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Jinguang LakeNearby City

Jinguang Lake

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"I went on a hot day in July. It was around nine o'clock in the morning. When I booked online, I had to stay in the forest cabin on the same day. Therefore, I didn't need to buy tickets, and I just drove directly to the reception desk of the villa area after reporting my name with the guard. (Passengers who are not staying at the check-in office will find the intersection on the side of Cong Road and enter the scenic spot.) After nine o’clock, they did not check in and took the water and went up the mountain from Jinguangzhai next to the villa area, climbed with the children, stopped and climbed more than one Hours, on the way through the sky corridor, King Kong Dinosaur Park (the two are free). Forest water skiing and a small train (these two charge fees), passing by the tea tribe, Dishui Square, and the Zodiac Lake Back to the main road of the scenic spot, walk one or two hundred meters back to the hotel to check in. The order of play in different entrances will be different. The route is generally clear and not easy to get lost. When the weather is hot that day, climbing the mountain will naturally cause sweating, but the forest is super cold and windy, the air is good, and it is more comfortable than air conditioning. Due to the epidemic, the commissary was not open when I went there. Fortunately, I brought water and snacks. Our group purchase only provides breakfast for two people the next day, and the child pays ten yuan. For lunch that day, I ate at their own restaurant at their own expense. There were more than one hundred three dishes and one soup. The taste was good and the ingredients were fresh. There are two performances in Jinguangzhai every day. The next day it coincides with the opening of the Songkran Festival, so the performance on the day was cancelled. After checking out the next day, I stayed and participated in the event. It was very fun. The breakfast buffet is satisfying. Let me mention again, the first trip to climb the mountain, the sky corridor and King Kong Mountain children like it, take a nap, and take the child to take a walk near the Twelve Zodiac Lake and Dieshui Square after the weather is not hot at four o'clock in the afternoon. It is a pity that there is no activity in the scenic area at night, so make tea and chat on the balcony of the wooden house. At around 5 o'clock the next morning, the day was just dimly bright, my wife and children were still asleep, and I went into the mountain again by myself. There was no one. I felt different. I felt relieved. Summary of play: Suitable for those who like leisure travel, because it is just to rest in another place. It is recommended to stay for one night. When I went there happened to be no one in the scenic area. be quiet. Eat more by yourself. The wooden house is clean and hygienic."