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Shek O

4.6/5257 Reviews

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East of Stanley Peninsula, Hong Kong Island
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About Shek O

Shek O is a beach-side village located on the south-eastern part of Hong Kong Island. The name Shek O literally means "rocky bay" and the entire area is a peninsula facing the South China Sea. Shek O Beach is probably one of the most popular, and scenic beaches on Hong Kong Island. The fact it’s on the island makes it easy to access and Shek O has a wide selection of outdoor dining restaurants. It is often the first beach that anyone new to Hong Kong visits. From here you can glimpse the other side of Hong Kong, the side without skyscrapers.

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  • 芝士妹

    Shi'ao is surrounded by the sea on three sides and is surrounded by many peaks. Longji on the top of Shi'ao Mountain was selected as the best urban mountain path by the Asian edition of Time magazine in 2004, which shows how superior the ecological environment here is. Many of Hong Kong's top rich people, such as Bao Yugang's son-in-law, Kowloon Warehouse Chairman Wu Guangzheng and Li Zekai, live there. Before getting off the bus, you can see the magnificent scenery of Shi'ao. surrounded by green trees, it is the vast sea. The mountains are magnificent and the sea is endless. The blue sea water and the white sand beach contrast each other, making the scenery even more beautiful. Unfortunately, I was sitting on the bus, turning sharply, whistling by the edge of the cliff, and the branches beside me were beating against the windows, so I didn't have enough courage to spare my hands to shoot. Finally, I got off the bus, and finally I could enjoy the beautiful scenery. Shi'ao's beach is not long, only about 200 meters. This empty beach has a different kind of tranquility. The sand on the beach is very fine. Walking on the beach is like stepping on a soft carpet. The sea water is clear and you can easily see the shells and weeds in the sea. After playing on the beach, we continued to march towards Datou Island in Shi'ao, where the scenery was more beautiful. Along the way, I found that the village houses here are very European, and the colors are bright, and I feel very petty. After a long walk, you can see a magnificent mansion. Later, you can see that it is actually a temple or a memorial hall built by a big family named Yang. At the end, you will see Datouzhou. What a spectacular view! The waves are beating against the boulders on the shore, stirring up waves. People are still small in the mountains and boundless sea.

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    Reviewed on 1482123215000
  • Rachel315

    Located in the south of Hong Kong, Shi'ao is home to the richest people in Hong Kong. For example, Liang Luoshi took Xiao Superman to live here, and Li Jiaxin got married here. Tencent's Ma always bought a house here, which is also a symbol of identity, and there is no subway! Usually take the subway to Shaojiwan Station on Hong Kong Island, exit, bus terminal, take Bus 9, go directly to Shi'ao Terminal, get off at the beach, you can see the beautiful scenery, there are many people playing parachute! If you like mountain climbing, it is recommended to get off at Shi'ao Country Park and climb along the mountain road. The signposts are very clear, and the autumn season is especially suitable for climbing! The only Tucao is the weekend peak, back to the urban area, the bus is super difficult, and slow and many people are looking at the stone and Macao scenery.

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    Reviewed on 1482190593000
  • bbfacer

    The hotel is located in Mongkok. It makes bus 118 directly, and then transfers to bus 9 at the same station on Ah Gong Road. It's very convenient to take a bus all the way. It's about the same time as the subway. After arriving at Shi'ao, you can take a timetable so that you won't miss the bus or wait for a long time. It's a quiet place, but there are few shading places, so you need to do a good job of sun protection and eat at the lower bus stop. Walking in, there are no cakes or colorful walls, which are characteristic of Ins wind, small and fresh feeling. Compared with buying and buying cities, as long as the sun is not very strong, it will be very comfortable to sit on the beach.

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    Reviewed on 1531115197000
  • _WeCh****87368

    Seeing some friends say that they can't find Shi'ao Health Hospital, I can't help reminding you that it's very close! Just behind the fangzide you got off the bus! The path on the left after getting off is not far from your right hand. Shi'ao is really super interesting. It's different from any inland seaside. It has no commercial flavor. It's just a small town near the sea with a very lively atmosphere. We must go to Ha-ha again.

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    Reviewed on 1512549454000
  • 海二-Hayley

    From Shaojiwan past round trip fare less than HK$20 to play without tickets and other charges ~can be said to be very cost-effective and worthwhile! The scenery is also very good when riding, the air is really good after going up the mountain road! _________ I'm sorry that Hong Kong has done a good job in this respect! It's beautiful, the air is good, and there are not many people. It's really suitable for shooting, especially for some of our girls who have had a great time together.~

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    Reviewed on 1520820566000
  • lqw12300

    At Xiaoyiwan Bus Station, taking Bus No. 9 to Shiao, the queue was so long that I wanted to give up. Then came a double-decker bus. The throughput was really good. So, line up, too. The mountain road felt like Chongqing in particular. You can also get off at Stanley and climb up to overlook the sea. We went on January 21, wearing only a knitted shirt. It was too hot. Some foreigners surf directly. Dinner

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    Reviewed on 1516704381000
  • 135****0442

    Metro gets off at Kangqiwan and then exits A3. Take Bus 9. You can come to this beautiful beach... The opposite is Stanley. The bus goes all the way. You will see many beautiful seascapes. Sea.. Hill.. Enter the eye. Here is a quiet dripping road. Blue sky. Colorful buildings... And snacks... You're big on the beach. If you don't like it here... There's a big wave Bay nearby... Let's take a look. It's also very impressive... Praise drops

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    Reviewed on 1491384964000
  • 邱dd_

    Originally, the weather forecast said that after the cloudy result arrived today, all the sunny pictures were taken by Scenic Shi'ao Health Center. After the No. 9 bus got off, the left-hand side was about 20 meters. If the weather forecast said about 20 degrees, it would be hot to wear a short sleeve to climb the mountain.

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    Reviewed on 1519453820000
  • 足球是方的

    There are many beaches around Hong Kong to play with the sea. Because they prefer "King of Comedy", they choose to visit Shi'ao. We live in Honghong District. From Honghong Wharf to North Point Wharf by ferry, then from North Point Wharf by Tinker Truck to Shaojiwan, we can take the No. 9 bus to Shiao. Take the right side of the bus for the journey and the left side of the bus for the return trip, so that you can see the sea scenery along the way. Because it is a mountain road, passengers sitting on the second floor had better take a piece of carsickness medicine, and their wife was shaken and vomited. Tourists who want to climb the dragon's ridge can climb under the village of Diwan. We don't take the old people and children to climb. The bus also passes through Dalangwan, surrounded by several luxury houses with gardens. The scenery is very good. Even Ma Huateng is here to buy his own business. The 9th bus arrives at the end of Shi'ao. It takes a return schedule after arrival. It is very useful when returning. There are three directions to get off the bus. One way is to Shi'ao Health Hospital, the other way is to Shi'ao Cape Park (Datou Island), and the other way is to Shi'ao Beach. Walking to the Shi'ao Cape Park, the houses along the way were painted in various colors and very beautiful. They also passed the Queen of Heaven temple where the film "King of Comedy" was filmed to collect protection fees. The mountain roads here are steep on the uphill and downhill. The seaside boulders are very beautiful. The rocks are very slippery. Tourists should not climb over the railings to take pictures on the rocks. Crossing the blue love bridge is Datou State, which is like a hill in the sea. Climbing to the top of the hill is a pavilion. From the top of the hill, you can see someone playing with a paraglider on the ridge of the dragon. Shi'ao Beach is a bit windy, big enough to surf. We should pay attention to the flag hanging, green for swimming, red for swimming prohibition, lifeguards leave work at 17:00. The beach has a free dressing room and a shower. The water for the shower is cold. There are many people at the beach on weekends, so it is better to play on weekdays. Rent two reclining chairs and a sunshade to the local elderly. For HK$100 a day, the old man also took sand digging toys to play with the baby. Shi'ao Health Center is the main place to shoot "King of Comedy". My wife and I took classic pictures of acting under the same tree. Now the trees are so thick that they are falling down and supported by poles. Behind the iron door of Shi'ao Health Center was the bar where the film was filmed and the beach where lipstick was painted. The Shi'ao scenic spot is completely free. It's very interesting and valuable to spend a day visiting Shi'ao.

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    Reviewed on 1537877011000
  • yiyi0703

    Shi'ao is really a beautiful place. I went to punch in this time. Metro station Shaojiwan stop and transfer to Bus 9, all the way around the mountain road to a village near the sea, this is Shi'ao. A quiet and beautiful village. There are dragon ridges for hiking, beaches by the sea, and country parks, which are all good places for people to relax physically and mentally. The houses there have their own unique features. They like the row of houses near the sea, and there are many foreigners there. Every shot is Xiaoqing's fresh literary style, and I like the atmosphere very much.

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    Reviewed on 1523791442000
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