it is recommended to buy a combo ticket and visit Heineken tour, well worth a visit, of course including free beer, not 1 cup, 3 cups! The financial tower in Vietnam is really very stingy, you can also see the sunset, the sun is less, the night view is beautiful, you can watch the whole Ho Chi Minh City, I will go again."

Reunification Palace

495 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
255m from downtown
Historical Architectures
Lavender and Sun
"The palace, located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, was built by the French colonists to strengthen their rule in Vietnam by the then governor of southern Vietnam, La Grandeille, on February 23, 1869, and is called the "Norodom Palace," It is actually the governor's office of France throughout the Indo-Chinese region."

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

467 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
579m from downtown
City Halls
Historical Architectures
Lavender and Sun
"The Ho Chi Minh City Government Building, formerly Sai Kung Town Hall, is a strong French-style building with a simple two-story structure, a bright yellow exterior and a lively design."

Saigon Opera House

281 Reviews
Ho Chi Minh City
770m from downtown
""The opera house, a French colonial relic, was designed by the ornate architecture of the Third Republic of France. Its roofs and all the decorations were brought from Paris, and the decorations and furniture were designed by French artists." So there is the original French style. Although the opera house now has a luxurious and magnificent French appearance, it was not until 1998 that it was restored to its former glory after the first World War when the opera house was removed from its exterior decoration, prints and statues for criticism of the French exterior. "It is a place for many arts and crafts performances, including ballet, circus performances, among others, the most popular show in recent years, the most popular local circus performance in Vietnam." It is a very popular performance that is praised by the international media as international. It is a must to go when you punch in your photo."