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Hoi An Ancient TownNearby City

Hoi An Ancient Town

4.4/520 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Open from 8:00am-9:30pm (Local time)
"I came to the ancient town of Hoi An by boat, just like the Chinese, Japanese and Europeans who have settled here for hundreds of years. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Hoi An Port was the most important trading center in Southeast Asia. Later, due to the conflicts in Vietnam's internal struggle for power and profit, the outlet to the sea was finally blocked, and Hoi An remained silent. During this period of history in Hoi An, a large number of Chinese, Japanese, and European buildings have been formed, which are combined with the local culture of Vietnam. What is even more rare is that they have escaped the ravages of modern wars. In 1999, the ancient town of Hoi An was included in the United Nations World Cultural Heritage. The ancient town was given a new lease of life. Today, the Thu Bon River is still bustling with hustle and bustle, but has only become tourists from all over the world. The drizzle in Hoi'an adds a touch of luster, and the yellow exterior walls look deeper and mottled. The street layout and architectural style show the simplicity of Chinese architecture, just like a small town in Lingnan. Small towns in the south are always full of greenery and flowers, and Hoi An is no exception. The aerial roots of the banyan tree "thousands of green ribbons hanging down", the flowers of various colors "the official city of Huazhong", surrounded by flowers and plants bloom on both sides of the streets. The shop is full. The lanterns in Hoi An are different from China, with bright colors and different shapes. The lights are projected through lanterns of various patterns and colors. The lanterns are the most enchanting when they first come on. There are lanterns on the bank, and the river is not idle. Vendors sell river lanterns. The water flows gently with the river lanterns, and reflects the lights on the shore. It is really hard to tell which one is the river lantern. Small boats can also carry people for night cruises. If you want to come to watch this radiant night scene on the boat, you don't have to shoulder to shoulder with others. It's not fun. This situation reminds me of Mr. Zhu Ziqing's "Qinhuai River in the Shadow of Oars"."