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_We***24Lüser Fjord is far from the sea, deep inland, the water is as quiet as a mirror, no waves. There is no sea waves and rough, only the mountain cliffs in the fjord reflection, sometimes not clear which level is reflection, which level is the real scene.
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E33***72Nice pretty small town with the instantly recognizable colourful conserved buildings. Easy to walk around on foot. Rained a lot though when we were there!
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乖小咪Hardangerfjord and the famous Geirangerfjord are known as one of the three major fjords in Norway. There are also magnificent sea canyons. The sea water in the fjord is very calm, like a huge mirror on a clear day, reflecting the sky and canyons, beautifully.
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D31***85This is an Old Bergen Museum. The live drama shows the life of people in the past. Also there were plenty of houses you can visit. It worths spending half day or more in it and experience the life in the past.
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88topBergen, the capital of Hordaland County, Norway, is also the second largest city in Norway. It is also the largest and most beautiful port on the west coast of Norway. It was voted "European Capital of Culture" by the United Nations in 2000. The climate here is mild and rainy. , Is a "rain city".
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88topThe fish market was set up in a clearing a hundred meters away from the pier. From 5 o'clock in the morning every day, rows of stalls began to appear on the dock. Due to the large scale of the fish market, it has become a social place for Bergen people. Although the seafood in the supermarket is sometimes much cheaper than here, people still like to go to the fish market and Lala. Visiting the fish market has become the most important part of many people’s lives. The municipal government also has such a rule that fish market tenants must ensure that they are open for 280 to 300 days a year. Shopping here can be very rest assured. You can buy seafood here, or you can ask the owner to process it after you buy it. You can immediately taste salt-boiled sea prawns and smoked salmon sandwiches. Buying seafood in straight empty packages here can keep fresh for a long time. There are many tourist shops around the fish market where you can buy dolls and special clothing.

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Herdla Fortress,Norway

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The Trollstigen RoadBergen,Norway

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Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floibanen)Bergen,Norway

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Langfoss Waterfall,Norway

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