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About Huailai

Located in northwest Hebei Province, Huailai is China’s wine and grape capital. Huailai County has a long history and many tourist attractions. Historic sites include a section of the Great Wall built by the Yan state during the Warring States period (475–221 BCE) and the stone caves carved during the Northern Wei era (386-535) at Tianhuang Mountain (“Celestial Emperor Mountain”). Huanglongshan Village (“Yellow Dragon Mountain Village”), on the north side of Huailai, is a scenic destination with mountain streams, meadows, and resorts. Here you can climb mountains and experience leisure activities such as an evening bonfire party where a whole goat is roasted.

Popular Attractions in Huailai

Jiming Post
502 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Jiming Post is near Jimingyi Village in Jimingyi Town, Huailai County, Hebei Province. It is a complete ancient town dating from the Ming Dynasty. There are spectacular ancient walls that encircle the outer ring of the town. In the town, there are many ancient buildings dating from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, among which are the old houses where the Empress Dowager Cixi and the Emperor Guangxu lived when they were in hiding. Their portraits hang inside the house. It is open to visitors. Also, it doubles as a film set, with many movies having been filmed there.
Tianmo Park
235 Reviews
City Park
Tianmo Park is near Longbao Mountain in the southwest of the East Area in Huailai County. There is a large natural desert in the park and a golden sand dune between the mountains and rivers, which is especially spectacular. Hence, people call it Tianmo. Take a sand board and slide down the sand pile to experience childlike fun, or ride horses and camels and take a stroll in the Gobi Desert to enjoy the unique geographical environment. Truly feel this place by sitting and lying down to use your body to touch the land.
Yixinyuan Hot Spring Hotel
402 Reviews
Hot Spring
Yixinyuan Hot Spring Hotel is a luxury, smart, ecological and modern hot spring club with hot spring health preservation, leisure and recreation. The hot spring offered by Yixinyuan is extracted from the quality thermal water deep at the sandy gravel level. The water is clear, transparent and of high quality. With a comfortable temperature, it offers visitors a healthy experience.
Huanglong Villa Tourist Area
128 Reviews
The Huanglong Villa lies to the north side of Huailai county in Zhangjiakou city. It is a mixed tourist area with mountains and rivers, grasslands and holiday villages. Here once can climb a mountain to work out, admire the sight of the mountains and steppes, look for historical remains, and can also experience campfire evenings and lamb roast leisure activities within the holiday villages. The two scenic spots of the Yunzhong Steppe and the Xiangui Mountain are particularly worth a visit. They are a marvel of the Huailai Huanglong Villa Tourist Area. The Yunzhong Steppe lies at the crown of a range of hills. The terrain here is open, and the meadows atop the hills are encircled with mist. The landscape is extremely fine and beautiful.

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Close to nature, the best scenic areas around Beijing for families with children
TripBlog   Nov 26, 2019

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Trip Moments

Drive from Beijing, follow the Badaling Expressway and go straight to the ancient cliffs, but in just 2 hours, you can reach the Orengda tribe and the original township, the resort town at the foot of the Jingxi Mountains. Here is the pure American West style - the ups and downs of the "Route 66" in the town, the American country style cottages, the quaint chapel and the palatial wine museum... even the sculptures in the town are cowboys And the shape of the bull, full of rough and unrestrained meaning. The owners who live here are affectionately known as the village people of the Orenda tribe and the original town. In addition to the residence, it also creates a complete authentic American western market and Settlement culture - In the quaint white chapel, I heard that there are often "villas" to practice the violin. Some people in the wine museum are tasting and even making wine. Huayou Huizhong has a "village folk" to make a collage of dried flowers. Some people are splashing ink creations. Surprisingly, these villas from all walks of life are not artistically professional, but their works are commendable. It seems that the relaxed and free atmosphere here has awakened their hearts. Dream, let them become artists of life. What makes me most heart-warming is the garden courtyard built by the village people. The area is small, but it is a cluster of flowers. The ground is almost completely covered by green plants, and the winding stone path is from There is a greenery coming out of the way, and from time to time there is a big cat leisurely passing by - you see, no matter how embarrassing the world, some people will have their own days into poetry.
Posted: Dec 20, 2018
It should be said that there are not many people who know the chickens. According to history, it was built in the Yuan Dynasty and has a history of more than 400 years. However, since the Beiyang government removed the station and opened the post in 1913, it has been eliminated from the historical stage. This ancient city has been forgotten by the people. Years ago, few people knew how important it was for such a 2,000-meter-long ancient city to be in Chinese history. But if I mention a movie, I think many people should remember that the last picture of the movie "Westward Journey", Zhou Xingchi played the Dongsong Warrior and Zhu Yin in the castle floor, and kissed the chicken in the castle. Its a pity that the current chicken gongs and towers have been completely rehabilitated, and they have not found any traces in the movie. However, this movie has returned to peoples vision because of this popular national movie. It's hard to imagine how many singular stories of such a singer stand in the story. As early as the pre-Qin period, it was known as the "Shanggu Road". This thousand-year-old road ran over the rolling warriors of the Hanwu Emperor to attack the Xiongnu; I have seen Li Zichengs Dashun army attacking the capital of the capital to cover the sky. He has heard the Kangxi Emperors annihilation of the squad of the horse. He also sent the cicadas and Guangxu who fled the Cangjie escape... An ancient city is like an old man. The bustling has gone, the silence is like gold, and the grass on the wall is glory year by year. He will not stop chewing his past events because of your arrival, and will not listen to you. The posture and hiding his own calm figure in the sunset.
Posted: Dec 31, 2018
Well, perhaps called "Tian Mo Film and Television Base" is more appropriate. Longbao Mountain, located in the southwestern part of Xiaonanxinbao Town, Huailai County, is 90 kilometers away from Beijing. Although it is small in size, it is in line with the Badaling Great Wall and Kangxi Grassland. Throughout, there are mountains, Gobi, and deserts. Many northwest style scenes of film and television are filmed here. Well, big movies such as "Mummy 3" and "Longmen Flying A" are also shot here. The houses in Tian Mo are built by the past crews, and there is a sense of desolateness in the northwest desert. Tian Mo has taken a lot of film and television dramas here, and "Journey to the West" and "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" have taken the scene here. Tianqian covers an area of 1,300 acres, the area is not large, but the victory is close to the emperor. The sand of the desert is floating on the surface, and the bottom is the soil. The sand of the desert is from Inner Mongolia. It comes with the strong wind. In the winter season, ice and sand are mixed together. We also encountered a film crew, a horse team and a lens on the sand dunes, NG several times. Even the camels here often come to the "extra actor" in the movie.
Posted: Dec 24, 2018