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About Huai'an

Huai'an is a beautiful waterfront city that has more than 2,000 years of history. Located at the confluence of the Guhuai River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the geographical location of the city is very unique. Huai'an is not only the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai but is also the birthplace of historical military strategist Han Xin, the author Wu Cheng'En who wrote “Journey to the West” and national hero Guan Tianpei. There are numerous monuments and ruins here, which even to this day, pay homage to the city's glorious history. Huai'an is also the origin of the Huaiyang School of Cooking. Huai’an is a perfect place for meandering along the banks of its many canals, sampling delicious food and experiencing the charm of a historic thousand-year-old city.

Popular Attractions in Huai'an

Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall
620 Reviews
Memorial Hall
The Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall is located in the "Old Huai'an" ancient city. Here, you can not only learn about Zhou Enlai's deeds, but also see many precious objects and enjoy the intoxicating scenery. The venue has also won many awards in the national architectural circles. The corners and heights of each building have the symbolic meaning of Zhou Enlai. The whole is very solemn.
Huai'an Ching Governor
609 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Huai'an Prefecture is located in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, a famous historical and cultural city. It is built in the east, middle and west. The central part of the central part is an office, mainly including: Yimen, Jieshifang, Zhengtang, Liuke, Ertang, etc.; the middle section of the middle road is the residence of the prefects and family members, mainly including: Shangfang, Dongfangfang, Qingyutang; East Road is a welcoming place for banquets. It mainly includes: Stage, Houhou Temple, Baohan Hall, Tenghua Hall, Jixian Hall, Back Garden, etc. West Road is the Military Capture Department, which mainly has gates and gates. Zhengtang, Ertang, Shangfang and Sanbanfang, Treasury, Post Office, and Yanzhan Station.
Former Residence of Zhou Enlai
325 Reviews
Famous Residences
The Former Residence of Zhou Enlai essentially is situated in the town of Chuzhou District and is a national by and large key social relics insurance unit. His former residence is made out of two standard old houses that unquestionably are associated by things. The extremely whole building has blocks and dim tiles and is somewhat basic and rich. It for the most part is a common compositional style of private structures in northern Jiangsu Province. Zhou Enlai basically lived from birth until the point when he was 12 years of age. These days, it generally has turned into the history class for the greater part of youngsters to get progressive custom training.
Tieshan Temple National Forest Park
280 Reviews
Tieshan Temple National Forest Park is located at the junction of Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province. There is Tianquan Lake in the north of the mountain. The vegetation on the mountain is very rich, and it walks in the large bamboo forest. Breathing fresh air is very comfortable. On the west side of Tieshan Temple National Forest Park is the Zijinshan Observatory Observatory and the Astronomical Science Park. This is the branch of the Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory. Visitors interested in astronomy can visit.

Huai'an Weather

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Trip Moments

Huai'an's first world cultural heritage, this scenic area is free to open and show the canal culture

Jiangsu Huai'an is the capital of the canal. Many tourist attractions in the urban area are also related to the Grand Canal and the Yuncheng, which was in 2014. It is listed in the World Cultural Heritage List, and in Huai'an, there are several heritage sites and tourist attractions.
Located in the Lijiang Canal Cultural Corridor in Qingjiangpu, it is a scenic spot that displays the culture of the canal. It is currently open free of charge and there are not many tourists.
Huai'an, can be said to be the origin of the Grand Canal. In 486 BC, Wu Wangfu made a trench between Huai'an and Yangzhou. This was the earliest development of the Grand Canal, with a total length of about 150 kilometers. Huai'an, located at the northern end of the gully, is associated with the canal.
Huai'an Li Canal, 32 kilometers in length, there are more than 100 scenic spots along the coast, carrying the Huai'an millennium canal culture, witnessing the prosperity of Huai'an Yunyun culture in the past, is the mother river and cultural river of Huai'an people. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Governor of Yunyun and the Governor of the Rivers were stationed in Huai'an. Huai'an was the National Command Center, River Control Center, Grain Storage and Transportation Center, Yancheng Tax Center, and Barge Manufacturing Center. It has Nine Provinces Wanted and The World Granary "Welcome to the name."
In the Grand Canal World Heritage Project, Huai'an has two ruins, namely the Qingkou Hub and the Governor's ruins, and five sites: Qingkou Hub, Shuangjin Gate, Qingjiang Gate, Hongze Lake The levee and the ruins of the Governor's Office.
This section of Qingjiangpu is the essence of the Li Canal Cultural Corridor. From the gate to the Ba Ting Bridge, there are many historical sites, and the historical sites such as Ciyun Temple and Temple of Literature are located in this section.
The downtown area of the Governor's Heritage Site has become one of Huai'an's most important tourist attractions. It is preceded by Zhenhuai Building, followed by Huai'an Prefecture, and the Yuncheng Governor's Ruins area is free to open. This is in the history of China. The only institution in charge of national traffic.
Posted: May 31, 2019