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About Huangshan

Huangshan is located at the boundary of three provinces: Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangxi. Nestled in the embrace of the surrounding mountains, this is the birthplace of Huizhou Culture. A long and storied history has left behind countless historical and cultural sites and natural scenery. Climbing the Huangshan Mountains is an absolute must. Enjoy Taiping Lake and get a taste of an unrestrained life of leisure in this open space between mountains and rivers. The Huangshan Mountains are full of wondrous pines and strange stone formations. A sunrise over the spectacular sea of clouds makes for an unforgettable experience. Historic Tunxi Street in the urban area is a representative example of local culture. The Ming- and Qing-era architectural style of the area is preserved in a relatively complete fashion. On the street, there are many old shops selling Huangshan specialties such as tea leaves, iwatake (rock) mushrooms, Anhui Ink, inkstones, and the Four Huizhou Carvings (carved wood, carved stone, carved brick and carved bamboo).

Popular Attractions in Huangshan

Huangshang Mountain
28,853 Reviews
Mount Huangshan is famous for its long history. "You would not want to visit mountains after visiting the Five Sacred Mountains, and you would not want to visit the Five Sacred Mountains after visiting Huangshan." Xu Xiake, a great traveler and geographer of the Ming Dynasty, twice ascended Huangshan to witness its magnificence, exclaiming it as "a wonder in life." Dramatic Pines, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds, and hot springs are known as the “Four Musts” of Huangshan. They are the uncanny workmanship of nature and cannot be missed. In addition, the haze, snow scene, and sunrise are unique landscapes of Huangshan. Each landscape has its unique beauty and makes you feel like you are in a fairyland.
Hongcun Village
21,052 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Hongcun Scenic Area is a typical Huizhou ancient village, and renowned as a “village of Chinese paintings.” Visit Hongcun to see the ancient irrigation system, including its lakes Yuezhao (Moon Pond) and Nanhu (South Lake). Visitors can also observe the “three carvings” of Huizhou: brick carving, stone carving, and wood carving. With the same detail as paper cutting, the human landscape blends perfectly with the natural landscape. The scene is perfect for visiting students of art to sketch.
4,399 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
With the Huangshan Mountains to the north and Mount Qiyun to the south, Xidi is a bright pearl strung between two amazing tourism sites. Transportation is extremely convenient. This place has at least three hundred Ming- and Qing-era residences. Among these, 124 are completely preserved. Another name for the village is "Households of the Garden of Eden". The buildings feature three kinds of carvings, including carved brick, carved stone and carved wood. The craftsmanship is all first-class. The flowers, branches and leaves of the carvings look exceptionally true to life. Many students from the Academy of Fine Arts come here to practice landscape painting and it is also a favorite gathering place for photography lovers.
Grand Canyon of West Sea
1,965 Reviews
The Grand Canyon of West Sea is also called Baiyun (White Clouds) Valley. One of the newly developed scenic areas in the Huangshan Mountains, this is a fantastical scenic area like something out of a dream. There are very few tour groups and the area is well suited for those visitors who enjoy hiking and exploring. Within the valley, there are a number of bizarre stone pillars and quiet mountain caves. Many of the trails hug the walls of the steep cliffs. The intriguing and wondrous rock formations throughout the valley are this landscape's most outstanding feature. According to your strength and endurance, you can go to Guangming (Brightness) Peak or Dispelling Cloud Pavilion to watch either an entrancing sunrise or glorious sunset. It is a beautiful and romantic experience.

Huangshan Weather

Aug 13, 2020
25 °
Aug 14, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 16, 2020

Trip Moments

Lemon Zhao   
Huangshan leisure three-day tour Raiders, not only Huangshan Huangshan seems to mention the first impression of one person will remind people of the people to talk about the welcoming pine, is that one makes many literati Thousands of singularly written mountains. Is Huangshan only Huangshan? That's not really, how to play Huangshan must read this Raiders. DAY1 Shanghai Hongqiao-Huangshan North Station-Liyang In Lane-Linjiang 1st Floor (Hui Cai) Check in Inn DAY2 Liyang In Lane-Qiyunshan-Laojie First Floor (Hui Cai) Check-in: Xixin Lian Old Inn DAY3 Huangshan-return Attractions Introduction Liyang in Lane: Jiajia Courtyard is preserved on the old street. There are more than a dozen Huizhou-style ancient buildings, such as the Shijia Courtyard. At the same time, many ancient Huizhou-style houses are preserved. These ancient houses are developed and utilized on the basis of effective protection, and the shops, homestays and so on. These buildings not only accumulate the charm and soul of the Hui culture, but also have practical value. : When we walked into the bright and comfortable unreserved beauty, the sense of Huizhou is the time when the mind is dying. Pushing open the door to the architectural style of Huizhou, it blends the natural ecology and heavy history that originated from Huizhou, fully satisfying the modern town's fast-paced and long-awaited life in the ancient town, but also the prosperity of the city. : Mainly recommended Anhui cuisine: fried tofu, pickled fresh, stinky squid (different from person to person, some people can accept, some people can't, anyway, I have to eat) Etc. Especially the skunk fish is also known as the template of Anhui cuisine. : The landscape between the bamboo and the purple bamboo. The new love is old, it really did not let us down. Like the poetic style of reluctance, it is also the spiritual habitat of Huizhou traditional culture and Chinese Zen. The century-old architecture of Huizhou stands silently in the time, renovating the old house with traditional craftsmanship, combining modern geometric architecture to make the time solidify in the white wall gray tiles and brilliance. Qiyunshan: This is a Taoist holy place, the most famous is the Yuehua Street on the mountain. Yuehua Street is a Taoist village built on the mountainside of Qiyun. The street is home to Taoist priests and his family (the priests here are marryable) and local residents. It is also a place for pilgrims and tourists. If you want to play in the mountains for two days, you can choose to stay here, the price is not expensive. Huangshan: Huangshan must be the place where everyone who comes here will go. Qisong, strange rocks, clouds and hot springs have become the eternal theme of Huangshan, and must be arranged in the itinerary.
Posted: Sep 18, 2019
The return of Wuyue does not look at the mountains, and the return of Huangshan does not look at Yue! The ancients did not deceive me. Huangshan has beautiful scenery, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs, all of which are not to be missed. If you don't book a stay in the mountains, don't want to watch the sunrise and sunset in the early days, just want to easily climb the parents of Huangshan, see this guide is enough, one day round and round package satisfaction! Most travelers will gather at Tangkou Town at the foot of Huangshan Mountain and take the big bus to the stations. I recommend driving to the Yungu Ropeway Station (South Gate) by car or charter, then climb the Guangmingding via Baieling and then go to the West Sea Grand Canyon (Net Red Train) or Lotus Peak, and finally take the Yuping Cableway (Welcome) Pine) down the mountain. This route from the back hill, the former mountain is relatively easy, starting at 7 in the morning, can return to the hotel at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. If, on the other hand, it is a test of physical strength in the mountains and the mountains, it is mainly that the upper slope is much more than the downhill. The development of Huangshan Tourism Scenic Spot is very mature nowadays. Guangmingding and Yuping have restaurants for lunch. However, self-prepared drinks and food are also the choice of most people. After all, the goods are picked up by the porters, and the price is not so beautiful. Finally, it is recommended that everyone do their best and be safe first! Don't litter and protect the beauty of Huangshan, everyone is responsible!
Posted: Sep 22, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommended Mukeng Bamboo Sea, Xin'an River Landscape Gallery, Huangshan Hot Springs, Taiping Lake, The Guest-Greeting Pine.
Here are the absolute best restaurants in Huangshan: Yue Mu Niang Restaurant, Li Ming Hui Cai Food Restaurant, ZHUANG YUAN YI GU YAN AN LU DIAN, Huan Cui Tang, Lao Ma Tu Cai Guan.
Here are the best places to visit in Huangshan, including: Mount Qiyun, Bright Summit, Feitsui Valley, Cheng Kan, Huizhou Ancient City.