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Cheung Chau

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The Southwest Area of Hong Kong Island
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About Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau is an island 10 km southwest of Hong Kong Island. It is nicknamed the "dumbbell island" due to its shape. It has a very quaint and picturesque harbor bustling with activity. Fishing vessels, trawlers, junks, and sampans cross back and forth throughout the day. Cheung Chau also has a lovely waterfront promenade lined with cafes, souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, and dried food stalls. Although small, there is lots to do on Cheung Chau and visitors can easily spend a day or two exploring. There are the beaches, small temples, and short hikes to catch some splendid views. A highlight is the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival, a week of colorful celebrations held normally in May.

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The Southwest Area of Hong Kong Island
Top recommendations for the best restaurants near cheung chau are: Morocco's, ChocoDuck Bistro, The Pink Pig Music Bar and Restaurant
These are the places that you must visit near cheung chau: Peng chau Island, Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, Lower Cheung Sha Beach, Tai Tung Shan, Lantau Country Park


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  • susiezhan

    Hong Kong people often go to holiday islands. It goes directly by boat from Port 6 of Central Wharf. There are fast boats and slow boats. The Clipper's journey is 20 minutes, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the Slow Ship's journey is about 40 minutes, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. The hull load is quite large, so it can basically go up without being frightened by the long line of boarders. After getting off the ship, you can see a lot of publicity about vacation houses. If you want to go swimming by the sea and swim slowly on the island, it is also a good choice to stay in the vacation house for a night. We arrived at Changzhou Island in the morning and were in time for the May Day holiday. There were so many tourists on the island that the commercial streets were overcrowded. There are many mountain roads on the island. Some scenic spots need to be reached by climbing. Generally, people will choose to go down another road. So it is not necessarily a good choice to rent bicycles to visit the island. The port is located in the central part of Changzhou Island. It is a large commercial area centered on the port. Eating, lodging, snacks, renting bicycles and buying souvenirs are basically settled here. Fifteen minutes walk from the center to the beach, you can rent lounge chairs, umbrellas, but the beach is not big, and the holiday visitors are really very many!! Every year from May to June is the competition of Changzhou Island for Baoshan. Because of the security problems, Baoshan robbery was controlled by the government, and no shops were able to build Baoshan by themselves, only a stadium on the island was built for the use of competition. However, most of the souvenirs on the island are around Baoshan products, which are very lovely. The scenic spots in the north and south of the island are all on the hill. We ride to the foot of the hill on foot along the beach. Then we go up the hill to overlook the whole island and play until dark. Seafood on the island is very cheap. We choose a set of 3 dishes of HK$238. We can choose three from a long list of seafood. In addition, mango, glutinous rice dumplings and safety bags are all local characteristics, so we must not miss them!!

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    Reviewed on 1462587904000
  • bell2016

    Central Terminal 5, 1 hour by boat, Central to Cheung Chau, half an hour by boat, there are many people to and from, there are vacations, residents living in Cheung Chau, or Hong Kong local people to swim on the island. The temperature is very high. Fortunately, the tickets are luxury seats. The top floor of the ship has air conditioning, but the barbecue mode is opened when entering the island! _________ Walking around the island, eating some snacks on the island, going to the seaside to see, many people swimming and swimming at the seaside, are all roasted red by the hot sun... There are many Inns on the island, almost full! After staying one afternoon, we will go back to Central! I hope I have time to stay on Changzhou Island when I go to Hong Kong next time.

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    Reviewed on 1472127899000
  • KaZu0224

    Zhonghuan No. 5 Wharf is divided into ordinary boat and high-speed boat, which need 55/40 minutes respectively. High-speed boat is closed, but ordinary boat can open windows. People who are seasick may take ordinary boat better. If it doesn't matter, when you arrive at the wharf, you can see which ordinary boat HKD13.6 and high-speed boat HKD26.8 will be more expensive to come to Chengzhou on Sunday and holidays. You don't have to worry about it at all. For food, there are also Baijia, Huikang, Axinwu, Watson's, Wanning, 711, OK convenience stores and other chain stores on the opposite side of the pier. On the left hand, they go to the beach. Along the way, souvenirs are sold a little farther and there are a large row of big stalls. It is suggested that we take a look at the comments. Some stalls are not fresh. On the right hand, they walk along the seashore a little more than 1 kilometer. You can go to Zhang Baozi Cave with clear instructions. Halfway there is a barbecue park, and there is also a bathroom. The entrance of Zhang Baozi Cave is super small and it's all dark inside. After a visit to the entrance, you can withdraw. Although you haven't come in, you don't want to rent a tricycle on foot. It's very cheap to pack a HKD60 for a day. It's a good feeling for you to have a chance in the future. I still want to come.

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    Reviewed on 1549454231000
  • 叫翻我小卢

    Ten years ago, when I visited Lamma Island, I found that although it was very small, I felt very quiet. It was not suitable for vacation, but suitable for emptying myself. Two years ago, when I arrived at Changzhou Island, it was a different scene. Changzhou Island has only one hotel, four stars, very old, at the seaside. However, people who spend the night on Changzhou Island basically choose to stay at home. They want to book that very popular one, but only Hong Kong people can book it, and they have to pay first with the credit card of Hong Kong. Unable to do so, we can only go to the Changzhou Island dock and look at it again. The whole dock is full of rental stalls. It is frugal for people and can also provide mobile WIFI, which will be returned when checking out. But when we went there, some tourists must remember that if there was only one person, no shop would rent a house for you. You could only choose to camp on the beach. It is estimated that it was related to the suicide of many people who chose to burn charcoal in Changzhou's rental house in the past few years. It's a joke to say that no matter which house you live in, it's possible that you've ever lived in... As for diet, the island is basically a big stall, at night hungry can go to eat porridge, you can also go to convenience stores to buy some cooked food. If not during the peaceful period of Qing Dynasty, there are not many small stalls, and business hours are limited. Potato towers, which are popular nowadays, were eaten in Changzhou a few years ago. There is a post office on the island, which is very suitable for postcards. Pay attention to business hours.

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    Reviewed on 1472459845000
  • 小清新kira酱

    Leaving the prosperous city to experience the immersion of the village house, the state of Cheung Chau, in Hong Kong is like Gulangyu, which is closely related to Xiamen's lips and teeth. Although it is not so important for Xiamen's teeth to die, it is nothing more than a rich and colorful rendering of freehand brushwork, an extraterrestrial peach-blossom with longing heart, and a small companion who temporarily says that there is no contention for a hundred years to walk here, some just live and work in peace and contentment. Fishing boats moored on the shore are colorful, and tourists can sit on the beach and watch the ups and downs of mahjong sounds in the buildings. The narrowest place can only accommodate one person to cross the lane. You can experience the village house in the Hong Kong Opera, Baizhou, a village house in which there are many congratulations and newspapers, and the simple custom that women hold happy dinners during the New Year's festival. Infected by the bustling food square, you can't get out of it. Mint watermelon ice sticks, red heart pineapple ice sticks and glutinous rice minced sausage, meal balls, fish eggs are all available. Have you ever seen starfish packed in bags to sell? Have you ever eaten dried fish called one-night stands? There are also emerging creative fairs and individual shops. You might as well choose your favorite handicraft to leave a memory for this line. Attracted by the colorful Love Lock, he painted interesting graffiti with his own hands, showed great affection, experienced setbacks and tribulations, but I still believe that the two people who fastened the concentric lock will not disperse in the crowd.

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    Reviewed on 1519925606000
  • Pampam

    From Central Station A to Pier 5, 40 minutes by boat, it feels like a combination of rural/Dameisha/Gulangyu/Southeast Asia. Old Hong Kong has a strong humanistic atmosphere. It's not so serious. Many Hong Kong people relax and enjoy a leisure weekend. They recommend a seascape house for a night. It's worthwhile to listen to the waves. In the morning, you can see the sunrise downstairs and go around a bend to the beach. To see the sea swimming, hiking, barbecuing, eating, big stalls, snacks and wharfs, the tourist area near the two ends can walk half a day. Maybe it will take half a day to walk alone to get a little tired. If the alleys have slopes, pay attention to the price and the downtown area of Hong Kong is almost a good place for leisure and relaxation. Good luck. Good luck to see the new year's glorious momentum of fire and clouds.

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    Reviewed on 1486298001000
  • M19****886

    Changzhou Island Zhang Baozai (said to be a pirate) cave, small and secret, but I really do not know how to hide treasures? Humanistic atmosphere is very good, beautiful scenery, there are beaches, bays, a variety of delicacies, very lively, traditional culture and traditional cuisine are very distinctive. It happened to be an important festival for them. It was like greeting the Taiping Heavenly Emperor. There were cultural programs with local characteristics such as robbing Baoshan.

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    Reviewed on 1463395933000
  • 小豬妹bobo

    Changzhou Island is a small island in Hong Kong, collectively known as Changzhou. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to go to Hong Kong Island. There are two types of ships to provide services. The residents of Changzhou Island will work in Kowloon, Hong Kong, so the shipping schedule is very frequent. Be sure to walk to the beach when you get to Changzhou

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    Reviewed on 1499364965000
  • 小月亮弯弯

    Then it's exciting to take a new ferry to Changzhou Island as a landlocked man at sea! The VIP cabin on the second floor has plenty of air-conditioning on the deck to take beautiful soap tablets, but it's a sunny process from the clouds pressing the city to the clouds dispersing the fog on the way from the island to the island. Very amazing and beautiful! Beautiful to lose words beautiful to suffocate!! When the ferry is approaching Changzhou Island slowly, you can see that there are long dikes on both sides and many cargo ships really have a special feeling that they can make up 200,000 words of love and tangled Taiwanese gossip which have nothing to do with foreign fishing villages in a short time! But the real super sun in the island residential area casually turned around and sat on the chair beside the dock blowing the sea breeze to see the distant mountains and the hovering seagulls, then went to the Dongwan beach to step on the water and take photos to watch the Hawk helicopter eat snacks and buy dried seafood, and then returned.

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    Reviewed on 1503108519000
  • 正义的力量

    Unlike the bustling and noisy downtown area of Hong Kong, Changzhou Island retains the simplicity and purity of the small fishing village. It walks on the beach by the sea, shuttling through the narrow lanes, allowing time to pass slowly and savoring the quietness of the moment.

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    Reviewed on 1495463984000
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